2011 Infiniti M56x Video

The Infiniti M is a perfectly acceptable luxury sedan for families, with a roomy backseat and adequate trunk, Cars.com senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder says. Overall, the V-8 powered M56x feels more punchy compared with the V-6 powered M37, and the engine sounds terrific when revved. Still, the M56 is expensive and might not be worth the extra cost compared with the more down-to-earth M37, Wiesenfelder says.



Many shortcomings. No surprises here since this is re-badged Nissan Fuga.
This car is oriented to sport. How many people in what age category want something like this and can afford it? I think, they would go for MB and Lexus or even Avalon to get their luxo and comfort.
This car is just too tight for large sedan. Middle seat is a hump with a bump. There is no way this is family sedan, Camry is.

Thank you for the great video and blog post - very useful.

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