2012 Toyota Prius: What's New

2012 Toyota Prius
For the 2012 model year, the Toyota Prius gets slight revisions to its exterior and adds more standard equipped and a new multimedia system. It is expected to hit dealers late this year.

The front gets a redesigned bumper with more stylized lower openings on each end, now filled with new standard LED automatic daytime running lights. The fog lights, when equipped, have been moved to the lower grille. The front and rear lamp designs are redesigned, too.

The 2012 Prius will be widely available in the numerically named Two, Three, Four and Five trim levels. There likely will be an unadvertised Prius One trim, too. Last year, Toyota said the Prius One was primarily sold to fleet customers but could be bought at retail, though availability was extremely rare.

2012 Toyota Prius
For 2012, the Two trim gets redesigned 15-inch wheels, a revised multi-information display and, most importantly, a standard 6.1-inch touch-screen display that includes a USB port and Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming.

The Three trim now has a standard navigation system with integrated backup camera; previously it was an option. The Three also gets Toyota’s new Entune multimedia system. The passive entry system has been upgraded to work with three doors on the vehicle instead of just one.

The Four trim now has the standard navigation, too, along with Toyota’s new SofTex upholstery, a leatherette material the carmaker says is as durable as cloth and more environmentally friendly to produce than leather. There’s also a new eight-way power driver’s seat (up from six) and a redesigned eight-speaker JBL stereo.

The Five trim gets no new updates, excluding the features that were added to the Three and Four trims. The trim tops the lineup with automatic LED headlamps and 17-inch alloy wheels. Head-up display, premium navigation, adaptive cruise control, lane mitigation software and a pre-collision warning system are available on the Five trim only.

Toyota hasn’t released pricing for the 2012 Prius yet. There are nearly 6,000 2011 Prius models in Cars.com's new car inventory.



What? Prius....fleet? Surely you jest.

I like the old fascia better. It looks more like a dustbuster now.

I hate Day Time running lights. I'll turn my lights on when I want. And second, many cars with them seem to always have one burnt out. Hmmm


in some countries (like Canada) DTRL are mandatory.

Randy Martin

The power seat if it is actually available is a new feature not an upgrade with more movements

Angelo Milia

Thank You for the information. I'm ready to buy a 2012 Prius Level IV . I have a 2010 Level IV for the past two years and love it.


Rear viewing in the Prius is a major problem.The Toyota engineering should address if not the United States Department of Transportation in the U.S.. The bar in the middle.

craig powell

Ok am sold. So were is the 2012 at ? Toyota stop messing around and get the new models out


Let's do a Nationwide class action lawsuit because of their bar in the middle? Thanks, same folks that that brought suit over to dumb to figure out it was your mat!

Prius is the the real smart car-will buy 2012 this year! Conservative non tree hugger that's practical and does like/plant trees and not dying/fighting for dumb muslim oil!

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