Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: July 2011


Americans are back to buying the cars they’ve always bought in large numbers: midsize sedans and full-size pickup trucks.

Ford’s F-Series and Chevy’s Silverado take the two top spots with Ram pickups in eighth place. Five of the remaining seven vehicles are midsize sedans.

The biggest factor this month remains the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March. Honda’s sales were down an alarming 25.6% from July 2010. Toyota was down 19.7%, and Subaru, which set records pre-earthquake, was down 9.4%. Nissan saw sales tick up 2.7%.

As for the top 10 list, Toyota did manage to reclaim a spot for its Camry, which has been one of the most-read car reviews on for the past month. However, it is the third-straight month that no Honda has made the top 10. The Accord sedan finished in the No. 11 spot.

Check out the full list below.

By David Thomas | August 2, 2011 | Comments (18)
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Jeez look at the F Series just killing the Silverado.


When you add in sales of the identical GMC sierra to the Silverado, the GM pickup numbers are much closer to Ford - 45,000 sales compared with 49,000 for Ford.

I hope Honda and Toyota recover soon. They make such good cars. I would hate to see them keep suffering from the earthquake.


The Camry remains the best selling sedan even though their yoy sales were down 20%. The Hyundai Sonata is a truly remarkable sedan with lots of value and content for the money. Buyers have noticed. The Ford Fusion is a much better car than the aging Malibu and should have done better in sales, but there is no accounting for tastes. The sales numbers of trucks do not surprise me but what does surprise me is that so many people still buy the old-school GM pickup trucks with their pushrod engines when Ford clearly outshines them with their high-tech powertrains. Maybe $10,000 off GM's MSRP incentives have a lot to do with that.


GM is doing some pretty advanced stuff with their pushrod engines, including cylinder deactivation, which saves a lot of fuel and still gives you 8 cylinders when you need it. You can also run the GM engines out of coolant without overheating. They alternate firing four cylinders at a time without overheating so you can limp home. But I agree the direct injection eco boosts in the Fords are the cutting edge.

the japanese cars market has been down, but camry has always at top 3.

Thanks for your sharing, to buy this a good reference.


Dander, I briefly owned one of those 4-6-8 HT Cadillacs with cylinder deactivation. I understood why the original owner chose to trade it. I understand that Chrysler is having the same transitional problems with their engines with cylinder deactivation. You should drive one to see what I mean.


I don't care what the technology is I just don't want the car to break and for it to be fun to drive. That's probably why we haven't bought a Chevy in several decades. We currently have a Subaru STi and love, love it! Japanese cars rule!


The new ones use different technology than the V8-6-4, and it's seamless. It's either V4 or V8 and the only way you can tell is by looking at the dash display. The V8-6-4 was an idea ahead of the available technology at the time, but the new V8/V4s work really well and are not a source of problems in the reliability reports. Toyota would be doing it too, except for the fact that their overhead cam design doesn't allow enough room for the valve deactivation gear.

U of C Booth

Toyota and Honda are going down hill in terms of product design, quality, and value. Toyota, in particular has had many recall problems with their cars and trucks over the last several years. The newly designed Honda Civic was not recommended because Consumer Reports thought it was a mediocre design. The current Corolla has an old tech drivetrain with a 4 speed automatic transmission and with multiport fuel injection while the Chervolet Cruze has a 6 speed automatic transmission and turbo-charged, direct injection. Toyota and Honda do not have the quality advantage they once had, their product designs do not lead their categories, and they are still demanding premium prices for their products. I can see why they are losing market share.


I believe that honda and toyota are going to lose customers due to the fact that their cars are looking the same year after year...correct me if I'm wrong...and there are economy issues too...can you afford 25000 for toyota or honda or 15000 for a ford...Apparently the toyotas or hondas are better quality...but can you afford it or fix her as she goes....what to do!


U of C booth....I agree with what you said!


if you live in an america buy an american car support your country. remember why we won ww2 cause we had the worlds biggest auto industry. plus when you buy an american car you give jobs to america and keep our money here.

tore hennum

I do not understand why Toyota is so popular. So boring.

Where are DODGE Challanger the best car in the world


Yea like nick said buy a Camry the most American car made. They are very reliable.

Per Thonsen

I don`t understand you Americans. You bay obsolete junk.
In Europe the Japanese cars sales numbers had fallen dramatic the last 2-3 years because brands like VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel are so much better now in technic an reliability.
For ex. is the fuel consumption in a Audi A6 Estate about 30% lower than the Camry. And the reliability is so much better.

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