Would You Buy a GM Car Built in China?


General Motors revealed an all-new brand and an inaugural sedan under this new banner yesterday. Why wasn’t this monumental move all over the news? It happened half a world away in China, where GM is looking to increase sales to the rapidly expanding automotive market there.

Called Baojun, the new brand is a joint venture with Chinese automaker SAIC that will be sold to smaller markets outside of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in its first year, expanding nationally after a year.

The first car, the Baojun 360, will cost between $9,760 and $11,470. This is a rock-bottom price for such a large vehicle in China, and no, there is no longer any new car in the U.S. that costs less than $10,000 — let alone a sedan of this size. Chevy’s Cruze, a similarly sized car, starts at $16,525.

Could the Baojun 360 come to the U.S?

It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. The 1.5-liter engine is teamed to a five-speed manual transmission and gets roughly 34 mpg. It also passes European emission standards.

Safety would be a major obstacle for entry into the U.S. but there’s not much information on how many airbags or other safety features are on the Baojun 360. Assuming it did meet U.S. safety standards, would American car shoppers consider it?

In the first half of 2011, GM sold more cars in China — 1.27 million — than it did in the U.S., with 1.26 million cars sold. With a new, low-priced brand that gap is likely to widen.



By David Thomas | August 10, 2011 | Comments (37)



Absolutely not. It's bad enough that so many parts in vehicles made in US are made in China but at least they have to meet certain specs which the US companies can control to a large degree. This control would be reduced greatly by mostly China content and manufacturing.

Tainted baby formula, lead in toys, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on not including total disregard for copyright and patent law.

I'd be constantly wondering if the brakes were going to work everytime I used them or if the steering was going to break or something like that. So what if they execute the plant manager in China....I'm still dead.

Short answer: NO!


Isn't the real question...will you? ;o)


It's not so much that I wouldn't buy it because it was built in China, but I would avoid it because it probably isn't a good car.

Many people still remember the Yugo, and I see this as a similar beast.

Worse, I doubt they could beat the Nissan or Hyundai on price. Even if they did, who would go with an unknown entry over the established (though dull) Versa? The US Dollar is trading at rock bottom prices right now, which makes importing a car from almost anywhere an expensive proposition.


Yugo! Exactly.
Recently read article where they took a Russian car vs Chinese. Russian is pretty bad but Chinese was much worse. I loved the rust test. In the special room they created accelerated aging. Chinese metal was melting right in front of your eyes.

It's probably more a question of "when" and not "would."


Note to people who complain about quality of products made in China - as with any quality control process, the final manufacturer specifies what the quality tolerances are. If the sampling is not being done properly, it is also the manufacturer's fault. Not all products from China are bad, it all depends on the quality of the design, and whether QC specs are being required and/or met. Believe it or not most Chinese manufacturers will build exactly what they are asked to build.


A 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine?
no thank you.....
China you can keep that piece of plastic junk waiting to explode!

Ill continue to drive my ten year f150 and barely step on the gas to accelerate, i can just tell by the engine that your going to have to floor it to pass other more powerful cars or trucks....


As everyone knows GM already makes cars in other countries like Mexico for sale in the U.S. so would not be surprised in this. Am I interested in buying one? No thanks, enough of our stuff comes from China, don't need anymore.


It depends. If GM can do a tight QC, may be.
A friend of mine told that one chinese company used to provide the nearly identical product to different companies (from different countries). The products satisfied the standards of those countries and passed QC. But one product lasted 3 months and the other product survived 5 years. The former was 5 times cheaper than the latter. You figure out.
I still would not buy unless chinese culture changes. If it looks OK, chinese don't care. That is their culture.

corvette c5

The number on the front plate looked like 630 to me not 360.


No. Even though I can't stand unions, I support American workers. Even though more and more parts for American-built cars come from China, Mexico and other places, at least if it's put together here, someone in my own country is being paid to do it.

I really like the Ford Fusion and have considered it for a vehicle more than once. The only reason I haven't bought is because it's built in Mexico.

I agree, QC is what it is. I have no doubt that GM would ensure QC met American standards. I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about a nation going down the tubes because we've lost our manufacturing base and so many people are out of work.


I wouldn't buy such a car. And i'm sure the 2013 Spark will be sub-10K. Another question: do Chinese people speak English? The radio displays an "FM" and numbers that are used in many languages such a English, German, Spanish...


For everyone who said NO, Please check how many stuff inside your home that are made in China.....How many stuff inside Walmart and Target that are made in China....ur Ipod, Ipad, Imac....Your shrimp, Fish fillet.


If my Ipod breaks it won't kill me. I try like heck to avoid any food product made in China or any product that I am putting in or on my body.

As far as quality control goes, just look at all the recalls of stuff not made in China that get through so called "quality control".


Although I wouldn't personally,
is there any cars filling up this market space? All of the small cars are getting nicer, a cheap to buy/run car is coming harder and harder to find in the new market simply because the quality is so good! A low quality car might not be appealing to people who are financially stable, but for those who a car is a NEED, and money is not greatly available is who this would go after.


Heck no! I will never buya Chinese car on nationalistic pride. I know all cars have some foreign components, but never a 100% Chinese car.


Support America and support American workers, do what we did and buy a Toyota Camry! General Motors is a corrupt and fraudulent company that is about as anti-American as you can get. Next worst is General Electric.

Matt C.

Probably wouldn't consider buying it, but it is a good looking car.


I'll just buy a 2 year old car that i can trust...


"good looking car"?! That thing is so ugly and cheap looking. Horrible.

Richard Joash Tan


Attractive model looking very nice I love this car color is also very nice.


Not only will people buy one, but most of the above people who have said "no" will end up doing so.

Their reactions are the same way people reacted to cars when they first came from Japan, and then from Korea. They'll change their tune just as soon as the price tag is staring them in the face.

And while many of them think that quality is low, so they won't buy, today they happily buy up the lowest quality good available simply because it has the lowest price tag and they don't realize there is a difference. Soon, it will happen with cars too.

The world doesn't need another "econo box" especially from China. Improve on the ones we already have.

We need to support American workers and our economy, especially right now. I would't buy this car..



you are extremely wrong and your example is not even close to reality.
Back in time, when Jap. cars arrived people knew one thing - American is better! They had no experience, they had little to none of information.
Today a few strokes of keyboard can give you all the info you need. Consumer is extremely educated and knows his way around.
There will be few who would buy this car but it will not make the cut.


No, we didn't buy the first gen equinox b/c of all the online complaints of the 3.4 liter that was built in China. As I get older, I feel the urge to buy American more and more when possible.

i'll have second thoughts..:)



just admit, as you get older you get more and more paranoid. All you have to do is research BEFORE buying.


^^^Just when you thought you've heard it all along comes another WTF?


I agree with Dan, and as time passes and the advertising hype becomes more attractive, people will close their eyes and make excuses to buy, just to satisfy their own needs and not those of their fellow American and the greater good.



Don't buy GM car.
Its made in China.


chevy sonic! look


""Would You Buy a GM Car Built in China?""

Hell yeah!

For decades we bought GM cars made in South Korea, Canada and Mexico.

What's different about China? It still has GM's name and warranty on it.

Hopefully made in China will mean that it cost a lot less than made in the US, Canada or Mexico so more young people like me can buy a NEW car instead of driving hand-me-downs.


Brian, hang on for a while. Soon you can buy one at Big Lots. But be sure to keep the sales receipt...

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