Acura Adds 2012 TSX Special Edition

Acura’s entry-level TSX sedan gains a new Special Edition trim that adds sportier appearance add-ons inside and out for 2012 four-cylinder models. The TSX’s actual performance doesn’t get any sportier, as this Special Edition is strictly an appearance package.
Acura says it added a more aggressive front spoiler, though at a quick glance it’s hard to differentiate it from the non-SE models. The side and rear changes look more dramatic, with unique side sills and a rear bumper with a little more flare. The SE’s 17-inch wheel design is shared with the regular TSX but features a unique finish with polished spokes and a gray background. Topping off the exterior is a “Special Edition” badge. 

The inside gains black suede seating inserts with red stitching. Red stitching also weaves through the steering wheel and shift knob. The red theme continues with a red-illuminated instrument cluster and red overhead and footwell lighting. Inside the footwell are aluminum pedal covers for a race-inspired look.
Acura says the SE will cost less than $31,000 and will be available with a five-speed automatic or six-speed-manual transmission teamed only to a four-cylinder engine. An entry-level 2011 TSX with four-cylinder starts at $29,610, not including destination charge, but pricing typically increases with the model year change, and 2012’s pricing hasn’t been announced. Expect to see final pricing for the SE closer to when it goes on sale in late September.




I like it, but Acura needs to work on their lineup and make their cars more exciting. They should leave the v6 for the TL and give the TSX a turbo 4. A turbo 4 teamed with a 6 speed manual would be awesome, especially if they do bring back the RSX and used that combo to differentiate it from the Civic SI.


A turbo 4 would be a good idea if they came out with a TSX-S trim level. Outside of that I think it's overkill. I've had my TSX clocked 0-60 in 6.3 seconds at the track which I think is pretty fast for a four cylinder which is geared towards both speed & mpgs. To date my personal best has been 33mpg on the highway. I love the how light the car feels but also very tight - not one single squeak in two years of hard driving. The 5spd is the best I've ever driven. This is my first Acura and I'm one very happy camper.


They should've come out with a sport package with performance and cosmetic upgades.


They should come out with a type S version including their SH 4 wheel drive technology to better compete with Audi.



It is just a special edition, not sport edition.

Better than some other companies who makes a "Sport package" while only give this sport appearance.


I just bought a TSX after cross shopping it against the Lexus IS, VW CC, and Regal Turbo. I choose the TSX over the CC as it was a better value + Acura's reliability record but it was close. The IS had the nicest interior but after a few options the price ballooned. The Regal was a disappointment as even with the turbo it still needs more hp's (or the car needs to lose weight). I also didn't like that both times I went to two different Buick dealers I was the only person in the showroom under the age of 50.
I'm still learning about all the nuances that come with the TSX but so far I love the navigation and bluetooth.


looks like a rebadged Cobalt.

Stop wasting digital ink AR


I hope you're talking about the V6 TSX or else I don't understand your Regal comment because the 4-cylinder TSX is slower.


Car & Driver has TSX 4 cylinder as 6.4 and Regal Turbo as 7.1 in 0-60 mph. They noted the TSX weighs 288lbs less so that probably has a lot to do with it.


Where did those numbers come from? I just looked at Car and Driver tests for this generation TSX and they were getting around 7 sec. with the manual and 8 sec. with the automatic (wagon as they said they've never tested the sedan with the automatic).


A 6 speed automatic would be special.

VW Bob

The TSX manual 4 cylinder does 0-60 in 6.5 - 6.6 seconds. I read-up extensively on the TSX as I was comparing it to a CC which I ended up buying. Both are exceptional cars.


And your source is?

C&D's long term 4 cylinder with manual did 0-60 in 7.1. When they did the V-6 it managed it in 6 seconds which is impressive.


I would like the TSX a lot more if it had a turbo, toss in AWD and I may even consider buying one for my wife. I checked the below website and it states a '09 TSX as 6.6 to sixty mph for the four cylinder and as Dave noted 6.0 for the v6.


That's what I saw. I'd like to know who published a test at 6.5. VW Bob?


"Zero to 60 times .com does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the any of the Acura 0-60 mph times."

...well then.

Brian Greenberg

Popular Mechanics best zero-to-sixty time with a four banger TSX was 6.4 seconds. PM noted the RDX turbo four can't fit into the TSX engine bay so it'll never be an option unless Acura makes the car larger. Zero-to-sixty times are so subjective that one shouldn't put a lot of stock into them when buying a car.


Skankzilla - You're cherry picking words as you conveniently left out the beginning of their statement:

"Please take into account that the Acura 0 to 60 times and Quarter mile data listed on this car performance page is gathered from numerous credible sources..."

They have the same statement for all manufacturers.

Stop wasting digital ink AR

Brian Greenberg - link?

Paul - a website that does not identify their "credible sources" is certainly no source for information regardless of the disclaimer


It's obvious you are jealous of the TSX. Heed your own advice and stop wasting everyone's time.


I think the TSX is a very good looking car but it would look better if it had the European 'Honda' grill. Google European Honda Accord and you'll see what I mean.

It looks tough competitor to the Ferrari.

Talley is my hero


Thanks but I'll keep wasting your time and the time of everyone else who can't/won't provide references for their claims.



Adam Jensen

more blah and bland from this company. I currently own a 09 TL and I cant wait to get rid of it, they are so boring to drive and the interior quality is alot cheaper than it looks


You obviously lack intelligence as only a low IQ person would make the second most expensive purchase in their life and then decide " boring to drive and the interior quality is alot cheaper than it looks."

By the way "alot" is two words but then again that just reinforces my point. Truth is you probably drive an Impala and your story is just that, a story.


I have been researching Acura TSX and Lexus IS and while I am not up to "speed" with 0-60 time lines, I liked the TSX given that the back seats fold down for capacity. This is not an option in any of the Lexus sedans. Perhaps there is more to the car than just its speed. I test drove the 11 TSX with tech package and I thought it was awesome.

If you guys are aware of another "sporty" sedan with dual folding back seats - I'd like to know about it!!

Adam Jensen

In response to keyboard jockey "jack"

im confused as to what qualifies you to challenge my IQ, grammar on the internet isnt that serious. Also how is buying a car the second most expensive purchase ive ever made? I own two homes and several other cars, so im assuming that you cant afford an Acura and want one.

Case in point they are boring to drive, they dont get the gas mileage they claim they do, and the interiors fall apart in less than a year causing the entire inside to rattle constantly.

So now go about your busy day as a internet message board grammar checker, and enjoy your ride home in your 1998 Saturn.


RE TSX, 4 cyl., 0-60... The more prevalent data for 7/8 seconds for MT/AT is the correct data. The car shares very similar weight and power characteristics with the LEXUS IS250, and with the Gen 6 V6 Accord ('98-'02). The Lexus and the Accord are good for ~ 8 seconds with an AT. 6.something for a 4 banger TSX is a big distortion of reality.

lovely car, i like it more than any sports models. 0-60 time is very low as compared to other models as i read here

looks like a great car

Dan Vayner

Well, i always loved Acura's and i've recently purchase 2002 Acura NSX that accelerates from 0-60 just in 5.4 sec since i was comparing my test vs and its .1 sec off

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