Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: August 2011

Chevy Cruze
August was another solid month of sales growth for many popular carmakers, but Toyota and Honda once again remained the exception.

General Motors (up 18%), Ford (up 11.2%), Nissan (up 19.2%) and Hyundai (up 9.1%) all recorded strong growth. Chrysler grew by 31%, which the automaker says is “well above the industry average.” Stable truck sales buoyed GM, Ford and Chrysler: The Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado are firmly the top-selling vehicles of the year thus far, and Ram sales have grown nearly 25% compared with 2010. 

The Chevrolet Cruze was the third-best-selling car of the month, and it was the best-selling compact car. It’s also GM’s best-selling car, beating the Chevy Malibu and Impala year-to-date.

Toyota and Honda were a different, yet familiar, story. Both companies saw double-digit declines compared with a year ago. Toyota was down 12.7% while Honda fell a whopping 24.6%.

Despite the slump, the Toyota Camry remained the top-selling car in August, with more than 30,000 of the family sedans reaching customers. The Honda Accord returned to the top 10 best-selling list, finishing in ninth place. The once-venerable nameplate was absent from the list in July.

Nissan says it was able to gain sales from competitors that are having inventory trouble — presumably the automaker is talking about its Japanese competition — and expects to continue gaining more share of the car market in the future. The Nissan Altima was the second best-selling sedan for the month.

Despite their August sales numbers, Toyota and Honda remain optimistic that sales will pick up in September. Both automakers noted that car production is back at 100% after the tsunami in Japan slowed down production. That return to normalcy occurred toward the end of August, so we’ll have to wait and see how September turns out to get an indication of a second wind at either carmaker. 

The big variances in sales performance were enough for Chrysler to catapult ahead of Toyota to become the third-largest U.S. car retailer for August – Toyota is traditionally a second- or third-rung player. Nissan surpassed Honda to become the fifth-largest player. Hyundai is still far away from matching the sales figures of the above six heavyweights, for now.


Hyundai mispublished its YTD figures in its initial news release. The correct Sonata figure is 156,580.


The 0% for camry is def paying off. Sonata has miminal incentives and still did well. Same for cruze. Toyota has already said the new camry is priced lower so incentives won't be necessary. I want to see how consumers respond to absence of deals on the 2012.

@Brady Thanks for that information. We'll update the graphic ASAP.


Wow, the Sonata outsold the Accord in August. Awesome Job!


Full production may have returned at the end of August, but there will be some delay in getting the cars processed, shipped, and onto dealer lots. I'd expect September to still be impacted by the earlier drop in production, but October to reflect a return to full capability.


Problem for honda and toyota is that quake shortages convinced many to check out competition and they like what they saw. Honda will rebound some, but they still have a mostly dated lineup and they were performing great before the quake. Two hot models do not mean a brand is doing well as a whole. Honda is on pace to be passed by chrysler for the year. Quake or not that's a major change in fortunes.


Would be nice to see what the figures actually are after you subtract out fleet sales. Would be interesting since some sales numbers for some manufacturers can be as high as 35% to fleets.


The fleet leaders on the list are: Altima, Cruze, and Escape. I fly over 100k a year in NA and see these models by the dozen at every rental place along with the Impala. I've noticed GM is cutting back on the Malibu going to fleets however a Avis Mgr told me they're replacing them with the Regal as GM has been giving great deals. The new Regal is a very nice car albeit a little slow.


Wow the F-Series is really kicking GM's rear. I can't believe the Camry even made the Top 10 given the inventory shortage they went through. To retain the best selling car status is mighty impressive.


Although it's not on the list I read on Bloomberg that the Nissan Leaf is outselling the Chevy Volt 2 to 1. My local Chevy dealer has had the same 3 Volts on his lot since at least March so that explains it. Maybe people find them to expensive.

Stop wasting digital ink AR

Same old cliched comments.


Honda all the way, Honda builds the best. Automobiles Motorcycles Scooters ATVs Electrical Generators Water pumps Lawn and Garden Equipments Tillers Outboard motors Robotics Jets Jet Engines Thin-film solar cells. It doesn't matter about negative comments or charts, Honda will always be the BEST.


Those other companies better watch out,Chrysler is catching up....dont ever count them out.


Ford has the most vehicles on the top 10 list.


Fleet sales are part of the auto industry. The only time they are bad is when they hurt resale and profits. There isn't much evidence that gm, ford or nissan are hurting themselves with fleet sales. Rental agencies need cars just like everyone else. In this day and age you can rent toyotas, nissans, mb models, cadillacs, etc. In miami I saw all types of luxury import rental cars, even a4s and 328s are rented out as convertibles. Stop using fleet sales as an excuse to dismiss sales results you don't like. Every major automaker except honda sells in volume to rental agencies. Many of the car sharing services almost exclusively use imports in their fleets.


To "Honda/Acura" your 'beloved' Honda corp maybe all things to your limited view but many others have seen the light and it 'isn't' all things Honda! Stop Trolling and post real comments we can use.


Just would be interesting to see what the "general public" is buying...that's all. Not downplaying any sales or manufacturer. It's very easy to sell 500,000 cars to Avis when you sell them cheap. It just kinda skews the numbers and doesn't show what the "Joe" on the street prefers to drive.


Sales figure says it all. You can't fool people for long. They were better when domestic makers didn't make good quality cars. But sorry to say those days are gone with the wind. By the way i used to own under power honda civic for 5 yrs before switching to chevy cruze. love may car..


Scott, Honda is number one. # 1 like it. "Seen the light" wow that would be something scott would say.


Demise of imports!!god bless USA.


Demise of imports? Are you referring to the GM and Ford vehicles built in Mexico and Canada?


well now that you have started this debate even honda and toyota makes vehicle in mexico
and canda, i really don't mind posting facts for newcomers with little knowledge eager to jump on. so here is the fact:copy and paste following and see it your self.
for toyota:

for honda:

The bottom line is my hard earned dollars stays in US even if my car is made in mexico. where as toyota/honda/nissan going to take it to their country. simple logic, i guess not hard to understand.


It is not easy to sell 500k of any vehicle, with or withou fleets. Fleet business is important. Ford and gm are selling to fleets and still making as much or more money than their asian competitors. Fleet sales are bas when you sell discounted cars just to keep workers and factories busy. That's not happening anymore. An LA times article years back said for the first time ever more rental cars were import than domestic. Domestics dominate gov, taxi and livery sales though.


Pat - even you can comprehend this:

Most American content: Toyota & Honda. BOOYAH!


Fleet sales are important to General Motors and Chrysler as it serves as a secondary channel to unload vehicles that are not successful on the Retail level were profit margins are significantly higher. Neither company can afford to cut back on their fleet sales as they're both desperate to move cars.

Go back to yawning Talley

Take your blinders off and look at the big picture.

George, prove that retail profit margins are significantly higher.



Did you know how much money your "US" vehicles were spent in developing by using foreign companies? For example, the Chevy Spark was made completely by GM Korea formerly known as Daewoo. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the part in the vehicle were outsourced to foreign companies. Didn't you hear that the Volt's batteries were made by LG?
And please, do us a favor, instead of believing your falsified dreams, give us some info how you think the money flows back in US. Thanks.

Go back to yawning Talley

Multinational corporation. Look it up.


I agree with the bit about fleet sales. look at the sales of the companies like honda that don't do a lot of fleet sales vs companies that do do a lot of fleet sales like gm. honda still goes to to toe against competitors even without fleet sales. what does that tell you? it tells you that chevy, ford, etc are less desirable automobiles to the joe on the street. fleet sales are not bad for the company or anyone for that matter. but if you're selling 100K cars and 40K are fleet sales and another vendor is selling 90K cars of which none are fleet sales, which of those auto makers are actually making a more appealing product to average customers? Obviously the 90K car manufacturer. No one is arguing fleet sales are bad. they are just pointing out that fleet sales are needed by these companies because their products are less appealing and the fleet sales are needed in order to compete with vendors that are not heavily dependent on fleet sales.


Just to inspire people check out Honda "The Impossible Dream" part 1 & part 2 on youtube. Enjoy

Go back to yawning Talley

Bush league antics when you can't even come up with your own name and have to use someone else's.

Go back to yawning Talley

What you talkin 'bout Willis!


Ford's F series is not "kicking GM's rear," as you state above. Being the uneducated person you are you forgot to add in sales of GMC pickups, which are identical to Chevy. When you combine those two numbers GM and Ford are in a virtual dead heat on pickup sales. Check your facts before posting.

There would really be no problem if only the car has maintenance. Those car companies are aiming to give their clients satisfaction. And guaranteed because they're in a competition.


To Honda/Acura:

So what's you're proof about honda being number one? All you do is go around brag gin about Honda when you don't even know their sales dropped heavily. Different people like different cars you know, so don't try to show off.


Listen Blahrbing, what does that mean? Any way retard lol Are you offended because Honda is # 1? Don’t be its understandable you drive a Kia right? Or a Hyungay right?


Happy for that they've apparently attracted some new readers. Not happy that they are apparently ten years old and post ridiculous comments.

Max Reid

Sonata also sold 4,000 + Hybrids for 2nd consecutive month.


And another thing, this is 2011, how is the Silverado and the F-series still selling more than sedans in this day in age? WTF? Can someone explain this to me?

Derrick G


For one thing, many of the sales are still for commercial use. They might not be fleet per se because a business might just have one vehicle, a full-sized pickup. But it's still for commercial use. For another, there are only five choices among full-sized pickup, counting GMC/Chevy as one. There are twelve choices for companies making mid-sized family sedans, including Buick and Chevy together and Hyundai and Kia together and Dodge and Chrysler together.


Ahh, i see. Thank you Derrick G :)


To "Honda beloved car Owner": Wake up!!! and check out you will find 10 out 20 worst car are made by Honda....:)

No honda

as frank said, i saw the and edmunds and yahoo then stopped dreaming about Honda Accord... top 2nd worst car .... better to go with Sonata compared to Camry or Accord... those 2 cars sales are good as people are still under impression that they are good even now!

Way to go GM. You keep whipping fords butt.

Good article I like it.
Thank you.


KIA is #1 now and it just keeps on getting better and better.
People think KIA is what it used to be, but NO!
KIA has goten much better, its more like an Audi now if not more interesting.
10year 100k mile waranty sharp looks and the confort that this make provides is incredible!!!

why american dont zealotry that buy asian cars?
when 3 best american automakers (GM FORD &CHRYSLER) manufactured best-strongest-biggest&most beautiful car in the world
DOWN WITH toyota-honda-nissan-hyundai-kia-mazda-bmw&other nonamerican


In the uk we laugh at the cruze, it's a pathetic atempt at a car but in America u seem to love it!

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