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Tire Kicker from Atlanta recently purchased the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic. After test-driving a bunch of compact models in the segment, Tire Kicker chose the Civic for its roominess, comfort and superb gas mileage. Continue reading the full review to find out more. Once you’re done, write a review about your own car here.

2012 Honda Civic
“I have had a 2012 Honda Civic LX for over three months now and actually like it. I test-drove other compact cars and liked the room, ride and comfort of the Civic over the others. I still drive a big Ford Crown Victoria, and the Honda’s ride is pretty darn good compared to the Ford. The interior could be made with more padding and soft materials so that the Honda would not look so cheap. The seats are comfortable. The air conditioning works great, which I really didn't expect as there is so much glass on the Civic. It has good visibility with all this glass area.

“The five-speed automatic transmission sometimes hunts when going uphill. The gas mileage is really good. It gets an average of 35.7 mpg going back and forth to work and scooting around the city while also sitting at those five-minute traffic lights. So far, it gets 41 mpg on an open road, cruising at 65 to 70 mph. I only have 4,800 miles on it so far so it probably isn't fully broken in yet. Gas mileage can only improve.

“I don't care for the sports-car feel as I am used to driving a large car with comfort. If I had wanted a sports car I would have bought a real sports car. This small car has almost everything that is needed to be a great car for going back and forth to work and rides well enough to take a trip in it. Time will tell how well it holds up, but since it has basically the same transmission and engine as the older Civics, it should do just fine. I also considered this before I purchased this car.”

By Colin Bird | September 8, 2011 | Comments (14)



You can't really compare a Civic to a Crown Vic. They are entirely different vehicles.


Review is about as boring as the Civic itself but maybe that's the demographic that Honda appeals to. There's certainly no comparing a Civic to a Crown Vic under any circumstances.


I haven't even driven the new Civic yet, but any comparison that likens it to a Crown Vic makes me want to think either the driver hasn't got much driving experience or Honda's let the ball drop on this one. Besides, there aren't two cars so polar from one another like these two. Give me an honest review please.


Right on, Rocky! People don't READ anymore. I guess Angry Birds, Twitter or useless tidbits about Housewives have melted everyone"s brains.

The Civic is ugly and cheap looking, however.


You can't compare a Civic to a Crown Vic? They are both cars that get you where you need to go! The average consumer doesn't limit vehicles to EPA size classes, they go by what they like in the vehicles. The other car he drive regularly is a Crown Vic, so it's a natural comparison. You people need to come off your automotive high horses and get in touch with the real world.


Rocky, Rich, Card13

All I can say about your comments is....refreshing! As soon as some people see "Crown Vic" they immediately get their sarcasm switch turned on and don't think before posting. The OP probably has a Crown Vic for his family trip car and a Civic for an economical commuter and was just comparing the two rides. His review, as compared to others I've read here, was pretty decent. We all should remember these "civilian" reveiwers are not professionals or experts nor are they posing as same.


"I still drive a big Ford Crown Victoria, and the Honda’s ride is pretty darn good compared to the Ford." AND “I don't care for the sports-car feel as I am used to driving a large car with comfort. Mike,Mark,and Pete...I'd say the comments are fair game to say the guy made a "comparison" to the crown vic and possibly a contradition by his last comment. That the reviewer's personal assesment but you have to figure on some debate if you through it out on the internet that way.


He might just be getting the sports car feel cause of moving down in car sizzes. I am sure its sportiness will dial down after a time. I remember a similiar feeling when I went from an Intrepid to PT Cruiser.


My impression was he was not even referring to the Civic when he was talking about the sports car feel. He had already stated that he thought the ride was pretty good compared to his Crown Vic. I think he was just making a general statement about not wanting a sports car type ride or he would have purchased one. But I'm certainly not sure of what he meant. Everybody reads things a little differently but I tend to give someone the benefit of the doubt if I don't know for sure. I don't think he was contradicting himself at all.

Derrick G

My impression was that the sports car comment, since it was so far removed from the CV ride comment, was that he was addressing the heat Honda has taken for dumbing down the Civic's former sporty feel.

Phil D

I also own a 2012 honda civic LX! I almost have 1k miles on it, so I'm still finding out the new quirks of the car. Anyhow, this is my first civic I've ever owned and I solely purchased the car to use to drive from home to work daily and drop our child off at the sitters. The average miles driven per week is 300, so fuel mileage is a huge savings. I'm getting 34 mpg, but my driving is country roads mostly! It is roomy enough to support a car seat and soon to be adding a rear facing car seat for child #2 so we'll see how that goes. Any, it is very economical, enough power, very user friendly and reliable as expected.

not happy

My 2 month old 2012 Civic LX is blowing hot air eventhough the temp is set to COLD and the fan is off making the cabin very warm. And it doesn't matter whether I let the air in or recirculate it. It's 68 degrees out and i feel the need to turn the a/c on. I know this is not normal! Please reply.


@not happy. I have the exact same problem.


It is three years later, I also have a problem with my 2012 blowing hot air out of the fan. Works ok if the AC is on, but if I just want fresh air I'm out of luck. Has this problem been solved @Evan or @not happy?

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