Toyota Tests Auto-Steering To Avoid Crashes


Today in Japan, Toyota displayed new advanced safety technology including a new feature for accident avoidance. Volvo and other automakers have already sold cars with collision avoidance systems that apply brakes when a low-speed impact is detected.

However, Toyota’s system would not only apply brakes, it would also take over the steering controls from the driver in order to avoid a pedestrian or vehicles.

The system uses cameras and radar that are all mounted on the front of the vehicle. We’re unsure whether the radar can detect vehicles surrounding the car and make the decision between swerving and creating an impact with another vehicle or continuing forward into the original obstacle.

Toyota didn’t confirm a timeline for the technology, but it could be soon, especially in higher level trims or luxury models from Lexus.

Toyota's new pre-crash technology directs steering (Detroit News)

By David Thomas | July 21, 2011 | Comments (10)
Tags: Safety, Toyota



Fantastic idea! Since you can't let off the accelerator, the only thing left is to steer! A custom Toyota solution!


Is that really the best you can come up with? Let me guess you're unemployed with lot's of time on your hands.


I don't know about this. If there just so happens to be a situation that somehow confuses the system, then it could lead to a worse accident. I don't know if I trust Toyota creating this and writing the software for the detection system.


I can see it avoiding a "not at fault accident" and creating an "at fault accident".

I love hearing when Toyota is participating in cutting edge safety technology! I have been trained to buy for safety since I was 11 years old and our family Volvo saved my mother's life in an accident.


Personally, I am not of fan of robotic cars. if I buy a car, I would skip all of the "driver's assistance" packages/options. However, in the ever more electronic dependent world, I would bjust have to get over it...


Safety enhancements like traction control and ABS are what every car should have. Having well trained drivers with common sense is also what every car should have.


I believe the best way to avoid the accident is to hit the break, not to turn the steering wheel.


Quite often there isn't enough road space to break in time. I've steered around many accidents in my 30+ years of driving. I think this would be a great feature to have just like my MB's break alert system.

This is great news. Honestly, it scares me to think that the car would have a mind of it's own to steer the wheels or automate the brakes but for the sake of accident prevention, I think it's a wonderful innovation.

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