2012 Toyota Yaris Starts at $14,115

2012yarisLate last week we showed you some exclusive shots of the U.S spec redesigned 2012 Toyota Yaris hatchback. Still without any official U.S. press shots or info about the powertrain, the automaker announced today that the new model will start at $14,115 for the two-door hatchback, excluding a $760 destination fee. That’s about $1,000 more than the 2011 model; the four-door hatch starts at $15,140 (up $1,685). There’s no next-generation sedan model, at least not at launch.

That entry price makes the Yaris four-door hatchback more expensive than almost all its competitors: the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic ($14,635), 2011 Honda Fit ($15,100) and 2012 Hyundai Accent ($14,595). Only the 2012 Ford Fiesta costs more ($15,500). 

Toyota says that price increase includes $1,000 worth of new standard equipment compared with the outgoing model. Toyota says that extra standard equipment includes many of the features that come with the 2011 Yaris’ Convenience Package, such as a split-folding rear seat, CD player and larger windshield washer fluid tank.

The two-door body style only comes in base L trim with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission, a $725 option. The four-door hatchback comes in L, LE and a sporty SE trim. The SE trim has an “enhanced tuned” suspension, Toyota says.

The next-generation Toyota Yaris goes into production at the end of this month. Complete trim, powertrain and gas mileage details will be announced closer the vehicle’s launch.

Continue reading below for more pricing details:

2012 Toyota Yaris pricing

  • Two-door Yaris L (manual transmission): $14,115
  • Two-door Yaris L (automatic transmission): $14,840
  • Two-door Yaris LE (auto): $15,625
  • Four-door Yaris L (auto): $15,140
  • Four-door Yaris LE (auto): $16,100
  • Four-door Yaris SE (manual): $16,400
  • Four-door Yaris SE (auto): $17,200

Destination: $760



a new design with a four speed automatic? LOL

Sorry, but I can't see anyone taking this over an Accent or even a Sonic. anyone in their right mind, anyway. too ancient, too expensive, and not as good as the competition. Toyota is truly the new GM...they have mastered the art of playing catch-up

Amuro Ray

@ JM,

"Sorry, but I can't see anyone taking this over an Accent or even a Sonic."

You can't be more wrong than that. I can at least think of rentals...hahaha

But seriously, there are way more people who will take the Yaris over the Accent, and especially a Sonic. Parents, for example, won't trust a Sonic since it's SO NEW, or the Accent since it's such a good reputation in the past. Think of resale too. Don't get me wrong; I think that the Yaris is sub-par, too. But I'm willing to bet that the sales # of Yaris is gonnabe ok...


Four speed automatic means this is off my list. Toyota just doesn't get what it takes to stay competitive. Honda gets cocky and minimizes the niceties on the Civic and Consumer Reports slams them for it. Is the Yaris next? I'd be looking just into the Accent at this rate. I despise American made cars accept the Chevy Corvette and Saturn Sky. Guess I made my choice then.

Amuro Ray

@ Julio,

Why is it bad to have a 4 speed auto?

R u planning to go drag racing on a Yaris? Or even race someone 0 to the next stop lights on the street on a Yaris? Or try to pass someone @ 80 mph on the fwy, with a Yaris?

Sure, I've seen someone pimped up his/her Echo with ground effects and spoiler (and that's it!), but there's really nothing u can do with a Yaris. It's a commute car!

Yeah, 5 spd or more is good...but NOT for a Yaris (or that price range). Think of maintenance cost. If it has a fuel efficient engine, and a well-tuned 4 speed, you will be great on gas already. There's no need to add another $1000 or more just to get you 1 more gear, and possibly a slight bump in fuel efficiency.


C'mon A.R., haven't you heard? More gears are just better. More, more, more!


Why are you making excuses for Toyota?


Amuro, look at the specs at a 6 speed auto for the new Hyundai Accent. These cars are meant for economy not speed. It's to maximize the mileage out of the auto. Besides, Hyundai doesn't cost a lot to maintain.

By the way, who are you to judge me? It's my view. If you don't like it, it's not MY problem correct? Anyway, moving on. The Accent is the way to go for me.


Oh and I meant to spell accept as except. Oopsy for me. :)

Amuro Ray

I ain't here to judge you, Julio. Did I say "have more than 4 spd is WRONG?"

All I'm saying is, for this class of vehicle, there's NO NEED for 4+ speed. Sure, the more, the better, but there's no need to.

As for maintenance cost - the more complicated the system is, the easier it can malfunction, and the more expensive to maintain, unless the law of physics have been disapproved at this point. This is especially true for those out of coverage components (the 10 yr/100K mi warranty doesn't cover all the parts of the transmission, if you look at the fine prints).

Like I said, the tuning of the transmission is more important here, due to the "lack" of horsepower and torque, hence the "limit" is driving speed / acceleration.

@ WTF,

Did u read my 1st post, where I said that the Yaris is sub-par? How does that translate to "defending Toyota?"

Stop wasting digital ink AR

Do as I say.


some here dont get it. a 6 speed auto, done right, is going to be more efficient. it is not a mistake that the new accent is rated 30/40 and the new yaris 30/35. on top of that a 5 door yaris looks to cost as much or more than the accent. the previous accent, while dull, has been rated as being very reliable via surveys. the interior, powertrain and compact interior room puts the new accent WAY ahead of this yaris.


Score one for Derek. ALRIGHTY then...

Amuro Ray

Not here to debate Accent vs Yaris, really. But if u like to do it that way...then go ahead. My point is v clear, and it's not "it's bad, or wrong, to have more gears."

BTW, u do know that, cars back in the 90's, some with 3-spd auto-tranny, can "unofficially" achieve 40+ mpg.


In fact, when in a drag race, the less gear the better. Shifting takes time, at least for the 3 pedal version.

Nice compared to previous one.


Toyota's own product with 3 & 4 speed automatics (the Corolla) returned much better mileage & performance with the 4 speed.
In the final year of the 3 speed Corolla (2002 model year) 26/36 versus 25/30

I was expected a 6 speed automatic or a CVT, or a 6/7 speed double clutch transmission.
and an engine with Valvematic



all your talk is foolish.

1. Toyota cars constantly achieve better real world mileage with less gears.
2. With small engine and 6AT you're guaranteed to be in a constant gear hunt.
3. More gears = more weight and more complexity. More weight = more fuel. More complexity = more $$ for replacement and repair.


More excuses from the "experts".


Modern day manufacturing have tighter tolerances in the production of vehicle components. The rate of failure of a 6 speed automatic over a 4 speed because it has more components is miniscule.

The 4-speed automatic in the Yaris reflects the complacency of Toyota. Rather than forging ahead with innovation they are taking for granted the decades of loyalty they garnered from consumers by providing very reliable vehicles. Toyota no longer builds the quality vehicles they once did, and other automakers have matched or surpassed them in quality and overall packaging in vehicle offerings. If I was in the market for a compact car I'd be looking at vehicles with at least 5 speed automatics. Offering a 4-speed automatic is no longer competitive and, coupled with a $1,000.00 increase over the previous generation, simply laughable.


1. I own a 2009 Scion tC with the 4 speed auto and it's not quite up to the standards of the real world mileage. I drive 23mpg WITHOUT a lead foot.

2. As far as the gear hunt, I like how the Accent offers the manumatic feature in its transmission. A rarity for its class.

3. Vehicles way more because of SAFETY STANDARDS regulated. All the things added like the airbags and stability control, etc add weight to the car. IT'S A GIVEN that with the added weight it will suffer a mileage shortage.

And DUH back in the 90s those cars could achieve that kind of mileage. They didn't have the stringent safety standards that the new cars have now. And technology is stepping up further to bring us both better mileage and better safety. My logic works fine. So really, people will try to point things out to make me look "foolish"? Ya won't please everyone hence why Tony and Amuro had to try and point me out. C'est la vie and moving on. NEXT.


Oh and on 3. It's vehicles that WEIGH more. :-)

Whenever you experience trouble with your car, you can always run to Stephens Engineering for help. They offer the best automatic gearbox repairs. They can easily diagnose your car’s automatic gearbox slipping and give you the best kind of service for your automatic gearbox trouble.



you keep on coming with weak arguments.
You tC mpg vs what? What is that other sport coup?
And yes, less-geared cars constantly beat their "advanced" competitors in fuel economy challenges: http://www.cars.com/go/crp/buyingGuides/Story.jsp?section=Passenger&story=compactMileage&subject=stories&referer=&year=New

So, you gonna use manu-matic with your 6AT? Then why did you buy AT in the first place? Get MT and be done with that. Probably guarantee maintenance free lifetime with MT. But with lots of gears AT and small engine I guarantee you constant gear hunt. Your tranny will be so overstressed with it that it will blow for sure early or late.

Vehicles weight more? We know this. Read my comment and see what I've said. I said, (and this is regardless of the rest of the vehicle weight) that more gears = more weight. And the fuel saving you achieve by more gear ratio will be consumed by the increased weight. Plus, more complexity will cost more money not only in the future but during the purchase as well. R&D cost money , you know.

Your arguments still notwithstanding the reality check.



Do you get off on trying to make people look bad? He has some valid points. But the way you paint it, I'm right he's wrong kind of thing. Arguments can go for either side. You are attacking. Lay off and try to be more constructive in your approach as opposed to being condescending to others.

Amuro Ray

The article that Tony has quoted - I was searching for it, 'coz I recall seeing it, but was overwhelmed with work earlier...

Just a word of advice here for Julio. If you are really interested in automobile mechanics, it's best to spend some time/money on a good engineering school (or a good technical institute), to learn about mechanical engineering, rather than being brainwashed by the marketing depts like some of the commenters are showing here.


Wow the "experts" come back with another round of duesies.


Hey Amuro can you provide your background in "expertise"? What sorts of qualifications do you have? I'd like to know what light you could shine on us all.



1. I am not here to please you.
2. So far you have not said anything on the subject of this conversation.
3. Would you clarify on Julio's valid points?
4. I don't paint anything. I tell the facts. Julio is entitled to have his own opinion and preferences (see Julio post#1) but when you start to tell me of mechanical advantages and disadvantages and what you say is BS (engineer-ingly and statistically speaking) I reserve the right to uncover the truth.
5. I am right/he's wrong... I don't think so. Engineering decisions he doesn't understand and this is why he is wrong - may be? Think about.



Don't question the "experts".


WTF & Danny,

You have incredible abilities to question somebody's expertise without giving any valuable or valid description of your own work. Your comments are "space junk". You have no opinion or you're just too lazy to write any readable material. I would be glad to read you and argue with you. Give me something people. So far I just had to step over of whatever you droppings here.


Actually the onus is on you to prove these "claims" you are making.

I just went up and grabbed a random one of your delectable quotes:

"Your tranny will be so overstressed with it that it will blow for sure early or late."

Prove it.


WTF No kidding. Per Tony's last post he showed he has no life. There isn't a point to make others "look bad or make them wrong". Be Happy with what you have and know. Tony, I have the right to question you. Provide your information and show that you're wasting your time. Go do something more productive then like finding ways to improve gas mileage. You lack people skills. Ouch.


WTF, it is easy.

If you have the transmission, which is engaged in a gear and it spins and works monotonously there is little that can happen to it given it has appropriate cooling and lubrication. But when device starts to shift/change gears, use clutches, etc. - this is when most wear occurs. With small engine, any hill, even 1% will cause downshifts, often 2 gears down. More shifts = more stress, more prone to failure. This will also cause more stress on engine as downshift leads to increased RPM and subsequently decreased fuel economy. So here we go. This is all about the balance. Less gears, less weight, less shifting, less increase RPMs, less R&D. This the route Engineer can take to create a fuel efficient vehicle @ certain cost. Or he can take the route of creating more advanced technology @ higher cost and rely on marketing to sell it better. But the result for the consumer in the form of mileage (in this case) will be about same. Only one will constantly hear and feel gear changes and the other will be wondering, "may be I should of gotten a car with 6AT?"


if you see me writing here, it means that I've already done the productive thing and may be more then one. Problem is, I can make 10 productive things but the money will remain the same. Moreover, they do all kinds of freezes on us. I would rather harass someone here than work for free for a multi-billion company :o)


I'd like links with your proof please.


Tony, are you employed at this moment?


Albert, you obviously not reading my posts carefully.


Yes I am. It doesn't say whether you are or not. took you so long to write a long post but you can't write a simple yea or no. That's sad.


At the end of the, the best to pick is the accent. More bang for the back with plenty of power and features galore for its class. And yea anyone can post stats but at the end of the day that person has no important impact in my life. I still wonder where WTF is. His humor is missed. :)

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