How Much Cargo Can The 2011 Chevy Equinox Hold?

Despite its large exterior footprint, the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox can feel a little cramped, according to editor Joe Bruzek. In this video, Bruzek has a few nifty tricks to share on how to maximize the Equinox’s limited space.



First off, the Equinox is little more than an updated Saturn Vue now built by Opel. While I agree that the sliding back seats do help cargo capacity, the original Vue had over 100 cu.ft. of cargo space and, with the front passenger seat folded forward, could easily hold 8' long items like your favorite Ikea bookshelf or stepladder. For the article to comment on 'limited space', you realize that the Equinox is a step backwards, not forwards.


We liked the Equinox when we test drove it but ended up purchasing a CRV. Turns out the CRV is smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside. How did Chevy manage to do the opposite with the Equinox? The legendary Honda reliability also sold us as our neighbor has a CRV with 265,000 miles and no problems.


Does this car have the same engine as the new Buick Regal? GM needs to step-up their game and develop a more appropriate four cylinder engine like Hyundai.


So how big is the car? length? width? how does it compare to similar vehicles? poor work


This car is a typical example of how people are being duped into buying these impractical "crossover" vehicles that get poor mileage, get you to sit up high, latest fad style, but little else.
Examples of useful space efficiency and economy would be the Honda Fit and the VW Jetta TDI wagon.


Looked at the equinox and ended up going with a used '08 Edge for the more comfortable seats / wider backseat for carseat. Both have more hard plastics that I like, but couldn't afford the far superior new Edge. Still like the looks of the Equinox vs. anything in its class.


*than I like, not that.

despite the cramp space, it's still a nice car...


Now that GM installed the 'correct' engine in the SRX, can GM fix the gearing (axle ratios) for the V6?
3.16/3.39 for front & 'awd'

Then the 'new' 2.5 I4 (from new Malibu) as the base engine (it is just a longer stroke 2.4)

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