Production Mazda CX-5 Unveiled

Mazda CX-5Mazda’s long-overdue Tribute replacement, the CX-5, has finally taken production-ready form, shown above.

Overall, the exterior stays true to the form of the Minagi Concept, which we saw last March. The interior has assumed a more conventional look and feel.

The Mazda CX-5 sports a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that the automaker calls SkyActiv. The engine combines direct injection, along with other fuel-saving measures, to boost power and fuel efficiency by 15%. The engine is also going into the 2012 Mazda3, and that car is expected to return 40 mpg on the highway. The press release also mentions a diesel engine, but it’s doubtful that it will come to the U.S.

The CX-5 will make its official debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September and is expected to go on sale in the U.S. next year.

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

By Colin Bird | August 2, 2011 | Comments (17)
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Awesome, I was worried that Mazda had given up on making good looking new cars.

No clown smile? Count me in.
Will be interesting to see mpg and AWD availability.


i agree. that's one sharp looking little wagon..ahem, crossover.


It appears that Mazda has every intention of bringing the diesel (Sky-D) to the U.S.

It meets the Tier 2 Bin 5 standards.


No stupid smiley grille!!! APPROVED!!! That looks awesome!!!


Thank God no smiley. That ugly front end has nearly killed the Mazda 3 sales.

Ste (Original SG)

Ugh, another car to put on my list... This thing just looks so awsome and cool! Hopefully these will be available the first quarter of next year.


it surprises me that they aren't considering diesel engines (according to the review, thats the case) because here in Australia, diesel engines make up a fair chunk of small car sales, eg: Holden (Chevy) Cruze, Captiva , Ford Mondeo, Territory SUV, Ranger, Focus, Fiesta, as well as many european SUVs and cars...the MPG is amazing...get with the program USA

Its awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.


Strange. Other sites are saying the diesel is done deal for the US and Mazda indicates the same. Is the author just going on history or is any real info being imparted.

The vehicle looks good and the interior appears very lux for a Mazda. Hope it stays that way into production.


I feel, I gonna buy another Mazda


I love this car. A friend of mines just recently bought a CX-7, and the Mazda dealership said that the turbo diesel engine will be in the US in March. I have a 2008 CX-7 and I am definitely trading it in for this CX-5. I can't wait!!! But oh God, another car note, LOL.


Looks great, love me some Mazda.

mark morrison

The next big thing


Finally the car I've been waiting for someone to build. While other car makers have grown their cuv line-ups to accomodate the country's growing waistline, Mazda is producing a vehicle that will fill the size void originally occupied by the rav4 and cr-v. Cutting edge technology, great looks, and the right size...what's not to love? Take note competitors-bigger isn't always better!


Doesn't look bad here in these brochure style photos but I've seen pics of it actually driving on the street and I didn't like it so much. Better than the smiley face though.

Max Reid

Good that Mazda also have the equivalent of Ecoboost.

Also bring that vehicle with Ultracapacitor based hybrid.

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