One in Four Don't Have the Dough To Fix Their Cars

IStock_000006890872XSmallMore Americans are holding onto their old vehicles longer, neglecting routine maintenance, and some are unable to absorb the cost of a significant repair, according to AAA.

Nearly a quarter of Americans say they wouldn't be able to repair their car if it needed $2,000 worth of work. Replacing a transmission could easily fall in this range. Knock that figure down to $1,000 and one in eight respondents still wouldn’t be able to afford the repairs. 

A quarter of respondents also said they've put off repairs and maintenance over the past 12 months because of the economy. 

Vehicles are lasting longer because of improved reliability, but not attending to basic maintenance or ignoring minor problems can lead to serious repairs later.

Repair bills can cost significantly more than $1,000 to $2,000, especially when motorists aren’t observing routine maintenance schedules or checkups. Transmission repairs can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, while engine repair can exceed $5,000, says AAA. 

One in Four Americans Could Not Pay for Major Car Repair (AAA)

By Colin Bird | August 11, 2011 | Comments (10)



Amen brotha!

we can't have it all!


I see a lot of comments on this blog by enthusiasts about "underpowered" 300 HP family sedans. Most people are not worried about power - all they want is their car to continue running...

I've resorted to for many of my automotive repair needs. i can afford parts...but not the labor.


why would you use a 4runner in the picture they last forever i would know i have one and so does my neighbor with over 300000 miles on it at least use a different car


It's to illustrate that even the most reliable car will fail if you don't take care of it right.


*insert angry, misguided, and idiotic politically motivated statement here*


All cars break down eventually even if you take excellent care of them. But there are also a lot more things to go wrong with cars these days. If one of the sensors goes out or one of the processors, you won't be able to find the problem without the OBDII reader. A water-temp sensor and an oxygen-sensor can often give you the same billowing cloud of black smoke, then again, so can a leaking fuel injector or a faulty throttle-position sensor. Trying to find out what it takes to repair your car requires a lot of diagnostic electronic test gear. Most of the time mechanics are lost without their test gear. And test gear costs money. You're only as good as your test gear.


I'm in this boat as my car needs $900 in repairs I can't afford. I've seen the Obama-economy and don't like it.

Theodrick Davis

Oh how forgetfull the Republican masses are; there wasn't much of an economy when our great and honorable president took office. If you truly are interested in the American economy, then tell all of your rich Republican friends that you so obviously hobnob with, to BUY AMERICAN.

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