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NewHyundaiFan, who didn’t give their location, is the happy owner of a brand-new 2012 Hyundai Sonata. The reader hasn’t had the car for too long, but gives us a detailed synopsis on why they chose the Hyundai over the competition. We also get a brief glimpse into their car-buying experience. Continue reading below to find out. If you want to share thoughts about your own car, you can write your own review here.

2012 Hyundai Sonata
"What can I say that the other reviewers already haven't, except it's true. The Hyundai dealer was our last visit yesterday to check out and test drive these cars. We were told 'not to overlook the Hyundai' by a family member who has been in the new- and used-car business for 30 years. We are glad we took his advice. He had visited the plant in Alabama and knew all about the technology on the motor and how a non-turbo four-cylinder can get 198 horsepower and 35 mpg! Like another reviewer stated, you can't even tell that this is a four-cylinder. The six-speed auto transmission is very smooth.

"Yep, we bought the 2012 Sonata Limited with Sparkling Ruby paint and the Saddle leather interior. We also drove the Sonata Sport version, but the additional options on the Limited made us choose it.

"My wife and I started our car shopping task nearly two weeks ago. My wife said this auto-shopping experience was like a full-time job, which is true if you do countless research time along with the sometimes dreaded dealer visit/sales people experience.

"I took advantage on a couple of occasions and used the internet quote method. This was very convenient and usually the best price; however, the Hyundai shopping was at the dealership and the salesperson was great. He didn't waste our time with the pitches that seem to go on forever with some (I even texted a friend to call me while we were at another dealer just so I could tell the salesman I was being "called out" to work). My wife got a good laugh out of that when we were driving away!

"I got up before dawn today and took the car for a drive to get a paper and coffee. Opened the moonroof and enjoyed a short drive before anyone else was out and about. I will update this review as time passes to provide updates."

By Colin Bird | September 16, 2011 | Comments (11)



This is a review?



A car shopping review!

Matt C.

More like a car shopping anecdote.


There should be a certain time minimum for these reviews. Two weeks is not long enough to get a real world feel for a car.

DeBinder Dundett

I can honestly tell you guys that my daughter LOVES her 2011 Sonata. Having driven it for more than 9 months now for the daily grind up and down I-5, she has not been back to the dealership for anything. No problems and smooth sailing, all the way. And that warranty ain't too shabby either! Lots of value, decent price in California, cheap to insure. Hey, what's not to like? Beats everything else in that class, including the Camry, Accord and Altima.

The Sonata and Optima are the most exciting cars in the midsize segment to come out in years! For so long buyers have been force-fed boring Camrys, Accords, and Altimas, and finally you can buy something that takes design cues from the Mercedes CLS at a fraction of the price, with better reliability and a class leading warranty. Go Hyundai!


A friend with a 2003 Camry has more than 200,000 miles on the car and has yet to replace the front brakes, shocks or exhaust system. I have a Toyota SUV with 185,000 miles on the original exhaust system and shocks - I have replaced the front and rear brakes once. That's what makes a Toyota a best seller. Call it boring, I'll cry all the way to the bank. We'll see if the new Sonata can match that quality level, or if it develops more problems like the drifting to the left issue that's been documented in other posts on this site.

DeBinder Dundett

Carma, I remember reading somewhere that Hyundai fixed the drifting to the left issue by changing the camber/caster and toe-in settings on the front wheel alignment.


Excellent. I hope you enjoy the Sonata and it performs as good as it looks.


I drove the 2012 sonata as a rental recently for a long trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the car, spent 16 combined hours driving it for 738 combined miles. But yes... although this car is very excellent, fun, and not to mention safe, with all the assists, that drifting to the left problem is very extreme. I would buy the vehicle personally though.


Out of any car in the Sonata Class hands down they are my favorite... now if only I had the money or the credit to buy one.

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