Ferrari Offers Seven Years Free Maintenance

There is one itsy-bitsy downside to Ferrari ownership: the cost of maintenance. When the price of an oil change hits four digits even the most well-heeled car owner can blanch.

To assuage these fears, Ferrari has announced a new seven-year free maintenance program for new North American owners of the 2012 Ferrari California, 458 Italia or FF. Those cars come with starting prices around $200,000 and higher. The FF is already sold out for its first year and doesn’t even have an official price tag yet.

What does the free maintenance include?

All scheduled maintenance visits, which for Ferrari is every 12,500 miles or once per year. We’d doubt most Ferrari owners put 12,500 miles on their cars in a year. However, this is not capped at seven services. If the owner does drive the car more than 87,500 miles before the seven years is up — again, we doubt this will happen — they will get free service for every 12,500 miles until the timetable is up.

Ferrari doesn’t specify the types of service, but we imagine they include the same kinds of routine maintenance you get at your local Toyota, Scion, Lincoln, VW, BMW, Jaguar and Mini dealerships. All have free maintenance programs, but they don’t run as long as Ferrari’s program.

Ferrari’s free maintenance program is transferable to a new owner, which will help with the healthy collector market for the prancing horse.

2012 Ferrari FF Shows Up in Chicago

By David Thomas | July 27, 2011 | Comments (6)


Amuro Ray

Funniest thg here is that, the expensive price tag for maintenance has very little to do with the actual parts or labors. No, you aren't getting gold plated filters or nano-molecules imbedded engine oil, or a mechanic that knows how to build a rocket from scratch.

It has to do with volume (of services). The equipments of servicing 1 or 1000 vehicles are the same. Those are super expensive. The special training (yearly) required on the mechanics - that's expensive. The insurance needed to run the shop - that's SUPER expensive. Hence, 3 costly factors, divided by less than (oh, I'll say) hundreds of vehicles being serviced per year? Beside, the business owners need to make their yacht payment too!


Well, since maintenance costs were the only thing keeping me from buying a Ferrari, I guess now I'll go out and buy 2!

great news for ferrari lovers easy way to maintain their car.

water ionizers

Every car comes with one, but some motorists act as if this particular component is completely maintenance free.

I'm glad to find this site and learn about his participation in the Challenge.

I love ferrari. Its Good news for people like me.

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