2013 Chevrolet Spark, Spark Electric at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show

2013 Chevrolet Spark

It’s been a long time coming, but GM is finally prepared to sell its smallest Chevy, the Spark, in America. First shown to the public at the 2009 Detroit auto show with a late-2009 release date, the Spark will come to U.S. and Canadian shores as a 2013 model.

The Spark will be powered by an 83-horsepower, 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine mated either to a five-speed manual transmission or an unspecified automatic transmission. Only the four-door hatchback version will be available here.

Available features include a color touch-screen, Bluetooth connectivity, heated leatherette seats and alloy wheels.

To get some perspective on the Spark’s size, the little tike will be 14 inches shorter than the Chevrolet Sonic but three feet longer than a Smart ForTwo.

GM also announced separately that the Spark will become Chevy’s first all-electric vehicle option. Available in limited quantities and in select U.S. states, including California, the Spark EV will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. No word on what the range or charge times will be. The Spark EV will launch in 2013 in select markets.

We’ll share more info with you once the 2011 L.A. Auto Show gets underway next month. For now, check out more photos of the Spark EV below.

Spark Electric

Spark Electric


Amuro Ray

I guess that labeling EVs with "range anxiety" isn't that bright anymore, is it?

Having said that, it's not too difficult to see how "little" faith GM has in EVs by selling this "small" vehicle in limited # & markets (and not a sequential nationwide roll-out), purely to satisfy CAFE requirement and no more. More importantly, if iMeV is any indication of price, a ~$30K SparkEV will do extremely well, esp when a $10K Spark is abundantly available right next to it, and that N. Americans are so involved in the B-segment vehicles currently!


I'm ready to check out this new Spark when it makes its "debut" at Chevy dealers. I find it more interesting than Toyota/Scion's iQ, eventhough I'm still intrigued by the Smart ForTwo, no matter what the naysayers may think about the Smart. I hope the Spark will have a sunroof option.
Looking forward to even more 4-1-1 about this new Chevy in the coming months.


Overall length of the Chevy Cruze is 181 inches.
14 inches less than that is 167 inches.
Overall length of the Smart ForTwo is 106 inches.
Therefore, the Chevy Spark is NOT "three inches longer than a Smart ForTwo".


Ooops. Need to correct my previous post. (I guess I can make mistakes too!)

Overall length of the Chevy SONIC is 159 inches.
14 inches less than that is 145 inches.
Overall length of the Smart ForTwo is 106 inches.
Therefore, the Chevy Spark is NOT "three inches longer than a Smart ForTwo".


i saw these in korea when i was there in august, and they are very nice looking little cars. this would definitely make sense as a second car.


Hard plastic everywhere inside this car. Once you get over that, you can drive it just fine. It will do 75 mph like most other cars.


This car is dreadfully awkward. The Beat would have been such a better looking design. I like that GM is finally thinking EV. All in the application though.


What do you mean "finally thinking EV?" Ever hear of the GM EV 1? That happened to be the first dedicated electric car design to be marketed by a major car maker. If anything GM has been ahead of the curve on EVs. In fact the EV 1 even had a range extender option consisting of a gasoline generator in a trailer towed by the car.


there's hard plastic all around the inside of my girlfriend's $26K honda pilot...in fact every car's interior is made from plastic. it doesn't make sense that people complain about it...


it will be interesting to see the cost of the EV spark. engineering-wise, it will be far simpler than the volt, but the simplicity will likely be offset by the cost of the larger battery pack.

Amuro Ray

@ Carma,

Your sentence should be

"If anything GM haD been ahead of the curve on EVs."

Web search EV1 and all the backslash from the greenies when GM crushed all but 1 of them, the reason for those being crushed, and the business strategy since then.

In addition, it's actually GM & Toyota that could have been ahead of the curve, with the EV1 and RAV4 EV. Both company did the electric vehicles no good, but at least Toyota came up with the Prius back then.

@ Cody,

Just as I've stated that Volt sales' gonnabe problematic (which seems to be true at this point, when GM's saying that they don't know the demand of Volt just this week), what is the logic of having an expensive vehicle in a "common people" brand? In the Spark case, I'm using iMeV as a reference. Even if MR's guesstimate is closer, what you'll have against the spark - at least 2 MAJOR issues -
(1) pit against the regular ICE version (look at the sales success of any hybrid that has an ICE counterpart!);
(2) assuming that the Spark is cheaper than the Versa, that means 2 times more expensive (if Spark EV sells at $20K, another $5K deduction from MK's guesstimate) than the regular Spark. Bear in mind, Spark is a "cheap" car to begin with too, a car that worth around $10K to begin with. IOW, this run into the similar problem as the Volt being a Chevy.

If Spark EV is the only Spark model available in the US, that maybe a different issue.


Sorry you're wrong, and my original statement stands. General motors unveiled its first all electric concept car, the Impact in 1990, and brought it to market in the late 1990s as the EV1, at a time when the market was not ready for widespread electric car adoption. Under the category of no good deed goes unpunished, GM was blamed for being ahead of the market and available battery technology. Why don't you web search the Chevy Volt - you'll find out it's the first plug-in hybrid to be marketed by a major manufacturer, another first for GM. I'm not a big GM fan, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. GM has been and still is ahead of the curve on developing electric cars and you happen to be clueless.


One more thing: EV 1 was an electric car design from the word go, RAV 4 EV was a modification of an existing ICE vehicle.

Amuro Ray

@ Carma,

Please get your facts straight.

Web search Henney Kilowatts. Renault is a major player in the automotive industry too.

Don't ignore the other EVs that were available (fleet or public) in the US at the end of 90's. Nissan, Toyota, Hondas, etc. You think that there were no R&D done on those vehicles prior to their availability? You also need to expand your view beyond US only too!

Try playing the tone of "Under the category of no good deed goes unpunished, GM was blamed for being ahead of the market and available battery technology" over @ plugincars.com. Not selling the EV1 is one thg; having to crush all but 1 of them is another. And don't forget the business strategy that the company focused immediately after, which you seem to have neglected.

GM has no BEV right now in the US. There are 3 for R&D purposes in other parts of the globe. Not sure how one can be ahead if it doesn't even offer anything...

That's why your original statement stood ONLY if you've used the word, HAD.

Not sure 'bou your point @ Volt. My response to you was 100% 'bou EVs, not hybrids. Under your logic, then you should NOT give credit to GM; rather, you should have given it to Toyota, which mass-produced its Prii 10+ years ahead of the Volt. Hmm...seems like you got confused on your credit giving...

If u r using my reference on the Volt - in my post it has to do with marketing price point, not technology. I was addressing to Cody, not you.

Lots of holes and wrong info in your post, so now your statement has fallen apart ;)


Don't argue with the "expert". It's a waste of time.


... so the company that we bailed out... makes cars for other people in foreign countries...



Ride in the Spark and tell me again.


Newest Tough Guy on the Block: Carma

What do you mean "finally thinking EV?" Ever hear of the GM EV 1
-Yes big guy, I have. How many of those did GM sell? Nah, its not a big deal. Its just nice that GM is producing an EV. Too bad they didn't get a hybrid sooner and cheaper. Its a hard one for GM fans but hey, they are what they are.


Newest Moron on the block: Belly.

Don't defend your stupid statement. Even wikpedia recognizes GM for bringing to market the first dedicated electric car design in the modern era - the EV 1. Every other electric car built to meet California's zero emission vehicle mandate was a conversion of an existing gasoline vehicle, except the EV1. That's why I laughed out loud when I read your clueless statement. That Belly, never misses a chance to try to be the know it all. Sorry, in this case you failed, miserably.


Amura Roy:
I did search the Henny Kilowatt - turns out it was nothing more than a gasoline Renault Dauphine converted to electric power. It wasn't a dedicated electric car design from the start and it was built more than 50 years ago. I think you just validated my original statement. Thanks!


People just love to bash GM, go ahead be my guest, I will continue to drive a Chevy, gas or electric and mile after mile keep saving money and watch my STUPID friends with japanese cars go to the dealership for there salon checkups costing thousands of dollars, and they always tell me gee you have had really good luck with your Chevy, LUCK, B.S. I just smile and laugh as they continue to waste their money on foreign JUNK.


Carma, tell me again, tough guy, how many EV1s did GM sell? Yeah that's right, none.

Bringing it to market? No. They made an EV sure. They didn't sell one though. Did you have trouble finding that in the wikipedia article - Well tough guy here it is:

"The cars were not available for purchase, and could be serviced only at designated Saturn dealerships."


Do you think GM invented the mass market EV then? How many companies leased any of GM's tech on that?

Stupid comment? Wow. Carma you did a lot of thinking there. Take it easy tough guy, leave that kind of stuff to those that know how. You just keep laughing out loud there tough guy, you know you're the joke.


I'm glad you finally learned about the EV1. Then you know if was in the works in 1990, proving that GM is not "finally" thinking EV. You stand corrected.


As soon as you bring up Wikipedia, you lose all the credits.

Reason for it is very simple, anyone can go there and make a big mess right away.

In other words, it could very well be you who put those words in there.

Amuro Ray

As WTF has pointed out, there's an expert (other than WTF himself) in town and there's no point in arguing with the expert.

So let's say, the expert...I mean, Carma's right. SO WHAT?

How will the "good" image of EV1, as per Carma's suggestion help with Spark EV's sales?

My guess is that GM has hired some of the fanboys folks here as its advertising/marketing agents, who will do the work for free, so that it doesn't have to do any other money costing promo with the Spark EV...

I mean, the "announcement" was no where in the level of that of the Volt, when the Spark EV is actually a true BEV which the Volt isn't, no TV ads or commercial, no auto show type of press release, and not even info on its own chevrolet.com website (that you don't have to dig deep into).

I guess that word of mouth, from the freebie promoters, will help ensure that Spark EV will be a sales success. The sales target isn't difficult to meet - there're only 2000 available in the US, and 49 out of the 50 states won't know a thing officially through GM advertisement about this EV.


No comment other than to say that the only "announcement" made was that the Spark and Spark EV will premiere at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show.


J, are you denying that GM designed and built the EV 1 and that it is the first purpose built electric car in the modern era? If so, show some proof.
Amura Roy, stop wasting digital ink defending a statement that has no defense. Saying GM is "finally thinking EV" is like saying General Electric is finally thinking light bulbs.

Amuro Ray

Yes, u r absolutely right, Corma. Everything u said has merit.

I'll stop wasting my -whatever- arguing with the EXPERT.



You are totally missing the point. So, it is pointless to argue or point you in the right direction.


J, are you denying that GM designed and built the EV 1 and that it is the first purpose built electric car in the modern era? If so, show some proof.
-Carma, did you actually put that line in Wiki? And no the EV1 was not "the first purpose built electric car in the modern era" it was the "It was the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of the modern era from a major automaker, and the first GM car designed to be an electric vehicle from the outset" If you are going to quote wiki articles at least get it right.

Saying GM is "finally thinking EV" is like saying General Electric is finally thinking light bulbs.
-You must think GM invented those too? Damn they are a great company for going bankrupt and getting a bailout.

So GM is finally thinking about bringing an EV to market... huge difference there. Carma is just too tough to get it though.


Your clueless line that GM is finally thinking EV, is like saying General Mills is finally thinking cereal.


Sure, sure tough guy. GM must have all full line of EV's then?


No, wait, it means that all GM makes are EVs right?! Hah LMAOROTF, right! Tough guy.


Let's see here...

GM leased the EV1 in the 90's and then destroyed almost all of them with no option for public purchase. It was a two seater, terribly ugly and used old school battery tech (modern for the 90's, I shall give them that much).

Nissan has the Leaf. Which is available for purchase AND lease. It has a back seat. It uses modern day battery technology. It doesn't look like a suppository. It is INSANELY less expensive than compared to the cost of the EV1.

GM is FINALLY thinking EV again after well over a decade. They have NO current mass produced EV vehicles. But soon they may... finally!

Go eat some Fiber One and clean yourself out.


Help me understand why you say INSANELY less expensive than compared to the cost of the EV1? When you couldn't buy an EV1 in the first place how would you know the price to compare? If I recall correctly GM offered a 2-year lease on the EV1 at 499 or 599 a month.


One industry official said that each EV1 cost the company about US$80,000, including research, development and other associated costs;[57] other estimates placed the vehicle's actual cost as high as $100,000.



What was the MSRP?


Don't expect a factual response to your question. A week ago Belly was saying GM is "Finally thinking EV." Now he pretends to be an expert on the electric cars GM was building 20 years ago. Skankzilla maligns the good work of more than 250 engineers at GM who developed the EV 1 and its predecessor the Impact. Nice job of correcting and reinterpreting Belly's comment, Skankzilla - you confirmed that he was wrong in the first place. And yes GM currently does have a mass produced EV - it's called the Volt.



You used a REALLY UNRELIABLE source to back-up your claims. Got it? Now move on.
It does not matter if it is fact or not, the point is you used Wikipedia, which is a really wrong choice.


@ J -it does not matter if it is a fact or not




If that is all that you have to say.


WTF - I think the answer to your question is that GM did not sell them retail. But there are various sites that say anywhere from 34K to 45K MSRP.

No matter what though, how strange is it that a manufacturer would take a vehicle in such high demand and crush it... literally. No confidence in their own product?

But don't expect a factual response to any questions... from that tough guy Carma.

He IS the expert when it comes to... incorrectly citing a wiki article on the EV1... since he couldn't be bothered to actually read the whole article. Big shocker for this forum.

But maybe he isn't that tough... when he is only comeback is to cry and say everyone else is wrong. Poor guy.

And GM is the only one who calls the Volt an EV. Thank goodness they make it though, its a good car.

Its just nice that they are finally thinking EV - as that is what this article is all about. I just wish they would put it in a better looking body. The Spark is one of the ugliest small vehicles second only to maybe the last gen Aveo...


Only US model is getting facelift to meet safety standards, that's all. read this http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1066162_u-s--bound-2013-chevy-spark-to-get-design-updates.

Spark is 6500 euro in Europe. I hope electric model will be not more than 10.000 euro.
I am ready to pay this price in order to save money and to reduce my CO2 footprint.

Electric motor cars are very economic vehicles. But the biggest problem of them is the range.
The standard distances of this cars are min.150 km - max.450 km. We can extends this range with our study.

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