2012 Toyota Camry: Trim Level Breakdown

Toyota Camry trimsToyotas traditionally have pretty straightforward trim designations, and the redesigned 2012 Toyota Camry remains loyal to this setup.

The 2012 Toyota Camry will be available in L, LE, XLE and sporty SE trims. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is now available in two trims instead of just one highly optioned model like its predecessor. It’s available in LE and XLE trims for 2012.

Although pricing hasn’t been announced yet, we have detailed feature and mileage specifications ready for your early research. The 2012s go on sale this October.

Update: Toyota has announced pricing just now; the 2012 Toyota Camry will start at $21,995, not including a $760 destination fee, which is a $1,800 increase from the 2011 base model, but keep in mind that an automatic transmission, Bluetooth and USB port are now standard. The 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE starts at $25,900, $1,150 less expensive than the 2011 model, but there’s less content on this model than before.

The 2012 Camry is one of the most fuel-efficient sedans to date — all-three powertrains offer extremely competitive fuel-economy figures. The 2012 Camry Hybrid now beats the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in fuel efficiency, with ratings of 43/39 mpg city/highway and 41 mpg combined on the LE Hybrid.

New safety features for the model year include 10 airbags. (A rear passenger-side thorax airbag and dual front knee airbags are new.) Most models get a 6.1-inch center console touch-screen, and side-detection monitoring is an all-new feature. All models come with an automatic transmission standard; the manual available on the 2011 Camry Base, LE and SE trims is gone.

Continue reading below for more trim details:

2012 Toyota Camry L: $21,955

2012 Toyota Camry: 178-horsepower four-cylinderL is the new designator for the entry-level trim. The model comes with a 178-horsepower four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic standard. A manual transmission was standard in 2011, and it is no longer offered on any Camry. The setup achieves 25/35 mpg city/highway. New key features on the base model include Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port standard with the six-speaker stereo. The L also comes with power windows, locks and mirrors, as well as air conditioning and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel.

2012 Toyota Camry LE: $22,500

2012 Toyota Camry LEToyota says this is the Camry’s core trim. New features include a 6.1-inch touch-screen and Bluetooth music streaming standard. The LE also gets remote keyless entry and steering-wheel-mounted controls, on top of the features on the L trim. A power driver’s seat is optional on the LE; it was standard on the 2011 LE.

2012 Toyota Camry SE: $23,000

2012 Toyota Camry SEThe SE can be powered by either the 178-hp four-cylinder or a 268-hp V-6 engine, both mated to six-speed automatic transmissions. The V-6 is rated 21/30 mpg for 2012, up from 20/29 mpg in 2011. The model’s sporty intentions mean it has firmer suspension tuning and quicker steering.  The SE also gets a unique appearance: A sport mesh grille, ground effects and chrome exhaust (dual exhausts on the V-6) complete the exterior look. Inside, the SE gets a leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel — all other models have four spokes — and a leather-wrapped shifter. Leatherette upholstery is standard (fabric was standard in 2011), and genuine leather with suede inserts is available. The SE also comes with paddle shifters and silver trim, too. The SE comes with standard heated mirrors added on top of the features of the LE trim. Toyota’s new Entune multimedia system, navigation, push-button start and a rearview camera are optional on the four-cylinder and standard on V-6-equipped models (which start at $26,640). 

2012 Toyota Camry XLE: $24,725

2012 Toyota Camry XLEThe top-of-the-line trim comes with dual-zone automatic climate control, faux wood trim, rear vents and an eight-way power driver’s seat and four-way power passenger seat standard. The V-6-equipped models (starting at $29,845) get Entune, a navigation system, leather seats and heated driver’s and passenger seats standard, too. (They’re optional on the four-cylinder). Blind sport monitoring, a telematics system similar to OnStar, JBL stereo and a premium navigation system are optional. 2012 Toyota Camry XLE: Dashboard 

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE: $25,900

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Multi-information, Optitron metersThe Toyota Camry Hybrid LE gets the same features on the four-cylinder LE, but it also gets an automatic climate-control system, push-button start, a passive entry system and electroluminescent backlight gauges. Strangely, the LE Hybrid gives up the 6.1-inch touch screen and the Bluetooth audio streaming even though that was standard on the more basic LE four-cylinder. The LE Hybrid is powered by a hybrid system that produces a combined 200 hp, up from 187 hp in 2011.

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE: $27,400

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLEThis decked-out hybrid comes with the same features as the Hybrid LE as well as an eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat, auto-dimming mirror, rear air vents, leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls and a 6.1-inch touch screen, all standard. All the options on the XLE with the V-6 are available here. The Hybrid XLE gets slightly worse fuel economy compared with the Hybrid LE, returning 41/38 mpg city/highway. 



What additional benefits does the premium navigation system provide?


Wow I never knew they could make the Camry uglier but I guess they succeeded.


Don't get me wrong, I like it, But I think I was just expecting a bit more of a redesign than this. I'm thinking about a Maxima right now, but I think this Camry is worth a look !!


Highly disappointing, but not unexpected.


The thing is that auto journalists have knocked the Accord and Sonata for overstyling. At least you can tell those cars from generation to generation. The Camry has had the same basic styling the 90's.



and you expect them to change that even that they sold more of those then Accord and Sonata.
This is the deal with Camry! Toyota is doing something right since they sell them a lot in the modern world of internet shopper.


Way to go TOYOTA. Looks like you have a stellar car that will take away the likes of Ford, Chevy, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and the rest of the competition. Keep it up, Camry will continue to outsell and outshine the other midsize cars its class.


All camry fans can talk about is sales. Sales a good, but most popular doesn't mean best. Impala is best selling full size car, doesn't make it the best. Walmart is americas favorite store, doesn't mean it offers a great customer experience. The camry name is legendary and for the most part the name sells the car. The car used to be superior to the competition but its not anymore. The brand is strong enough to convince many people to buy this over equal or superior competitors. Selling a lot of anything is as much about marketing and brand image as the product. The f150 sells in huge numbers as well, but that doesn't make it desirable to people like me. Its a popular tool for contractors, farmers and fleets. It serves its purpose we'll and is ubiquitous, that doesn't mean its a perfect truck or an exciting vehicle.


The difference includes: screen size (6.1 inch vs. 7 inch), and resolution. The premium system has crisper graphics and runs off a hard drive. Also, Toyota's Entune system is more elaborate on the premium system.

Toyota restricts the premium HDD navi option to the XLE V-6 only, which starts at $29,845.

Mike Todi

I Own a 2011 CAmry XLE and we have owned Hondas for a long time. We still have our 91 Civic 300-K on it. This Camry 2011 gave me 36 mpg on our trip down to Georgia from Ohio in may 2012. absolute joy to drive. XLE leather trim is our model.You can't go wrong with this car and it's more american contented than many of it's domestic counter parts. 85 Pct of the 11 Camry is made up of American made components.


Thanks Colin!

And to the person who said the Impala is the best selling full size car. That's only true if you consider rental fleet dumping a "success".


Joseph and George: What's disappointing or "ugly" to you is not necessarily that to others. I personally don't like the 2007-2011 Camry design (the exterior or the "cheaper" interior). But those are still decent cars. And this 2012 is a MUCH superior design, even though it is a bit retro compared to late 1990s/early 2000s Camry. It's also at least as good a design compared to the current Hyundai Sonata (which I consider "ugly"), Honda Accord (which received a POOR redesign in 2008), or Nissan Altima (which is an UNISPIRING design to say the least).

And sheth (is that a name or what?): Expect the Camry sales to further improve after this 2012 is released (at least if the actual product mirrors the previews in quality and performance!). It will be interesting to see the reviews from Consumer Reports, etc. on this vehicle!

I think it's actually a nice redesign. This is a very crowded segment with solid choices. Improved handling, better gas mileage, more interior room, higher quality cabin materials ... it's all going to help compete against formidable competitors like the Altima, Fusion and Sonata.

new 2012 camry is beast it gets better each year i have one check it out very sweet ride i finds all the time to sweet


Just purchased the 2012 camry Hybrid XLE. I love this car. Great mileage getting 36 mpg in town. No full leather seats like my 2003 - yes we are keeping the 2003 it only has 120,000 miles. traded in the Corolla - we like our comforts. So far a great car!

take peaceful living people and makes their RV's a maximum security prison with restrictions, stipulations and rules-rules-and more rules


I just purchased 2012 Toyota Camry LE and I am speechless. This car takes all turns and handles better then my 1998 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe. Maybe my new ride is not loaded like my Honda, but it's a gas saver and a pleasure to drive. I am amazed how well they designed the interior and exterior. The 4 cyl engine has all the balls needed to take off or pass someone. My parents both drive 2002-03 Camry, and they still have no problems. Toyota makes a solid product, so if you want to enjoy driving, test drive the basic model at your local dealer before you purchase anything else.


Most of the comments are great. What a loser I am to sit here and read them. That is what happens when you are married to a hot younger woman with the body of a goddess. Snore! I kid-I jest!


I just bought a 20-2 Toyota xle hybrid. Love it! Great design and drives like a dream and love the gas mileage. Have owned all American car brands but had nothing but problems ams switched to Toyota years ago! They are very reliable and have never let me down. I will never own anything but a Toyota from now on. I buy for reputation and reliability, can't go wrong with this Camry or any Toyota for that matter. Way to go Toyota!!

john nguyen

For the Camry SE trim, does it include premium stereo? Sorry if this is a noob question, I just don't understand much when it comes to speakers lol. And I noticed the XLE trim has the JBL stereo...what does that mean? Any help is greatly appreciated.


For all you people who have the GPS Nav screen in your in your center console. How many of you have almost or have had a accident while looking down and to the right at the screen. Taking your eyes off the road to study the map and ( BANG ) - It happens that fast. Recommend you not use it, it's a accident just waiting to happen. Pick up a GPS portable unit you can put up on your dash, if you need one, put off to the side so it doesn't bother your view and you have your eyes up front and able to see the road and the GPS. I've been doing it for years, and have never had a problem. I also have a Jeep with the center Nav system, and never use it. I use my protable GPS system. The Wife drives the jeep and loves the jeep. Who am I to argue that out with the wife. I'm human but safe. Just a thought, but wanted to share my view on the subject. Be safe.


Without the backup camera as standard feature, Camry will lose the car sell battle for years to come. Only stupid people buy a new car without rear view camera this year.

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