2012 Honda Crosstour: Ch-Ch-Changes

2012 Honda Crosstour EX-L

For the 2012 model year, the Honda Crosstour adds more standard features to the base trim. Also for 2012, the model is now called the Crosstour, not Accord Crosstour. The move is probably in anticipation of the upcoming redesign of the Accord, which is set to debut sometime next year. Or people just kept getting confused.

For 2012, the base Crosstour EX now includes automatic on/off headlights, backup camera, Bluetooth and USB audio interface as standard equipment. There are no significant changes to the EX-L trim, which has an available all-wheel-drive system. Front-wheel drive is standard on both trims.

The 2012 Crosstour starts at $30,340, excluding $810 for destination. That’s $350 more than last year, which means the new model is a better value given the added features. The 2012 will go on sale later this summer.

By Colin Bird | August 4, 2011 | Comments (10)



"UGLY" still comes free with this vehicle.

Stop wasting digital ink AR

Watch out as one of the editors will probably write a post about how they recommend the Crosstour despite its ungainly appearance.


Ugly goes clear to the bone..er frame! Honda rushed this to market along with it's Acura stablemate ZDX. Both are hideous.


Ugliest contraption on four wheels. Child of Pontiac Aztek.


I have read every specification on the Honda website for the 2012 Crosstour, and it seems that the rear cargo cover offered as an option in the 2011 is no longer available. Previously, it was standard on the EX-L and optional on the EX, but now it is nowhere to be found. This was something useful (to keep contents from prying eyes). Think maybe they just neglected to mention it? But it was specifically mentioned before, and all mention of it has been wiped off the site.


Well, it's not Odyssey fugly but it's pretty fugly. Maybe just slightly fuglier than Pilot fugly...



@ Andrea. Just bought a 2012 Honda Crosstour and it did not come with rear cargo cover on the EX-L. Not listed as an option either. The same attachment points and rear support are there, they did not even bother to change or remove these parts. I will be writing letter American Honda to complain.



Did you actually contact Honda about rear cover?
I got my 2012 and it doesn't have it either... :(
Let me know


Just thought I'd throw my $0.02 in.
I travel a ton for work. Got a 2012 EX (base) in Sept and already have 8K miles on it.
I love this car! People either seem to love the styling or hate it. Pick up is great. Quiet ride- more like SUV than car though. Tons of room for my two Tweens and their stuff. Camped twice and fit everything in back.
Cons: no thermometer, rear wiper blades don't get all the window, turning radius is wide.
Past 3 cars have been Volvos so I've been spoiled. Can't recommend this car enough :-)


I have had my 2012 Crosstour EX-L since April. I LOVE it! @ Heather, there is a thermometer on the dash with the tripometer. I saw different websites that sell the cargo cover, I really want one but that are pricey!

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