2013 Audi A4: First Look

2013 Audi A4For the 2013 model year, Audi’s best-selling vehicle, the A4, will undergo a mild refresh, bringing its appearance in line with the new 2012 Audi A6.

While we don’t have specific information on U.S. specifications, a release date or pricing just yet, this is the updated A4 sedan for the U.S.

Starting with the exterior, the 2013 Audi A4 sedan, S4 and A4 Avant — the wagon may be discontinued for the U.S. and replaced with an All Road model — will get new front and rear bumpers, headlights, taillights, hood and front grille designs. Optional xenon headlights feature LED daytime running lights; there’s also LED taillamps.

The side profile and interior design are mostly unchanged from the previous A4, which first debut in 2009.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any changes in the cabin, but they’re subtle (we already thought the A4 had a great interior, so no harm, no foul). There are new steering-wheel designs, including a flat-bottomed steering wheel for the S4. The MMI navigation controls have been simplified, now featuring four instead of eight button controls. Script functions on the MMI system are now integrated into the volume control dial, too. Also, most controls are now adorned in chrome. The interior colors, except for black, have been “re-coordinated,” according to Audi. Nappa leather is now available, which is more refined than the previous top-of-the-line leather upholstery in the A4, according to the company.

The A4 sedan and Avant are available in a multitude of engine variants in Germany, but the U.S. is currently relegated to a 211-horsepower, 2.0-liter inline-four, which apparently is still available (with the same power) in the 2013 model year. The 2013 S4 is powered by the same 333-hp, 3.0-liter V-6. Again, no word yet on U.S. specifications, but we assume those two engines will be the same here, too.

Continue below for more photos.

2013 Audi A4

2013 Audi A4

2013 Audi A4

2013 Audi A4

By Colin Bird | October 27, 2011 | Comments (13)



Hot as always. For some reason I like this car since the first generation and this one is no exception. Love it specially the S4...


Audi: Official cars of the Imperial Storm Troopers.


Lead engineer at Audi:
"For this redesign, what do you guys say we go ahead and make the A4 look like the rest of our cars, just smaller."

Rest of the engineers:
"Sounds like a plan"...heads nodding.."yes yes great idea"

Head engineer:
"Oh and let's go with the same 2.0T. Volkswagon likes to use it in all their cars and SUVs."

Rest of group:
"yes yes...fantastic"


Love it. Wayy better looking than the new 3-series.

Audi earns praise for its three engine choices, high-quality interior, superb handling, good fuel economy, spacious trunk and comfortable interior.


Too bad about its crappy VW underpinnings, doggy four cylinder engine also used in VWs and a crappy reliability record that Consumer Reports says ranks at the bottom among all car brands. Audi is not in the same universe as BMW and there's no comparison between this facelifted VW to a 3 series, which was designed from day one as a sports sedan.


FYI-- The VW 4 cylinder is not the same engine used by Audi in the A4-- and far from 'doggy' it's a pretty dynamic and smoothly accelerating engine. 0-60 in 6.6s is not bad for a 2.0L and 30MPG to boot--


I have a friend who has a 3 series and isn't happy with it at all. The interior is cheap and the ride is horrible.

I just bought an A4 and it's a lot better than the 3 series.


Audi is a phenominal vehicle ... perhaps I'm prejudiced, given my repeat ownership experience. My A4s have proven to be safe and reliable vehicles. Hands-over winner with top-flight quality materials that beat Lexus, Infinity and Acura, which are Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas in disguise anyway. Ich liebe dich, Audi!!!


My wife has owned a 3-series BMW, and a 1-series convertible, now she's in a Q-7. Her father, the CEO OF A MAJOR PHARMACEUTICAL CO, has switched between A8s and 7-series' like people change shoes; my law partner has had 2 5-series, and an A-6, my other law partner went from a 3-series to a Tahoe, and I have had a golf gti, a jetta, 2 A-4s, and a 2013 S-4 on the way in 11 days (I cant wait); my point: for price, handling, luxury, pure fun of driving (I only drive manual, hence my history of "sportier" vehicles), appearance (the latest redesigns on BMW generated quite possibly the WORST looking BMWs in history), Audi just flat-out kicks the crap out of BMW. The price difference between a 2013 S-4 and 2013 M5 cannot be justified, despite the M's stats giving it a slight nose in certain areas (never in comfort or styling...since the interior always looks like it came from a 70's disco owner with a sketch pad, and the iDrive is a consistent disaster) but the big point is this: put me in my 2013 S4, and find me someone with a 2013 M3, and I bet I beat them in a road race every time. The reason: BMW drivers are inevitably going to be wearing a "popped" collar, spend $ on a gym membership they RARELY use, think more of themselves than anyone else does, and will inevitably elect for a tiptronic, (disaster in BMWs) because they couldn't be bothered to learn to drive a manual, and will inevitably I will destroy them, as a kid who started out driving my single-parent waitress mother's 1983 Subaru GL beater in 1996 (when I got my license), moved out of my house at 16, put myself through college and law school, and made partner at a litigation firm in 18 months by winning 9 trials and generating $750,000 in fees in the same time. My point, Audi is better than BMW, and will (on the real roads with real owners) win every test every time, because the people who buy Audis work hard and hate to lose, and the people who favor BMWs tend to have a sense of entitlement that translates into never trying hard enough to win, they expect it, think they're entitled to it, but like all great stories...they are the bad guys in the plot, and will ultimately lose. PS all those people I mentioned who floated between BMW and Audi all agree (except my partner who dropped BMW for Chevy he was so disappointed), the Audi is just an all-around better car. Yeah, it started from a VW (like Acura with Honda, and Lexus with Toyota, and Infinity with Nissan...really Datsun), but VW was the people car...BMW is the "people you like to watch fail"'s car...and only slightly less than Mercedes...the ultimate self-indulgent gas bag car. I'd beat any Mercedes because the driver would likely sit with the car in neutral and expect it to drive for them (or they'd actually hire someone to drive for them) so knock Audi all you want...the fact they had to put the TT in its own class at Lemans because even after adding 60 lbs of sand in the trunk it still KILLED every other car in its "class" when it was released just goes to show for $10-20k less, or $1-200 less a month in lease payments (since VW credit is the top-rated leasing program, while BMW financing is run by the financial equivalent of masochistic, genocidal, dictators who flat-out lie...having caught them more than once on my wife's vehicles) you can get a car that lets you knock the crap out of the self-indulgent rich brat you hated growing up...and look better doing it, and be more comfortable (ever rode shotgun in a new 3-series? You can't open the glove compartment because your knees and shins are touching it...and I'm only 5'10"). PS the Q7 is built on the same frame as the Porsche Cayanne because, oh that's right...Porsche invented VW (albeit for the nazis...making my previous reference to genocide ironic) and the VW Toureg shares the same frame and 90% of the engine components with the Cayanne so...yeah, no shame in having a VW engine...they work well in Porches...Bottom Line: ever redesign Audi gets better...while BMW just gets more expensive, uncomfortable, and flat out ugly...besides, who makes rear wheel drive standard and all wheel drive an upgrade for a $70,000 car...a bunch of self-loathing jack wagons, that's who. Funny that Audi ONLY comes in all-wheel, and has a much higher safety rating. I feel much safer with my wife and 5-month old in a Q7 over an X5...the iDrive alone would confuse my wife into an accident. On paper BMW may beat Audi in performance; when a professional driver is test driving both cars, and even then it's so slight, you can't explain the price difference (especially when comfort and style are taken into account) but on the road Audi will always win because of the self-aggradizing gas-bags who buy BMWs (usually strictly because they are more expensive and have a slight edge when driven by professional drivers...which BMW drivers usually think they are as well...which results in a lot of BMW drivers wrecking their cars). Go buy a Beamer...then put a sign around your neck that says "I'm an a-hole". Hope I see ya at a red light soon...

Kemba Walker

@ Devin I'm LMAO! at your comment, what the hell does your life story have to do with Audi.sounds like Mommy didn't hug someone enough, maybe you shouldn't have left home at 16.

the australian guy

so why not chip in to this. I am a car nut and always have been. In the last 5 years i have bought the following cars:
08 Audi A3 3.2
08 Range Rover Sports
09 BMW 335XI coupe
10 BMW M3 Coupe
12 Porsche Panamera S4
10 Range Rover Sports
12 Infinity Q56
12 Audi A6 prestige plus.

Obviously spend way too much money on caras and the last 2 changes have been bought about through the arrival of twins, however without question my new A6 is by a country mile the best car i have ever owned. I could go in to the detail here as to the pros and cons of each however suffice to say as a performance, drivers car that can seat a couple of passengers and look good on the road the A6 is unreal.


Good Lord everyone...it's INFINITI...no "Y"...yeah i can tell you are car enthusists!

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