Mazda RX-8 Officially Discontinued

2011 Mazda RX-8The 2011 Mazda RX-8 will be the last model year for this iconic sports car, according to Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes. He said production of the model has already ceased, meaning whatever is left at dealerships is likely what’s left of new RX-8 inventory. (We count 219 new RX-8s nationally on

There’s no word on whether Mazda will bring an RX successor; the RX-8 replaced the RX-7 here in 2002. Along with the Miata, the RX played a key role in forming Mazda’s “Zoom-Zoom” identity. The RX-8 featured a standard high-revving rotary engine — the only car in the U.S. that had such a configuration.  If the RX-8 is not replaced, that could very well mean the end of Wankel rotary engines in this country. The automaker has been building rotary-powered cars since the 1960s.

The RX-8 was certainly a rare breed here. The car had a low-slung appearance, but it was rather accommodating with its hidden rear-hinged doors. Unfortunately, the rotary engine had pretty odd characteristics that might put off some car buyers. And its fuel economy was lousy.

Mazda has only sold 544 RX-8s so far in 2011, down 20.8% from 2010.

2011 Mazda RX-8 Video



I think the rx8 had big shoes to fill vs. the last rx7. Mazda seems to be emphasizing development of the next mx5 over the rx9, which may ultimately be better for both cars if they can share a smaller, lighter platform.


I almost bought an RX-8 a couple of years back. Incredible handling and decent performance once you got going. Easy access back seats should be considered by Ford for their Mustang.
Had a had time with the SUV type fuel economy, though. A small light car that is not super powerful should not be that thirsty.

Matt C.

RIP little buddy. The Rx cars were so much fun to drive.

Max Reid

Many Coupes were going down. I wish they bring a Wagon in its place with 5 doors.


AMC is still waiting for the Wankel to install in their Pacer......

The rotary is a dirty,gas hog.Lets hope this is the end of it.(with CAFE it might be!).

Ken L.

Good Riddance. The wankel motor will never gain popularity in this day and age, especially when today's commonly found engines are more power and lighter, not to mention more fuel efficient and reliable than ever before. I hope Mazda comes out with a high tech engine and bring back the RX-7 nameplate.


I had one and loved every moment of it!! Fuel Economy... who cares! its a sports car people, just enjoy the car, and the RX8 was pleasure to drive!

Mike Paget

Totalled my rx7 many years back. Went into researching the new Rx8..discontinued? giving up? what the? heard it lacked power and not cost effective to upgrade motor..looking for a sporty,fast, 4 seater comparable to this car.

RX8 Lover

I still own my 2005 RX8 GT TiGrey AT. Looks as new as the day I bought it and I still love it. It wasn't built to be a muscle car, but a super fun sports car. And for the last 7 years I have had tons of fun in this car. Never took a car up to 125MPH before until I owned one of these. The faster it goes the better it behaves, and I still had plenty to go before redline! Corners on a dime and I still love the look of the car. I didn't buy it for fuel economy,I bought it for it's Zoom Zoom factor , and it's got plenty. Canyon carving?? Like cafe racer. And I still get admiring looks every time I drive it. Oh and the ladies like it too:D! This car is a joy to drive and own. Sure it's finicky, and it gulps gas like crazy, but I defy anyone who is a car enthusiast and a driver to get in this car, drive it hard and come out without a smile on his or her face!! Nicely done Mazda. I hope I have it for another 7 or more years.

I bought an RX-8 in '11 (in fact the picture at the top looks exactly like mine) and am loving every minute I spend behind the wheel. Was sad to hear that it won't have a successor. Like said here, it wasn't bought for good gas mileage, was purchased to make a boring commute fun. I won't be giving this baby up for a long time.

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