2011 Subaru Forester Video

The Subaru Forester may look at bit dowdy compared with newer crossover competitors, but don’t let its appearance fool you. This utility vehicle is fun to drive and it’s practical, according to Cars.com editor Kelsey Mays. Combine that with its stellar reliability scores, and it’s no wonder why this Subaru remains a perennial favorite among the Cars.com editorial staff.

By Colin Bird | August 4, 2011 | Comments (11)



as long as the Forester contains the ancient tech 4 speed auto, I can't stomach buying one.


"...5 or 6 speed automatic might help..."

help to do what, hunt for gears?

Don't be fooled. Less complex transmissions have their inner beauty.


The reason why Cars.com are crazy about Forester's reliability is because they don't keep the car for 8-12 years. Of course, the 3-4 years, may be 5-6, the Forester is OK. But or those folks who buys cars when they over 100K and 8 yo, any Subaru is disaster. Leaky engine gaskets with expensive labor (thanks to boxer engine) don't make a good deal for the long term reliability vs cars like CR-V and RAV-4. This is where I am ready to give up some visibility for the future problem-less living.


I'm a 2010 owner. It would have been nice to hear about the impact of the substantive changes in the 2011: the new engine. Too soon to say if it will have the same head gasket problems of the old model (probably too soon even or the 2010 version of the old engine) as well as the new "fluff" like the new bluetooth and radio.


I would suggest 7 or 8 speed automatic.

Ratio spread Tony. The 4 speed auto only has 4.01:1. That is a complete joke.
Subaru's own CVT is 6.32:1
JATCO 7 speed automatic is 6.38:1
and some of the Aisin 8 speed automatics are over 7:1

So you get a slow gas guzzler, that must be the 'inner beauty' of doubly obsolete technology.

and where is the 200hp D4-S 2.5 boxer at?


4 speed auto is just unacceptable!

Matt C.

4 speed is just terrible! Three on the tree, nothing more nothing less!


I've owned 2 Forrester's & will never but another, Tony is 100% correct. Once they get some years & miles on them they are not reliable, very expensive to repair & not worth it. I bought a Hyundai-great gas mileage, no issues, great warranty, $10,000 less-better car.


Can anyone tell me why the guy in the video recommended avoiding the Turbo XT?


@ Nancy
The only Subaru's that Consumer Reports doesnt recommend are the turbo's. Apparently Subura has trouble with the turbo component. Otherwise they are great cars. My Outback is still running great at 250,000.

Wayne Gallik

We investigated the Forester for our new car buy, because we have a 2005 XT we love. The new Forester was not quite enough rear seat size, so we looked at the Outback which was longer, and it had the CVT transmission (6 speed with paddles in manual mode). A little underpowered, but has the Subuaru Syncro transmission, which is heads above anything else in difficult conditions.

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