Cadillac to Get Production Plug-in Hybrid Model

Cadillac Converj Concept

Cadillac confirmed that it’s working on a production plug-in hybrid that will be called the ELR when it eventually goes on sale.

The Cadillac ELR will be a luxury coupe that looks similar to the Cadillac Converj Concept (shown above) that we first saw at the 2009 Detroit auto show. It will borrow technology that currently powers the Chevrolet Volt — meaning there will be a four-cylinder engine and electric drive unit.

More details about performance, electric range, pricing and timing for the new model will be announced later.

Stay tuned for more news from Cadillac as the brand plans to unveil another, new concept later today.



Sales of the Volt are non-existent and GM is going to come out with this!? This ranks right up there with dumping Pontiac.

Max Reid

Great news

This will be Cadillac's 1st model with V4 engine. I saw it in an auto show and it looks great. They just have to make it affordable.

Slowly the gas guzzlers like DTS & STS is going away and plugins are coming in.

50 Mile range is lot, just make it 20 miles and price it lower.


Given that the Volt costs $40k I can GM pricing this Caddy in the $45-55k range. I wouldn't buy the Volt and I sure as hell won't buy this.

Max Reid

What about Cadillac ULC, bring that as well. Its also a great concept with 2 doors opening for all 4 passengers.


When is the new concept going to be released? This afternoon?

I'm excited to see how Cadillac is going to pull it off.


Are sales of the Volt non-existent?

Sales of many of the luxury hybrids are relatively low. This is just the beginning of a paradigm shift. Soon, all cars will have some aspect of an electric powertrain. That's how technology evolves.

Amuro Ray

So how is GM going to minimize/decrease the cost of the Voltec technology by placing it on (possibly) 2 niche vehicles with high prices and extremely limited markets...

I really hate to see if this is gonnabe a repeat on those GM SUV / PU hybrids - excellent idea (no sarcasm here), lousy execution!

EV-1 strategy deja vu?


Eco-chicks are really going to dig this car.

The looks are stunning, and GM seems to be on the right track, but I don't think a luxury version of the Volt should be made. It might just waste money, because people who are willing to spend a lot of money on a car usually want the performance and comfort that comes with it. The new Cadillac will definitely provide the comfort, but the performance? It is still an electric car.

you cannot do otherwise except to go with the flow,

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