2012 Honda CR-V to Debut at L.A. Auto Show, More Photos

2012 Honda CR-VToday, Honda gave us a better look at its fourth-generation Honda CR-V and some more details. Honda’s concepts typically are thinly veiled versions of the products it plans to sell, so what you see here is likely what you’ll get.

Overall, the silhouette of the redesigned CR-V looks very much like the outgoing model. The big difference is a more angular front end, with a large three-bar grille; gone is the awkward-looking lower grille on the current CR-V. The back has arguably changed the most. The tailgate is more rounded, and the vertical taillamps have been replaced with designs that match better with the current Civic and Accord.

Honda says the new CR-V will be more fuel efficient and weigh less than the current model. There will also be an all-new interior.

We’ll get a closer look at the model when it debuts at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show in November. 

2012 Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CR-V

2012 Honda CR-V



It's going to weigh less so are the doors going to be more tinny than they already are?


Take away the oversized wheels and it will look like a mini-minivan.


Thanks for the feedback.

Argumentum ad hominem.


Good looking CRV, much better than the current generation. Finally Honda has produced a good looking car. The Accord and Civic as well as the Pilot have been horrible redesigns. Same goes with their luxury brand Acura. This is probably the best car designed since the 2006 Honda Civic.


what's racist about his remarks? honda's are loud...they've always been some of the loudest cars in their classes. i can speak from experience, as my girlfriend has an 07 pilot.

now your comments and name calling on the other hand....


And you go get your own name.


This thing is ugly. True that it will look like a minivan once the oversized wheels are replaced with production sized wheels.


I guess I'll be using a different name as the bush league antics of someone copycatting me is juvenile.

The fake WTF has been banned. A lot of various names from the same IP address. Weird. Most were just ordinary names. Sorry for the trouble.


May be it is time to register, logon and post. May be then I will be the only "Tony".


This doesn't look too bad when you consider how horrible everything else from Honda/Acura looks. This would look really good in black I think.


Not bad for Honda but looks like it was inspired by the Kia Sportage.


Hyundai continues to lead (design) and even Honda is copying them. The CR-Vs wheels are a rip-off of Hyundai's design for the new Veloster. Congrats Hyundai(!) . . . you have the auto industry following you now.


I like the front end. Not crazy about the profile and the current design trend of creating a large blind spot at the D pillar.

Any idea how much (if at all) bigger the '12 will be versus the '11 ? Could be simply the photos posted but it appears to be longer; especially from the rear doors back and of course reshaped rear hatch. The mileage on the '11 was decent but the engine was considered a little harsh -- looking forward to it's competitors with 2.0 L turbo's so wonder if they will simply tweak the 2.4 or new engine?


Who cares how Acura looks it drives better than most other cars and it's the best option for the money. You are inside the car driving it anyway

Idaho Guy

Give me a two-door version of this in AWD, please. Hot hatch.


wow... this is butt fugly...

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