Infiniti JX Concept: First Look


  • Looks like: Luxury-loving families have a new option
  • Defining characteristics: Bulbous body panels and itsy-bitsy lights
  • Ridiculous features: None; this is what the real thing will look like
  • Chances of being mass-produced: Will go on sale next spring

Infiniti has been teasing the JX three-row crossover with close-up images that don’t reveal much. Now that we can finally see it all at once, the JX looks to be the best adaptation of Infiniti’s recent design to a large vehicle. Neither the QX nor FX has universal appeal that the G and M sedans have managed. The JX splits the difference.

That appeal will mean a lot because the production JX scheduled to go on sale next spring will look nearly identical to the “concept” you see here. A production version will be revealed at the 2011 L.A. Auto Show.

Because of its concept status, hard specs weren’t released, but Infiniti promises the JX will have class-leading interior room. Families will be interested to hear that the second row will be able to slide forward, allowing access to the rear, even with a child-safety seat still attached to the Latch anchors. The company says the second row can slide forward or back 5.5 inches. That translates to a really roomy second row to us.

Powering the behemoth will be a version of Nissan’s venerable V-6 engine used in nearly everything from the Nissan 370Z to the Infinti FX35. The company did not announce whether it would be the 3.5-liter or more powerful 3.7-liter version of that engine, however. We’d hope for the latter. It will be teamed to a continuously variable automatic transmission, the first Infiniti product to use one over a traditional automatic.

There will, of course, be a lot of tech as we’ve witnessed in action in the latest M. New features will include a 14-speaker Bose surround-sound stereo and a new telematics system that will sync your calendar — presumably from a smartphone — to the navigation system and guide you to your appointment.

Safety features like blind spot detection will be offered, along with a new backup collision intervention system that will detect objects passing behind the vehicle and engage the brakes to avoid a crash. This will be especially useful when backing up in a shopping center parking lot, but it could also prevent tragic driveway accidents involving children.

The production version, along with all the specs we’re waiting on, will be unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show in November. As always, we’ll be on hand to bring you the details and see if this design holds up in person.

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept

Infiniti JX Concept Concept



From the side view it screams: "Hyundai!!"


anyone else see a little bit of Mazda in this design?


This actually looks NICE!!


I don't see how Nissan would be able to package the VVEL actuators in a transverse V6 application.

So, hopefully Nissan has decided to use a direct injection 3.7 V6.
and hopefully the dual axle ratio CVT (sub planetary gear), for more ratio spread.


Looks like a gussied up Mistu Outlander. Infiniti needs to tone down the shark look with the trucks/crossovers...


Very nice looking SUV, at least the best looking one from Infiniti. It looks midsized like a Highlander. Does anybody know how big this will be?

Ken L.

The side profile reminds me of a Q7. More of a raised-up wagon look than macho SUV.


Looks like : Audi Q7

William Austin

Now if it only got 50 MPG! Then rip out the BOSE, because that is what usually happens! Target looks like the Yukon with plus elegance and dependability! A raptor on wheels, sweet on the inside!

John Lexus

Impressive. I am for it if it gets good mileage


Is a Nissan version of this planned? Maybe as a replacement for the Pathfinder?

I asked Nissan the same thing and they wouldn't comment.

The fact that the JX has a CVT transmission and the fact that Nissan has a glaring need for a three-row crossover would make me put money on a Nissan version coming along in the next year. I'd say odds are 2:1

Lexus Infiniti FTW

PLEASE DITCH THE CVT!! The 7 speed is a much better tranny, please keep it nissan, otherwise, looks very promising, although it needs to have at least 45 cubic feet behind the 2nd row if we were to consider it.

Max Reid

I guess this 1 will replace the Truck based QX56 with V8 engine and 4 speed tranny.

Nissan has refined the CVT and applied it across all models and it gives better mileage.

Except their EVs with 1 speed tranny, all other Nissan/Infiniti vehicles will have CVT.

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