Mitsubishi Raises Price on Electric Car Before It Arrives

2012 Mitsubishi iMitsubishi has decided to raise the price of its electric i, formerly known as the i-MiEV, to $29,125. That’s a $1,135 increase.

Mitsubishi said it had to raise the price by about 4% because of “unforeseen changes in market conditions.” The price of the up-level SE trim increases by $1,135, too, now starting at $31,125. Despite the increases, the i will remain the most affordable electric car when it goes on sale early next year, undercutting the 2012 Nissan Leaf by $6,075.

The Cold Zone Package and the Premium Package, which includes a navigation system and the DC quick-charging port option, keep the same pricing.

The i will initially be sold in West Coast states this fall, and more markets will be added gradually with the goal of hitting all 50 states by November 2012, Mitsubishi says.

Continue reading below for more pricing details:

2012 Mitsubishi I pricing (previous pricing)
  • ES: $29,125 ($27,990)
  • SE: $31,125 ($29,990)
  • Cold Zone Package: $150 (same)
  • Premium Package: $2,790 (same)

Mitsubishi i Electric Car To Start at $20,490


Amuro Ray

I wonder if this is a pre-emptive move by Mitsubishi against the rising possibility of QE3, aka print (US$), baby, print!

Just curious - will those customers who have already preordered still need to pay the new increased price?


I think the Volt problem might be one of price. I am curious how the i will see in the market. Yes, it will be cheaper than Leaf and Volt. But the other two have been gobbling up the green market that actually can afford to buy this. I do view the i as having a chance as a second car cause of lower price.



If I were in the market for an EV I'd wait for the e-Focus to be available.


I didn't know they still made Mitsubishis


CTS...I live in the Northeast...I've seen several Volts roaming the streets and expressways in my Leafs...must be a geography thing...


Wish they would sell the gas version.

People looking for a quality electric car need to understand that it's not going to be cheap. There's a reason that not everybody has one yet.

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