Western U.S. Has Highest Car Repair Costs

Arizona is the most expensive state to get your car repaired, according to CarMD, a provider of diagnostic tools and information. The average repair cost in the Grand Canyon State is $421.49, about $65 more than the $356.04 national average.

Overall, most Western states have above-average repair costs. Folks in the West paid 13% more than Midwesterners and 11% more than people in the Southeast, says CarMD, adding that the higher costs in the West are attributed to the dry, dusty air that can clog airflow sensors and wreak havoc on a car's long-term health.

Some states, such as like California, pay more for maintenance labor, too. It’s 20% higher in the Golden State. The Midwest has lower repair costs compared with the national average, but strangely, Washington, D.C., has the lowest repair cost in the U.S. Considering the high cost of living in D.C., you’d think that wouldn’t be the case, but CarMD says that since more people own new vehicles relative to the population in the District, more drivers are likely covered under no-cost warranty programs.

Continue reading below for a detailed chart of the top five states with most expensive and least expensive car repairs.

The following is the ranking of the top 5 states with the highest car repair costs in 2010, according to CarMD:


Average Cost
(Parts & Labor)

Parts Cost

Labor Cost





New Mexico
















CarMD ranking of states/districts with the lowest car repair costs in 2010:


Average Cost
(Parts & Labor)

Parts Cost

Labor Cost





















By Colin Bird | July 1, 2011 | Comments (3)
Tags: In The News



How much of this is due to higher hourly costs/higher costs for the same part, versus different types of problems being common? I look at the top 5 and see a lot of very hot and high altitude states. I can imagine that that generates very different problems than the flat states that make up the lowest 5.

I hate paying for car repairs. They always seem to cost a lot. Getting the car serviced isn't as bad at least you can ring around for a price.

Ouch. That is a worrying amount of money.

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