Next Dodge Compact to Have Competitive Fuel Economy

Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Dodge)We reported nearly a year ago that Chrysler was developing a new small car for its Dodge brand. We didn’t know much about the model at the time, only that it would get 40 mpg. Now we’ve received word that the mileage figure might end up being a misnomer, but the real-world fuel efficiency should remain competitive with the best in the class, according to USA Today.

The 40 mpg figure was meant to fulfill the U.S. government’s corporate average fuel economy requirement, which is measured differently from the mileage listed on a Monroney sticker at dealerships.

Due to differences in math, the likely gas mileage on the new Dodge car will end up being in the low 30s in the EPA combined cycle, USA Today reports. So it will be about as fuel efficient as the 2012 Ford Focus, 2012 Chevrolet Cruze or 2012 Hyundai Elantra — which is to say, not bad.

USA Today confirmed that the Dodge model will be offered in a sedan body style only and will replace the slow-selling Dodge Caliber, which is currently offered only as a four-door hatchback. The Dodge Caliber currently gets an abysmal 24 mpg rating with an automatic transmission.

The new Dodge model will be based off an Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Fiat’s small luxury car offering in Europe, pictured above). The Dodge will be built in Illinois and should go on sale sometime in the first half of 2012.

Chrysler's 40-MPG Compact Could be 30s in Showroom (USA Today)

By Colin Bird | July 8, 2011 | Comments (10)



Will it be called "NEON"? Better yet call it "Dart" and call the Chrysler version "100"

Brady Holt

Now THERE'S aspiration -- we promise our 2013 car will be competitive.


Unless it style wows, which will be hard since other car companies making good cars. The low 30s real world won't do it, its not competitive. Plus from watching Top Gear, all I notice is a rebadged FIAT.


So, what I'm hearing is that Chrysler is going to make a small car to satisfy CAFE requirements rather than build a small car anyone would want. How many times do we have to bail out this company? I'm guessing at least once more.



The low-30s number is the combined city/highway, not just highway. That's very competitive for the segment, because few cars on sale hit 30 combined. Though others may surpass this by the time it is released.


@ jyd,

if you want the car companies to build cars based on consumer demand on not rules forced on then by the government (that are contrary to what consumers really want), write your congressman...


This new Dodge will be a very exciting car built a new Alfa Romeo platform that already has very high gas mileage and safety ratings in Europe. The car this will be modeled after will be the VW Golf only a little bigger for fat Americans. FIAT's MultiAir tecnology will provide an engine with best in class emissions, performance and gas mileage, they're just lowballing expectations like any smart company would.


NEWSFLASH: Dodge will sell a rebadged Fiat that just might be competitive!


NEWSFLASH: Dodge will sell a rebadged Fiat that just might be competitive!

Yeah, doesn't it suc that European car makers have made fule-efficient cars for decades? Yet, US companies can't so we re-badge them.


Nice looking, make it in the U.S. and I'll buy one.

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