Recall Alert: 2005-10 Honda Accord, 2007-10 Honda CR-V, 2005-08 Honda Element


Honda is voluntarily recalling about 1.5 million vehicles to update the software that controls the automatic transmission, the automaker said.

The recall affects the 2005-10 Honda Accord, 2007-10 CR-V and 2005-08 Element with four-cylinder engines. In the affected vehicles, if the transmission is quickly shifted between Reverse, Neutral and Drive — such as when the driver is trying to dislodge a vehicle stuck in mud or snow — the engine could stall, or it could be difficult to engage the parking gear.

Affected owners will be notified beginning Aug. 31. Dealers will update the software controlling the automatic transmission to ease the transition between gears. Owners can call Honda at 800-999-1009 and select option 4 for more information.


There Honda goes again, blaming the driver rather than its own poor design. Honda Transmissions are prone to failure, often times at Highway Speeds, but the Company continues to blame the driver despite the problem originating from a problem with its software.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has over 1440 complaints on file for its 2003 Honda Accord with 554 (as of today, August 5, 2011) classified as Power Train: Automatic Transmission related failures.

Information from the NHTSA web-site: reveals that in the 2003 Honda Accord, catastrophic transmission failure occurs quickly and many times at highway speeds. The complaints from NHTSA are mostly similar to each other in that the vast majority of the failures happen suddenly at higher speeds and the car's occupant(s) are often unsafely jolted forward while coming to a near stop in the travel lanes.

This is a serious safety issue. Coming to a near complete stop from 60 or 70 miles per hour, in some reported cases, has resulted in some injuries and will eventually result in someone's death.

Similar to the announcement toad, in April of 2004, Honda issued a recall on the automatic transmissions of Honda Accords, Odysseys, Pilots and Acura 3.2CL and 3.2TL models. According to Honda's own press release, "this condition may lead to gear breakage and possible locking of the vehicle's transmission, creating a potential safety hazard." The very same potential failures cited in the 2004 recall have become frequent for owners of these vehicles in the years subsequent to the recall and the resulting "transmission lockup", referred to in the recall, that "could result in a crash" has become a reality for many.

Honda was supposed to fix the problem when it issued the 2004 recall, however, it appears the company tried to do the cheapest thing for its bottom line in an attempt to have these vehicles fail after the warranty had expired. By not fixing the problem they are putting lives at risk.

While I, and thousands of other 2003 Honda Accord owners, have personally been affected by the known defects of this vehicle, from this article it is apparent that the safety and design issues are not confined to one model or one model year, but rather are systemic to the Honda brand. Hopefully Honda will, this time, ensure that the recall that it has ordered actually will fix the problem.

Anonymous Coward

"...update the software controlling the automatic transmission to ease the transition between gears."

What do you bet this "update" introduces a delay when shifting from reverse to drive?


The transmission in my 2002 Accord failed while I was doing 70 on the freeway several years ago. Obviously I was very dissapointed as I had never had a major issue with any of my cars before. It is my third Honda in a row, but it will be my last.


What? Hondas have questionable transmissions? I'm shocked!

Seriously, at this point if you buy a Honda and don't realize that you're gambling on the transmission, you deserve what you get.


We have three Honda's, one Buick, and one Dodge. The only transmission problems we've had are with the Buick and Dodge.


My 2010 Element has had transmission problems since I bought it. The dealer told me, 'If there is no error code, there is no problem'. I am so disappointed in Honda and the response I have received that it is unlikely that I will ever buy one again. I will never buy from the dealer again. Used to be a great product, but not any more.


I had five Hondas with no problems whatsoever. Take the worst Japanese brand car and it's still better than a Dodge, Chevy , and Ford. I have to admit though Ford woke up and changed their philosophy that's why they are so much better.


U don't see these kind of news on tv unless is an american brand. Time to look to trade in...


At least when Honda has a problem they have the balls to do a recall unlike American brand car manufacturers. I would rather buy from a company with integrity rather than a company that only follows the $


I had a problem with my Honda 2008 CRV. It happened to me a couple of times. Here is what happened to me: I was at a Burger KIng Drive thru when I went from park to drive the CRV went forward really fast at a fast idle.The rpm's really were up there.Plus the power brakes did not seem to work well. I figured it out myself,when a person that keyed the mike for other orders in line the RF frequecy somehow controls the computer on the Honda. She is transmitting on the same frequency. Honda please look into this matter. This must be happening to someone else also. Thank you.


That is a lot of cars to just be an anomaly. I like the folks who throw in their personal experience against the numbers. They were english majors in college and are now unemployed and with a defective car now too!



I guess you don't know that Honda had a class action against it on transmission issues.

For those of you who got slammed by $3000 Honda transmission repair, a little consolation - Honda doesn't make its transmissions. That's the vendor's fault.


PONTIFICATION dude you must work for Honda, maybe we should not trust people with their eyes 3/4 shut to make our cars dumped my Element and bought a BMW


I noticed a problem with my 07 Honda Accord a while ago. When I'm on a hill and take my foot off the gas to let it coast, it gets stuck in second gear and then violently jumps back into gear. I've always been a fan of Honda but I'm extremely disappointed.



My 2007 Honda does that too. My understanding is that it's some sort of hill-sensing technology in the transmission. The transmission downshifts to hold the car steady so you have to apply less brake pressure.


I understand that people get upset when their car breaks...but you all realize you can have problems with any car you buy regardless of brand...right? And I guarantee, when it happens you will be just as upset.

I do own a Honda as well as a Toyota. Never had any problems with either. And spending more money on a car does not equal no problems.

If you don't want to deal with a car having problems or breaking down, take the bus.

W. Wolff

I am on my 11th Honda Accord. Currently a 2009 EX-L. The only one that had a problem was way back in 2002 or thereabouts. So many GOOD Hondas, it is had to recall which one had the xmsn prob. Will buy #12 as a 2013 Accord. The dealership was awesome, supplying me a rental while in replacement mode.


I have a 2007 Honda CR-V and I haven't noticed much problem with the transmission other than going down a steep hill and it does shift gears a little rougher than I'd like, but it keeps my car at a safer speed.
The only other problem is my front driver side door lock won't catch anymore or it gets stuck and it won't lock/unlock the other doors unless manually locked/unlocked. It also makes a horrible grinding noise. :/
Otherwise, I love my Honda. I haven't owned too many cars, but this one is my favorite to drive and I feel it has the best handling (could use smoother suspension though). :)


I have a 07 cr-v it has always been a good car to me other than shifting from reversing to drive it makes 4 jerks before it goes forward but my cars not the problem my mom had an 09 cr-v she was driving 60 miles an hour felt a jerk an the car crashed into a wall she had gap insurance an full coverage but Honda screwed her over an now she has no car


O an my driver side locks get stuck an grind souds an I have to manually unlock my back driver door to open my hatch


Honda does not make their transmissions and second 80% of the car and parts are built in america and all the plants are in America. 3 of the largest ever are in OH. They employ hundreds of thousands of employees during this recession. Mr Honda had the courtesy to bring his product overseas not just to sell his product but to create jobs for us. Mistakes happen and they happen to all vehicles. You unfortunately just hear or choose to hear about the ones that you want to. I have owned a Honda since I was 19 and that is going back 40 years. The latest model I have has 375,000 miles on it with no issues with it, I will continue to support Honda.

Ahmed Osman

I've been driving Honda for the last TEN years and all this time there were very little normal repair like brakes,tires and oil changes.I think Honda makes good cars way better than Chevys,Pontiac's and Fords

Ozzy oz

Honda is still one of the best affordable car out there and I think the company did not denied that there is problem compare to others like Toyota and Ford or even GM! Give me a break.


you drive a car like a jerk and your transmission will fail no matter the make or model. I have had four honda accords ('88, '91, '97, '07) and have had NO issues with the transmission.


Brought my 2008 Honda Accord Coupe in to have a small 3 year old dent fixed, no issues with the engine at all up til then. Get my car out of the shop, the car is noticably shakier, especially while idling the first time I started up, and then while driving. They rotate my tires and send me on my way as the problem can't be reproduced, things seem better. Next week, car sputters on start up, check engine and VSA light come on. Bring it to shop next day, lights are off by then, they apply computer updates for the recall and send me home. ("no code, there's no problem" reaction). Next week, car sputters on start up, lights come on again, car goes up to 20 mph without foot on pedal, feels like cruise control kicks in while i'm driving, accleration without my help. This time at least the check engine light stays on; they get a code, replace my VTec Actuator, and send me on my way. A few days later, car sputters on start up, lights are back on again.. same issue!


We have 2 cars:

I won't even discuss our 1998 Pontiac Sunfire, we still have it. It was the lousy service we got from the dealership and the jerking around, I don't take BS from dealerships.
Because of the wonderful service we got from an American Automobile dealer we decided to try Honda, the other was the cashier at the Pontiac Dealership calling me a traitor for buying a Honda was the last straw. My come back to her was "If Pontiac had made a car that I didn't have to bring back 6 times for the same problem on a 3 year old car, I'd buy another one". We bought a 2003 Honda CRV, this week it reached 100,150 miles. We have yet to have a problem with ANYTHING since the day we bought it brand new, we do regular oil/fluid changes, routine maintenance that Honda recommends. Because we have had great service from the dealer and no problems, we bought a new 2010 Accord.

Have a 2009 Accord. The vechicle is still under warantee....good news! I find it unusual for a vehicle going down hill and maintaing the speed limit, to instantly down shift into a lower gear. This is unnerving, as the car abruptly starts to hold back. If I wanted to hold back, I'd down shift myself. I have six cars, 1 Ford, 2 Mitsubishi's, 2 Toyota's, and of course, the Accord. The only car, while coasting downhill to put the breaks on so to speak (and by itself might I add) is the Honda Accord. If this is intentional technology, I think it needs to be reviewed. When this occurs, the driver feels a sudden lack of control. Bad design. Needs to be addressed.


My 2005 Honda Accord has 41,000 miles, I have had nothing but problems with transmission? Battery? Shifting? Timing? Fuel being sucked dry? This Honda locks up while driving, battery light comes on, nothing dies, just no steering, no brakes and eventually will cause me a crash. Luckily I have not been on the HWY when this has happened. Honda dealer runs a full diagnostics and can find nothing wrong?? PLEASE!
My car is stored in winter, a very well kept car. My problems started just after the warranty expired! Anyone else with suggestions? I like my Honda...I want the problem fixed.

Mary Beth

My first car was a Honda and I have owned 2 Hondas and 3 Acuras in my car history. My current car is an 03 Acura 3.2 CL and I love it. Every car brand has recalls and Honda/Acura is always more than willing to fix the problem. I will never buy anything but Acura. Parts and labor are cheap, most dealerships are topnotch, and they will go forever. No complaints here.

Mary Beth

Btw, Denise, I had a similar problem with my last Acura and it was a bad ignition switch. I bought the part online and changed it myself. The car was fine after that.

gold CRV 2006 owner

All you folks with window and door problems should check with the recall lists. The CRV's were recalled for window and door lock problems. Check the recall lists.

trevor dzanis

if you change your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles in a honda it wont have any transmission issues.

Shirley Brown

@gold CRV 2006 owner

When did you or when was there a recall on Honda CRVs recalled for window and door lock problems?

All my door locks are all gone less than two years.


Have a 2007 Element EX. Couldn't get the color I wanted that year, so settled for silver. Had two recall notices, but refuse to take it to the local dealer who presents his sales force, and service people as 'the only game in town'. HATE that Honda stopped making the Element! Best CUV I've ever had! NOT ONE PROBLEM, so learned long time ago, "If it aint broke, don't fix it" as taking a car into the service department created "other issues"... like the previous posts. Would buy another new Element in a heartbeat if I could, since that CUV was the ONLY one of it's kind in the market. Don't like the NEW 2012 CR-V, and will likely buy another brand if Honda can't 're-think' their market space against the likes of Kia, Ford, etc.


I like my Honda owner several hondas. I brought a 2007 Accord and my cd player went out but my radio plays. To replace it will cost over a 1000 dollars. have anyone else had this problem. Really miss my cd player,suggestion


I have had 6 Honda and loved them -never had ANY problem AT ALL with any of them. My last Honda is a 2005 CRV all wheel drive. I had to have a new transmission put in it at 35,000. (Honda did pay for the entire job) Just two week ago - the transmission race like the devil and the RPM's needle went to the other side of the score, the engine roared but the car did not.
Had to have the transmission rebuild again at 135,000, just got it back yesterday cost of $ 3,100.05 plus rental car of $ 386.00 - Thank God!!!!
because of my early transmission problem I took an extend warrenty, it only cost me $ 100.00 deductable. My concern is
it happening again. I really don't want to take on a new car payment but I am feeling a little worried about my car. PS>
I am 71 years old so I am not slaming gear (its an automatic) or being rough on the car. I do work and drive it approx. 52 miles per day round trip.
Any suggestions.


Honda was always dependable and great cars, I have own a honda since 1983, so I actually had 5 hondas. Every since Honda stared making their cars here in the USA.... they have had too many problems with transmission. this is my 2nd honda with transmission problem and will be the last honda! I am buying a Lexus next time!


I recently purchased a used 2009 honda accord w 28000 miles. This is the 3 rd accord I have owned with my other hondas having 200,000 miles on them when they were sold. This will be my last accord. After spending over 19,000 on a used accord, my headlights blink on and off about every 10 mins. I was pulled over recently for flicking my lights at drivers to warn of cops ahead. Luckily my lights did this while the cop was listening to my story which i am sure he was not going to believe Honda you have become just like Toyota as far as i see it. I will never buy a honda product again. The honda corp. says this is a normal feature on my car. BULLSHIT i read the sticker and see no where that it says I have disco lights for headlights.


I have a 2009 Accord V6 EXL and I'm having some random transmission problems, but it does not appear to be on the recall list. A few times I have started my car and tried to shift, but there are no gears, the stick just glides back and forth and catches nothing. I have to turn it off and restart it and hope I don't have the same problem. Anyone else? This is most likely my last Honda, SOOOO NOT happy with this car. It only has 7,000 miles on it.

Paul Cretella

I took my 2007 Honda Accord in a week ago with an unusual noise coming what I thought was from the transmission. The dealer and I took it for a ride and after he heard it they decided it was from the transmission. I like to do minor work to my cars and I change the fluids myself ( synthetic oil ever 5000 miles and transmission fluid every 30,000 miles) They told me that since I had no records with them on the fluid changes they would not cover the problem. The total to replace the transmission is $3,000. The service department even said to me the fluid looks good with no sediment. Does anyone have any suggestions for me.


I drive a 2009 Honda Accord. This is my 6th accord. I have had issues with my breaks within the 1st year with my last three Accords, 1998 2006 and this one. They were all either recalls or covered under warranty. This Accord has been by far the worst one I've owned. Little things like rattling speaker boxes, lights that work one day but not the next, squeaking breaks for the first 8 months and they made me wait until a recall was filed. Then had the nerve to make me pay for it and only got reimbursed up to a certain amount. Also, the service in the Honda Dealerships have gone down since I first started buying Hondas. I'm not sure I'll buy another one and may consider selling the one I've got.


ive got a 2006 civic and my moms got a 2009 C-RV and one thing i just found out about transmissions on hondas is that they dont have a filter on them, they have a magnet inside the transmission that is supposed to attract and type of metal fragments that might be floating around, something to which my brothers boss said is a strong possibility to why they may fail (my brothers a mechanic by the way) but out of all the cars ive ever owned or driven hondas have the weirdest quirks like the down shifting in the auto transmission when you start to apply the brake or go down a hill at first i thought there was a problem but the dealer assured me that it was "normal"

Your local superhero

Automatic Hondas are terrible, but so are all automatics.

Yes there is most likely a delay now, when shifting gears in an automatic.

If you want a Honda, get a manual.

Super Villian

I agree with super hero. If you buy a Honda, get the manual. Road&Track and Car&Driver magazine all praise the Honda manual transmission. I have the 07 accord. Just minor problems like a little flex body squeeking during cold days, the original battery did die out after 2 years, replaced it with a good aftermarket battery, and no problems since. If you're budget conscious, get a toyota. It will probably have less problems, and the service intervals are cheaper than Honda. While Toyota charges their standard rate for 24k or 48k service, you will notice Honda's range is 20% to 30% more expensive. Don't believe me? Check out service prices at dealer's websites, if they dare to post them. I got a Honda because it's more fun to drive, but my next car will be a Toyota.


2005 Honda Accord EX V6, i have notice really unnecessary and harsh downshifting which is annyoing. I know it is a good thing for a car to down shift but not this rough and exterem. i had an Audi and it down shifted but i never noticed it! Honda make great engines but they are falling short of trannys. Honda made the best F1 v10 engine and they still cant figure out how to make a reliable and functional tranny!!


hey Toyota guy! you probably have no enthusiasim for driving! have you ever driven a Camry? it is the most borning car in the world. there is no accelrating tranny takes a afew seconds to wake up and get going. in a windy day good luck keeping it in a straight lane. around the corner it feels like a match box going to flip. toyota is a thin body on 4 wheel nothing absolutly nothing fun about them. dont belive me go testdrive one, and plus you probably get lost amongst millions of other toyotas. there are everywhere!no personality no charactor.

does anyone out there had problems with the gas pedal stinking wide open or sticking or surging. Please let me know 2011 honda crv


Is it normal that 13 years after the first honda transmission problems were discovered that a ''respectable' company still try to blame the drivers for the tranny issues?
For those who still think hondas are reliable cars...just do some internet search about them.
Ok, some like the way hondas drive...until tranny acts up.


I just bought a 2011 CRV and when I try to lock my doors with the remote,it doesn't work, but the unlock button does. I can't lock the doors manually while driving.Anybody else have this problem?


Has anyone else had this problem? The brights on my new 2013 CRV don't work. They light up the tops of trees, not the road. And, they are very dim and diffused. Dealer says he can't do anything. But, I'm afraid to drive at night. Very annoyed by all of this. I should have test driven the car at night!


I had a problem with my Honda 2008 CRV from the 1st moment we purchased the vehicle from Brilliance Honda in Crystal Lake, IL August of 2008. It started with the warranty that was included with the vehicle that covered 12 oil changes, and a tire replacement when the tread was less than 3/32nd of an inch. The mechanic at the dealership refused to honor the warranty after the 8th oil change, and refused to replace the tires when the tread fell below 3/32nd of an inch. Of course they blamed us for not routinely bringing the vehicle in for the oil changes as required. When the fact of the matter was the mechanic failed to report the last oil change to void the warranty which also included replacing the tires. Here recently the weekend of June 21st, 2013 we attended a family wedding in Marshalltown, IA, and when I went to park the CRV the doors refused to unlock. I read the manual on how to correct the auto locking of the doors, and attempted to fix the problem as instructed by the manual. No matter how many attempts to unlock the vehicle I figured out that it was an electrical problem with the door locking actuators in model years 2007-2011 Honda CR-V vehicles. Honda please looks into this matter. I understand it has been happening to others as well. Thank you.

Deborah Facio

I have had a problem with my 2007 CRV Honda starter recently and having checked out at the moment, as for all the other posts I have been reading on the doors making a noise and locking themselves at odd times or not locking it's the door acturator and it took me several months to figure out, Honda still denies its a recall issue, they quoted me 350.00 to replace and my mechanic did it for 120.00 it should be a recall!!!

Mark Sterling

145000 and no tranny problems on 2006 Accord with 4cyl. Now any Ford I have bought has always had issues with either the Tranny's or in the case of the F150 big spark plug issues..all of the F150, explorers anything with the 5.4 engine in it is trash. $3000 dollar repairs to replace the head with the same trashy head...that spits out sparkplugs..most service areas will not even do a spark plug change on a 5.4


Having problemes with door locks, now with my crv stalling untill car temp, is hot and tpms light on etc ...2007 crv




"does anyone out there had problems with the gas pedal stinking wide open or sticking or surging. Please let me know 2011 honda crv"
This is currently happening to me with a 2010 Accord V6. Can't find much info on it. Seems like it should be covered by my powertrain warranty but I don't know how to go about it. Dealer charged me over $100 just to diagnose the problem! I'm missing my 2002 Civic--NO problems, EVER. Just got this car in January and am starting to regret it.


I have had problems with my 2011 Accord twice. When decelerating in traffic the engine just quits. No warning or sounds, just stops running.

I have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport, the transmission has been hesitating at times since I purchased the vehicle, Honda Service Advisor told me that his Technician didn't find any problems with my transmission but that this is a process that has to be done but that my problem will get worse, that's comforting to know that maybe one day this car will get me killed, I made sure that my wife and Attorney have been made aware in case of my demise because of this car

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