Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: June 2011


June was a solid month for car sales … at least for most automakers.

GM, Ford and especially Chrysler saw healthy gains of 11%, 14% and 30%, respectively, while Korean upstart Kia was up a whopping 41% over June 2010.

All four brands were bolstered by new products selling briskly despite generally low incentive spending.

The news wasn’t as good for Japanese brands still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami from earlier this year. While Honda and Toyota were both down more than 24%, Nissan has begun to rebound. It’s up 11.4% in June. No particular model accounts for Nissan’s gain, however.

No Hondas or Nissans made the top 10 list. However, a single Toyota managed to make it.

By David Thomas | July 1, 2011 | Comments (65)
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I know it hurts to put up this chart. Nissan was barely affected by quake so their performance is a reflection of the improved competition and an aging lineup. Honda has a legit excuse to some degree but we should note most hondas are built here and many have very high US content. Toyotas on press release claims they have ample inventory right now and they are confident that their incentives will boost sales in the coming months. Gm and ford are in the right place at the right time and their products are better than ever and people who wouldn't have checked out their stuff 3 years back are doing so. Same for hyundai but they are going to struggle to grow much more without more capacity.

Its very possible than civic and accord will be outsold by their counterparts at ford and chevy for first time in a long time.


I have to admit, I don't get it. Just a few days ago, an article was posted showing how some Japanese brands were leading in the "American Made Index" yet they are somehow disproportionately impacted by the Japanese earthquake? If they have more US content than American brands, wouldn't they be LESS impacted? Or do non-Japanese brands just get all their foreign content from countries other than Japan?


A couple of things to note. The high domestic content in japanese brands reflects us and canadian content. All the american companies have major presences in mexico and get parts and engines from there. The gap in domestic content is largely based on the big 3s reliance on mexico. That doesn't mean the big 3 get a lot of stuff from japan. This quake situation does shed a lot of light on how critical imported parts are to japanese brands. They may have high domestic content but they can't make cars without japanese sourced critical parts.

Incentives are the other part of the story. Japanese brands have cut them to preserve inventory and that has hurt sales.


Why did the Toyota Camry drop so sharply?


The change in numbers is due to GM ramping up their fleet sales (as noted by Edmunds) and the lack of retail inventory for cars like the Camry due to the earthquake and tsunami.
That won't prevent the Homers from rationalizing that all of a sudden cars that are outsold year after year and in some cases by a three to one margin (Camry vs Malibu) have suddenly gained in popularity. LOL
Have a great 4th!

Brett E.

I had no idea the F-Series had such a large sales advantage over the Silverado. I remember when they used to be neck and neck in sales. I used to own a F-150 but will never again.


Last week we bought a fully loaded Cruze and got a great deal. It's a great car and we are really happy. We gave up trying to test drive the Civic and Elantra as the dealers we visited only had floor models. Everyone should test drive the Cruze.


Yahoo just posted the Top Five most overpriced and underpriced autos sold today. General Motors had three (Impala, Colorado, HHR) on the overpriced list. Toyota had three (Prius, xD, xB) on the underpriced list.

I was shocked to read the average incentive for the Impala is more than $5,000!

Brian Greenberg

Does anyone know if the Volt is selling well? My wife and I are intrigued by the car however we're concerned because we've yet to see one on the road. Our local dealer still has the same three Volts in stock since February so we're wondering if the manufacturer would discontinue the car if it doesn't sell well enough.

Amuro Ray

Leaf is selling well, 1700+. About 3 times the # of sales of Volt. That's info for 06/11 result. 05/11 result was 1140+ vs 480+ (LEAF vs Volt)

You never know whether a manufacturer will cancel a car or not until it announces it. However, you're talking 'bou GM here, which canceled the EV1, as well as a recent report on some hybrids cancellation + repeated statements (in various Q&A reports) about the high cost of Volt (and that GM's selling every one at a loss).

OTOH, if you take a look @ Carlos Ghosn's response to the LEAF's sales / infrastructure, his focus was always about commitment to EV and building its support (charging) infrastructure around the world.

So, you decide.


I'll try to answer your questions.
Rick, Camry is dropping in sales charts in anticipation of the redesigned 2012 Camry going on sale this fall.
Brian, volt sales will pickup next year when the car is available coast to coast. They're planning a huge increase in production, multiple times as many as they're building now. I would not hesitate to buy a Volt if you can get one now.


Wow 8 out of 10 top sellers are domestic brands? Never thought I'd see the day! Interesting observation I made while on our recent road trip to Chicago from Boston were the amount of Equinoxes we saw on the highway. Literally saw hundreds of them.


One more thing...can someone please explain how the heck 50 thousand F150's sell in one month? That sounds ridiculously high.


I love my NOX but am starting to get annoyed by the NOX rentals. The last three people I came across who had NOX's (pumping gas, 7-11, Walmart) I asked how they liked their NOX and all replied it was a rental. WTF Chevy!

Kahn S.

I would wait to buy the Volt as I think GM may offer an incentive to help sales. When I was hot to buy one a few months ago there were 71 listed within 40 miles of my home. I just ran an inventory check and the number is 77. Good luck.


Why am I not surprised the digital ink waster is like the first one here to run the mouth of nonsense?


Agreed. He's a tool.


David Thomas,

I believe the Camry is ahead of Ram Trucks by 13 units so the Camry needs 1 bump up to 7th place.

What would you get a Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius?


Wow, what an outcome. Well congratulations to the awesome three. But when you drive a Honda or Toyota, the reliability is forever so why buy a new one. I have 300,000 miles on my 2000 Honda Civic and still manage to get 38 to the gallon.

Derrick G

Why is the Camry no longer on top? Well, inventory is one thing, but there's also the matter that Camry is no longer tops in anything else.

People complain that folks just buy what Consumer Reports says buy. Well, Consumer Reports says among the 4-cylinder sedans most people buy to look at Altima and Sonata first. In fact, other than Motor Trend, I don't know of any publication, including this one, that says look at Camry first.

It's also been topped in mileage, with Sonata overtaking it and Altima tying it in CR's tests. EPA estimates are higher for those two plus Optima, Accord, Legacy and Fusion. Malibu ties it.

As for reliability, it's been consistently worse with the current generation. Sure, it's better than average in CR's survey, but Legacy, Fusion, and Sonata all currently top it. And in fact all three have been either statistically tied or better ever since this generation came out. Don't even try to tell me that a car that's been no better since '07 will suddenly in another three years somehow start out-performing.

Lastly, look at CR's satisfaction scores. Among 4-cylinders, the Camry is lower than everything they have data for except for Mazda6, which it ties, the outgoing Kia Optima, which it's ahead of by only 1 point (62 vs. 61), and Dodge Avenger (44). Compare that to 77 for Sonata, 74 for Fusion, 71 for Legacy, 70 for Accord, 68 for Altima, and 66 for Malibu. I don't think those owners are exactly telling all their friends and neighbors to go buy a Camry and this is the group that everyone claims the Camry was designed to appease.

The current Camry isn't just dated, it's out of date. Unless the next one due in the fall has some major styling and power train advances, I don't see Camry making back up a huge amount of the share it's already lost.

Derrick G

Ooops. I almost forgot safety. Camry is neither an IIHS Top Safety Pick or a 5-star performer in the new NHTSA tests. Safety's a big seller in this class. If you want both in your new mid-size sedan, it'll be coming from Hyundai or Kia.


I live in Allen, Texas (its a northern suburb of Dallas). I just saw the first Volt I ever saw on public pavement today at our local Whole Foods.


"The change in numbers is due to GM ramping up their fleet sales (as noted by Edmunds) and the lack of retail inventory for cars like the Camry due to the earthquake and tsunami. "

Flat out lie, GM's fleet sales were down and were 27% of sales last month.


if your lame excuse made any sense no one would ever buy a new Honda or Toyota product.


"Yahoo just posted the Top Five most overpriced and underpriced autos sold today. General Motors had three (Impala, Colorado, HHR) on the overpriced list. Toyota had three (Prius, xD, xB) on the underpriced list."

All three of those models are at least 5 years old and sell with substantial discounts. What does that have to do with the top 10 list above? Nothing as far as I can tell.


"Why am I not surprised the digital ink waster is like the first one here to run the mouth of nonsense?"

Everything stated is accurate and based on the facts. You don't have to like it- but based on the comment I take you're a closed minded Toyota fan who is having trouble digesting the list above. Fanboys typically dont deal in facts, just rampant speculation based on bias.


What a Tool.


Although one would have to speculate on the reason for the Malibus selling so well, you can't ignore that the Japanese brands sell to fleets as well. And, I never see anyone make an argument for the Tundra or Titan not ever making the top 10.

Name calling just makes sound like you don't have a legitimate rebuttal.


Good observation bowrider. People like that never have anything to contribute so they stick to name calling. The fleet sales excuse is always used when people want to dismiss sales success of american branded cars. Domestics have always sold to fleet customers and that never stopped toyota, honda and nissan fron topping domestic competitors on the charts. 2010 was camrys worst year since 95, that can't be blamed on robust rental sales for malibu and fusion.


We are in the market for a small car. Last weekend we went to 12 car dealers and could not find an elantra,civic, fit,corolla, yaris or xD on any lot. very few camry's on 3 dealer lots I might add. Can't sell cars of dealers don't have them.


The Japs do sell the Camry, Accord, Civic, and Corolla to the fleets but at a significantly lower percentage. The problem with GM is they are still heavily reliant on fleet sales and everyone knows it. Head down to any rental car lot at any major airport and you'll see row after row of Malibu, Cruze, Impala, Equinox, Regal, and LaCrosse. By comparison the fleet sales of Civic, Accord, and Camry are minuscule. I travel a lot and have never seen a CRV or TSX as a rental but in the past month alone have personally had the Equinox (2x) and the Regal (3x). GM is making better cars but they need to mimic the Japs when it comes to fleet sales. Less is better.

Derrick G

Let's stop it with this myth that Toyota sells the Camry to fleets in single digit percentages like Honda does the Accord and Civic. Truth is, Camry was 17.30% for 2010, over 6 percentage points higher than Sonata and less than 2 points less than Altima. That's quite a bit above the 10% most residual calculation services consider OK for mainstream brands to avoid impacting resale values. In fact, 17% was dead average for the entire group of mainstream car makers for 2010 per ALG. Camry is nothing special at all when it comes to fleet sales.



The inventory is a factor for some toyota and honda models but not all. Toyota says they have ample supply of most models and their incentives prove they have cars to sell. Nissan was barely affected by the quake and had an 11% gain in sales last month.


Please back up your statements with some facts. Gm has cut fleet sales and has generally been under ford and chrysler in fleet % this year. Gm was at 27% fleet in June which is low for them. Keep in mind many of their fleet sales are trucks, not rental cars. Conversely almost all toyota fleet sales are to rental agencies and those are the sales that hurt resale value.

Thomas M.

He's lying. I'm a fleet manager for the largest Pharm Co in NA and have seen all the stats. There is no average of 17% "for the entire group". The Impala alone is over 70% fleet and the Malibu over 30%. The only fact is that the poster is lying.



1. You gave no link
2. Malibu and impala are two models and people were saying gm as a whole relies on fleets to sell cars. They make more than those two cars.
3. There was a link from the import loving site TTAC provided earlier that showed fleet %s for all the top selling cars in 2010 and its clear than toyota and nissan use fleet sales extensively.

Derrick G

I didn't post links just to set a trap for some arrogant know-it-all blowhard to fall in to. And whadda know? Thomas M's dumb self stepped right in. Iddggit.

Eat it, Thomas M. There is in fact a 17% average fleet penetration for mainstream brands.


They won't respond. They never do when the facts prove them horribly wrong.


I see according to ALG Cadillac has increased their rental fleet participation by 17% when BMW and Lexus are at 1%. As a CTS owner I hope this is not true as it will only devalue the Cadillac brand.


Derrick don't mind the idiot flame throwers as you're going to find them on both sides of the Toyota-GM debate. I've never come across the truth about cars site before - pretty interesting stuff. Assuming it's accurate if you take the combined average of the Impala and Malibu sales to fleets it would be fifty percent. That is shocking. I have a new Regal and hope they don't start doing the same thing with Buick.

Derrick G

Oh those damned facts.

Derrick G


The numbers are high, but it does need to be remembered that a good number of Impalas especially that go to fleets aren't sold to rental fleets. They're cop cars, sales fleets, state gov't, etc. These cars will be be driven to near oblivion before being replaced so they don't have the same effect on resale values. And indeed the chart shows that for just rental fleet, Chevy is at 26%, not 50. Buick would see far fewer such sales. Excepting Mary Kay, most Buicks probably do go to daily rental fleets. But I've seen no evidence of any huge increase on Buick's part.


Yes, those facts. Thomas wasn't wrong, just a little late

In March, about 75 percent of Impala sales went to fleets and rental-car companies.


Derrick I stated the combined average of both the Impala and Malibu would be 50%. The Truth About Cars site lists the Impala fleet sales at 72.6% and the Malibu at 32.30%. The combined average would then be 52.45%. I think you are correct about Buick's not being sold in large numbers to fleets.


The impala is a 6 year old model that is sold extensively to government agencies. No one should be surprised that its a major fleet player. You would find similar figures for the now defunct crown vic and grand marquis. Impala is likely easily profitable at this point and gm can live with the government and commercial fleet sales. I doubt malibu fleet sales are as high in 2011. As stated gm is around 30% overall which is lower than ford or chrysler.


Ps: gm and other brands often separate retail and fleet increases in monthly sales reports. Gms retail sales have outpaced fleet gains all year which means their increaes in share are from retail sales.


You sure know how to beat a topic to death. Your posts bore me to tears.

Derrick G


Yes, but I'm pointing out that the TTAC sales are for ALL fleets. That doesn't mean that 3/4 of all Impalas went to Avis or Hertz. That number is likely much lower since Impala is very popular for police and gov't duty.


I never mentioned Avis or Hertz. Time to brush up on your reading comprehension skills!

Derrick G

I didn't say you did, but it's perhaps time you not talk about flame throwing if you're going to do it. I'm merely pointing out that the TTAC figures are TOTAL fleet sales while the ALG figures are just to daily rental fleets. It's a valid point to make that while an average of 50% of Impalas and Malibus go to fleets, the amount going to resale-value sucking rental fleets is likely far less.


You posted "That doesn't mean that 3/4 of all Impalas went to Avis or Hertz". That implies that I stated such in my post - which I did not. Maybe you really do need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills as this is as straight forward as it gets.


Exactly derrick. Rental fleet sales are the ones that hurt resale value because the cars are dumped back on the market with lots of miles. Domestic brands do a lot of government and commercial fleet sales while import brand fleet sales are almost all rental. Malibus rental business is likely very close to camry and altima in terms of proportion of sales.


Camry still making in top 10 when most of the top selling Japanese cars lost their spots. so, i m happy that i m driving good car (camry).


"Malibus rental business IS LIKELY VERY CLOSE to camry and altima in terms of proportion of sales."

Do you have proof? Or is this just more rationalization by a Kool-aid guzzling right wing GM fan boy.

Derrick G


I know well what you said. I, again, was just pointing out the difference between the TTAC and ALG numbers.

Sheth, I don't think you meant to say "Rental fleet sales are the ones that hurt resale value because the cars are dumped back on the market with lots of miles." Didn't you mean to say with relatively low miles? (though not as low as a few years ago)



No, I meant lots of miles. Rental cars are usually sold after a year or two and they typically have been heavily driven and somewhat abused so they aren't goint to get top dollar. I doubt many rental cars get 12k miles a year.


Gm nor anyone else breaks out exact sales to rental agencies and governments. Gm has said sales to rental agencies are down while commercial fleet sales are up. Common sense tells us that cars like malibu and fusion are purchased by governments in large numbers while camrys and altimas are primarily sold only to rental fleets. Government agencies don't buy foreign cars for the most part. Right winger? You can't be serious.

Derrick G

I'm seeing an average of 20-22K/yr in what's for sale around here. If I look at Chevrolets at Enterprise, it's more variable. I see several
'08 Impalas with just 40K. These miles are much higher than a few years ago, but that should help private party and trade-in values, not hurt them (because fewer cherry former rentals available).


Sheth, first off calm down no need to get all serious & happy gay. What car brand has the most "I love my car sticker"? Honda & Acura. This is a fact its so hard to get rid of a car when it gives you no problems. Shet all your information everyone can find on google. :) so we know already thanks tho.:)


GM and Ford are building better cars. Our 2008 Chevy Impala has proven to be more reliable than my son's 2009 Honda Accord. But I am curious about Chrysler's much improved sales.


2008 Impala. That's funny!


Rick, I can tell you are very erudite. The Honda Accord left brake caliper seized last Thursday; part will be in Tuesday.

Derrick G

Problems with the current gen Accord's brakes have been so common that CR has even commented that it's dragged down the overall reliability score of the car.


I use to be fan of Honda but in recent years they have just not updated their designs. The 2011 Civics look and feel like such a 90s economy car that it's no wonder that people are willing to either go with a Cruze or spend a little extra and get a classy styled Malibu.

And Toyota is a dirty word with or without the earthquake. It was all the recalls and ugly stale designs that did them in, not the earthquake.

Matt J.

I agree with some of the views here. The only Japanese company that was doing good before the earthquake was Nissan and they have stayed on top despite the setbacks, with their sales deals. Toyota and Honda were struggling pre-earthquake because of recalls and run of the mill designs.

For the price of a decked out Honda Fit, you could get a more similar fuel eco. Cruze that is decked out with features or you could get a standard best selling Altima. Or save 2k and get a Fiesta with better fuel eco. instead.

American are realizing are getting other good/sometimes better choices than going with the old standard cookie cutter Honda or Toyota.

It's a great time of even competition now. It's fun to watch.

Hopefully when VW builds their factory in Tenn., they will lower their prices and will finally be put in the top selling sales mix. If they keep their prices high, then they might end up in the out-of-touch with reality file bin with Mitsubishi.

In Europe and in Mexico, VW is always a top seller because they are easier priced and they want to move the cars off the lot. In the USA/Canada, VW needs finally get "yuppie euro" car mindset and start moving the cars out with competitive prices and willing to sell dealerships. Let's hope the Tenn. factory works a transformation of the way they sell in the USA/Canada for VW.

Why did the Toyota Camry drop so sharply

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