Reviews the 2012 Toyota Yaris

We’ve had a bit of frenzy around our offices regarding the redesign of Toyota’s entry-level Yaris. Typically, a car of this sort isn’t buzz-worthy, but with its early reveal at Lollapalooza, folks took notice. Editor Bill Jackson was able to test the new Yaris where it counts — on public roads — and he came away a bit mixed about the 2012 model. Check out his review for insight into the different trims and how they hold up against the competition.

2012 Toyota Yaris Review



Wait for it...wait for it..."experts" where are you to tell us how the 4-speed automatic is actually better and that the uncompetitive mileage is a farce because it's a Toyota.


30/35 is very competitive mileage, unless you're talking hybrids. The best mileage in this class is about 40 mpg highway. If half your annual miles are highway the difference between Yaris and the best amounts to just 26 gallons of fuel over a year's time. If you can't afford an extra $90 per year, you shouldn't be buying a new car. Four speed transmissions are just fine too. No need for more complexity. A friend of mine has a two speed powerglide behind his 409 and it does just fine in the acceleration department. Try to adopt a more positive attitude toward Yaris - it's a definite improvement over the old version. Thanks and have a nice day.

Derrick G

Damn, and I was gonna make the if progress wasn't worth anything, we'd all still be driving with Powerglides. Seriously, though, The Yaris' acceleration could be better and a 6-speed would help that, as well as help the engine last longer and reduce noise.


Its a good thing that they dropped the Sedan, since it offers very little space.

See the comparison, Fiesta, Elantra and Versa have 6 speed or CVT tranny while this Yaris has only 4 speed.

Meanwhile Prius-C is coming next year and with mileage in mid-50s, it could be a better option.


Toyota has too many vehicles in or near Yaris segment. Matrix, Scion xB, xD and all of them sell so low with their 4-speed tranny.

But Prius-C with an advanced Hybrid & CVT could be a better option.

I would bet on Fiesta, Focus & Versa hatches.


Derrik G,
I did drive the four cylinder Highlander with the six speed auto and it was very smooth. I guess I forgot about the advantages of more gears when the tranny is hitched to a small motor like in the case of Yaris. I would guess the four speed auto is a bunch cheaper and they're trying to compete with the Koreans on the sticker price.

I think almost as important as the mileage is crash test data for a small car.

I think this new model or the redesigning of Toyota Yaris was cool. I agree that every year there is new advancement or innovation made by different car manufacturers. And every there is a tight competition. It is up to the customer/ buyer what will the best car that will suit their personality.

the car industry is one of the most dynamic group in product innovations...customers are sometimes in limbo on what car to choose because of the variety of models.

Rodney W.

I have a 2009 Yaris Liftback. 2 door. 4 speed automatc. It's a spunky little car. The 4 speed automatic is great. great gas mileage. I average a shade above 34 mpg & have gotten a little better than 39 mpg highway driving. It seeems the longer I have it, the better it runs & is more fuel efficient. I am starting to experiment with different brands of gas to see how that affects mpg.

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