2012 GMC Terrain Gets Accident Avoidance System

2012 GMC Terrain Gets Accident Avoidance SystemThe 2012 GMC Terrain will feature a new crash avoidance system that’ll also serve as a lane mitigation system, according to GM. It will be the first such system in a GM vehicle. 

Unlike other precollision and lane mitigation systems, which typically use a series of radar or laser sensors to detect vehicles in front of them, the GMC system uses a digital camera mounted on the windshield in front of the rearview mirror. The digital camera, combined with object- and range-detecting software, determines if an accident is pre-eminent. If it is, the system illuminates a warning icon and beeps to warn the driver. The system also will pre-charge the brakes, like other systems, if an accident is unavoidable. GM doesn’t mention if the system will pre-emptively tighten seat belts, adjust seating position, raise head restraints or close the windows as similar systems do. GMC’s precollision system only works at speeds above 25 mph.

The digital camera also can detect lane markings and will warn if you’ve left your lane without signaling first. The system also can warn you if you’re following the vehicle in front of you too closely when driving at speeds above 25 mph.

GM’s system does have its limitations, which are caused by using a single digital camera and no other sensory inputs. If the camera is obstructed by snow or mud, its effectiveness will be limited, according to the automaker. We’re looking into whether rains is an issue for this system, too.

Update: Heavy rain and snow will affect the system, said GM's Ray Kiefer, who was quick to point out that the majority of accidents happen in clear weather conditions. 

The system is a $295 option on the 2012 GMC Terrain, which is already on sale.


G Steve

For $295, I would get it.

looks like a useful tool when driving around a busy city. Hopefully it will prevent some accidents from occurring. And for only $295, I think most of the vehicles will come equipped with it.

Anonymous Coward

Vehicles on dealer lots are rarely equipped with optional safety features. People won't buy them. How many GM vehicles were equipped with optional ABS or side airbags after Lutz removed them as standard features on most vehicles in 2002 or 2003?

I'm also disappointed that this is the first GM vehicle to feature such a system. You would think that one of the expensive Cadillacs or Buicks would feature it.

Bob Wilson

I looked at a similar system last year from Israel but they wanted $1,000. Still, it is the right direction.

I just visited the GM web site and the accident avoidance system is not yet in their system.

As for getting the car with the options I want, I don't have to buy a GMC. The dealer will have to 'get a clue.'

Mark Wallner

Great idea! Now modify the lane-change indicator so that it also goes off if the driver makes a turn without signalling, and make it standard equipment. The people who need it most are the least likely to buy it as an option.

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