Land Rover Defender Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

Land Rover DC100 Concept

  • Looks like: Land Rover wants to redefine off-roading for the 21st century
  • Defining characteristics: Plug-in hybrid capability
  • Ridiculous features: Telemetry sensors might ruin some of the off-roading thrill
  • Chances of being mass-produced: 100%; 50-50 if it comes to the U.S.

On Wednesday, Jaguar showed off a pure rear-wheel-drive sports coupe concept that points to a green, techy theme for the brand’s future models. Today, Jaguar’s sister company, Land Rover, gave us an indication of what it thinks its brand will stand for in the 21st century — mostly green and techy like Jaguar, but with a rugged, versatile twist. All of these ideas are packaged into the venerable Defender model, a namesake for Land Rover.

For those who might not be familiar with the nameplate, the Defender is to Land Rover what the Wrangler is to Jeep. It’s the iconic core identity for the brand, and there are hints that the British SUV maker is open to the idea of bringing the Defender back to the U.S. with something that will look like this concept.

Land Rover DC100 ConceptThe two-door, boxy SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The powertrain is likely the same one found on the new Range Rover Evoque. The engine would have start-stop capability, and there would also be hybrid or plug-in hybrid capabilities, too. Permanent four-wheel drive would be standard, of course.

Like the Wrangler, the Defender is an extreme off-roader — apparently, the SUV is big with Queen Elizabeth II, who drives one around on her country estate. This concept shows off a new, techy approach to off-roading. It has sonar technology to measure water depth and telemetry sensors to calculate whether or not an obstacle is traversable (and suggest a different route or optimal speed if necessary).

Although this is technically just a concept right now, Land Rover has said that it plans to build a new Defender and hopes to have something on sale by 2015. No decision has been made if the next-generation Defender will come to the U.S. 



This thing looks like a plastic toy.


Love it! Bring it to the States. Range Rover needs more personality.


Toyota FJ Cruiser anyone? Except this one will break down all the time and cost thousands to repair.


This is only my opinion.
The defender will end in a way so unfair. If Maurice Wilks were alive would feel very bad. After all the brand Land Rover, is the Defender. I feel bad that the defender will end this way, without dignity. It was preferable to wipe out its production and let he die in peace. Poor defender, turned into a toy for city ladies

-Why Land Rover does not like the jeep wrangler. So could keep the original design. What will be the difficulty. defender and wrangler are very similar, and were created from the same car, the willis.
I just like what the jeep did, it kept the original features and has a very nice car, but a car that continues to be a jeep wrangler with some nice changes on the one hand and a completly new car on the other hand.
my idea is land rover do a car that continues to be a defender and did not lost its identity, such as the jeep made. because that white defender white is not a defender, is a litle city suv.

This is the worst replacement in the history of land rover
Even Iveco make a copy of a grate car, "defender" but for land rover defender sucks.
Iveco can see wat is good but land rover will kill defeender.
The defender will end in a way so unfair.

I will never buy one other land rover. I have a defender td5, a discovery 3 but it is the end, im disappointed.
i prefere the kia soul.
But probably my girlfriend, i think she will like the car, she likes go to the shoping and a litle SUV like Dc100 will be cute for her.
I think the DC100 will sell good, but for rong market, for the old freelander market and nissan Qashqai market, im sure about that. next defender future after years of history, as parent gifts for girls who enter in the high school, and with pink carpets :)

See this link and join if you want


Mitsubishi Montero anyone?


I want to see a defender on the road, look at it,
and to think, that´s a defender, despite the changes, it still looks a defender, just what Jeep did with the jeep wrangler. Jeep deserves all my consideration, because that made ​​the Land Rover could not make. Jeep will be the next land rover, i will buy a jeep because jeep, land rover is death
My black 110 defender looks proper and with style in every occasion


What a disappointment!
It’s just another SUV, like so many on the market !

Don’t call it a Defender …
It’s not a appealing, it’s not pretty, and above all it has no carachter … Lost everything that made me fall in love by Land Rover since I was a little boy!

Bought three Defenders in tha past 12 yrs … If it comes out like this, won’t get another one … Jeep Wrangler will be next !


It's a beautiful design for a chinese car but i think that no one has the right to divert the history and traditions
rather than convert the Defender to a Chinese car ,we can make a deluxe version out of the classical one
I do not think that the german engineers with their brautiful Mersedes "G" clasd that cost more than €100,000 are smarter than the british eng
Why not a classic deluxe and modern version and one miltary for the lovers of the GREEN OVAL???
What you just made gentelmen, is the "Big Ben" transformation ,to a tower glass in Dubai

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