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“Fast Gal” from Chicago recently traded in her all-wheel-drive BMW 325ix for another all-wheel-drive sports car, the 2011 Infiniti G25x. That should make Infiniti execs ecstatic. While the G25 has proven to be comfortable over long trips, its gas mileage and performance are less than stellar, Fast Gal says. Continue reading the full review — she gives a six-month report — to find out more. Once you’re done, write a review about your own car here.

2011 Infiniti G25"I purchased the G25x after my BMW 325ix died in January. So, this is based on six months of use in all conditions. Overall, I really love this car, but want to point out some issues another person might or might not consider relevant.

"Traction: Beyond belief, the best of the cars I test-drove and light years ahead of my 325ix. I bought it in winter and compared to the all-wheel-drive Lexus and Mercedes, it’s far superior in snow and ice. If you live where there is snow and have to drive in it, this is the car for you.

"Interior: The interior is spacious and comfortable for long trips. Space is adequate for all. Heat and air conditioning perform well.

"Backup camera: I thought I found nirvana with our Volvo's backup beeps. The 180-degree camera will be on every car I ever own.

"My only two issues with the car is when I bought it, there was snow on the ground so that limited my ability to really get it to speed. I went with the smaller engine for the gas mileage, which has been mixed: highway at 55 mph can be over 32 mpg [Editor's note: the G25X is rated at 27 mpg highway], but city mileage is worse than the BMW, which had a bigger engine. The car is just too heavy for the stop-and-go routine in city traffic. Forget traffic garage ramps; I think I need to get out and push. Also, the acceleration is limited, so if you really need to get up to speed to get in front of that truck, you might be getting nervous, and forget getting around that milk truck going 50 mph on the two-lane country road.

"Audio: The sound is better than our Volvo and comparable to my BMW. The XM Satellite Radio interface is easier to use than our Volvos, but note that it does not have the Music Box that the G35 has. The dealer told me there was one, but after a week with the car I could not figure out how to get my music on. Oh, no, no Music Box. Just plug in your iPod. I really do not like leaving an iPod in the car or having to look down to adjust my music in my lap. If I knew about this I would have gone with the G35 since much of my driving is in winter alone, so I like my music.

"Overall, I would recommend this car for the traction performance, comfort and price. The low-interest financing really made it a good deal. If I had to do it over, I would still get the Infiniti, but the G35 for the acceleration and Music Box."

By Colin Bird | August 10, 2011 | Comments (10)



buy an eight cylinder car next time, you can't have performance and gas mileage, unless ecoboost is in your eyes, but even then i still dont trust turbocharged six cylinders. just give me a naturally aspired eight cylinder....

Its funny how most people buy new cars for improved gas mileage, but yet when they do, they are still disappointed. isnt that very hypocritical?


We own a Lexus ES and a 5 Series and both have very good power and we've managed to achieve highway mpg's in the low 30's.

Power and mpg's are not mutually exclusive it all depends on the car.


Can we assume that 'Fast Gal' had an E46 BMW 325xi, or was it a 330xi? Both used an open 38/62 planetary center differential, but the 3 liter had sufficient power to spin one of its rear wheels. [remedy that with a Quaife differential]

The problem is that the Nissan VQ25hr V6 engine is 5 years old, and nothing has been done to enhance it. (VVEL? Direct injection?)
Another problem is that Nissan left the axle ratio the same between regular G25 & G37, and then left the axle ratio the same between G25 & G25x. [sounds like cost cutting]
IMO, the gearing is much too tall [you can hit 125mph in 4th gear], and if the transmission doesn't not downshift to 3rd for passing that 50 mph milk truck, you are going nowhere.
But with that high revving engine, you could, barely, still be in 2nd gear at 50mph. Recommendation, use the manumatic interface to downshift before passing maneuvers, then push it back to automatic.

Seeing as the wheels are 7.5" wide, you can change the tire size from 225/55 17 to 235/50 17, that will improve the gearing, and reduce aerodynamic drag (slightly on both counts)

Allistar, the trend over the last decade has for cars to get heavier each successive generation. So if the new car has 5% more mass, the city mileage should slightly drop relative to the old car. That is where VVEL would come in handy...


George, you seem to know your stuff when it comes to the engineering. Do you have any for increasing performance in the G37 coupe 6MT?

beauty is in the eyes of the's a nice car...i would love to have one if i can...


Wider Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires.
245/40 19 front & 275/35 19 rear
(not absolutely sure if they will fit. MIght need to micromanage wheel offset)
There is plenty of potential in the VQ37 V6, but needs more oil (and oil cooling). 5 quarts of oil & 9 quarts of coolant contrasts with something more contemporary like Hyundai's 3.8 GDI-Genesis, 6 quarts of oil, 5 quarts of coolant.
Exhaust: Uncork, see IPL G coupe & Nismo Z
Then maybe 'chip' the engine to get 8000 rpm limiter, and better fuel/spark/93AKI tuning.
Then lastly 'adjust' the VVEL so the maximum intake valve lift increases from 11 to 12mm.
380hp@7700rpm is a good target.


Thanks very much. Good stuff.


@George, I own a G25x and use the manumatic mode as you suggest for highway passing. Works quite well, but stomping the accelerator will also readily force a drop into lower gear. I have not been disappointed in performance, but then again did not expect G37 performance from a G25 drivetrain.


I purchased a G37 Journey Sedan one week ago. I'm still getting to know it, and have spent a fair bit of time sitting at idle in 110 degree heat with the A/C blasting while figuring out its nav system, 'music box,' and B.tooth phone integration (first time I've had this). My main complaint so far: up to now, gas mileage has been a huge disappointment. Most of my driving is 'city' driving around Scottsdale, AZ, and I'm getting 14 MPG. My 2001 Lexus LS430, which is much bigger, heavier, and has a larger V8 engine consistently gets about 20MPG around town. Now that I am completely familiar with it and do not need to sit at idle with the A/C blasting, I'm hoping I get better mileage.

Overall, I really do love it, but I have two other gripes. The 'music box' could be worthwhile if it were possible to copy your own MP3's/WMAs to it, but its not possible, rendering it useless. Who buys new CD's anymore? The only thing the music box is good for is ripping uncompressed music to its hard-drive. I've already ripped all of my old CD's to my computer, and I've purchased new music mostly in mp3 form. Without doing something really hacky, there is no way to copy your own music to the 'music box.' This is just plain stupid. You can hook up a USB stick or IPOD to it to play music, which is nice, but there is no way to search for songs or quickly scroll from 'A' to 'Z'

My other gripe concerns the parking sonar, which is on the rear only. To get it on the front, you have to purchase the 'technology package' for $1200 (which is not bad considering everything it has), but there are about zero new G's anywhere in U.S. actually having the technology package. Anyway, it is annoying and frustrating that you have to purchase two different packages to get both front and read parking sonar. Once upon a time, car manufacturers used the same marketing gimmicks with front vs. rear speakers, so once this technology becomes more mainstream, parking assist will be considered all one system.

I will say that it delivers a much tighter ride than the LS430, which makes it much more fun to drive. Overall, I really do like driving it and am finding that the features it does have makes for a fun, enjoyable experience.

kickz can you compare a LS430 to G25? It's like comparing apples to oranges, that's kinda stupid! I can understand if you are comparing bet g25 and is250 or g37 and is350. Anyway, i own a g37x sedan and i love every minute inside my car, power is the main reason why i bought it. Nav, back up cam, 9gig music box, bose audio system are just my cup of tea. I test drove c350, 330xi, a4, is350 but i fell in love with the g37x, it will leave everything in the dust. Accelaration!

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