Diesel Chevy Cruze Coming in 2013


If you want an efficient diesel powerplant in a compact Chevrolet, you’re going to have to wait at least 17 more months. The company confirmed today that it will release a diesel version of its popular Cruze compact car in calendar year 2013. That means it could debut as either a 2013 or 2014 model.

Currently, the Cruze has an Eco model that uses gas-saving features with a standard gasoline engine. When equipped with a manual transmission, it gets 42 mpg highway.

The Cruze is sold with two different diesel engines in Europe. One makes 127 horsepower and 221 pounds-feet of torque and the other gets 163 hp and 266 pounds-feet of torque. The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI sold in the U.S. has 140 hp and 236 pounds-feet of torque and gets 42 mpg highway.

Chevy hasn’t specified which of its engines it will use in the upcoming diesel Cruze, but we’d expect the automaker to go with the most fuel-efficient choice. Of course, by 2013 there could be an entirely new diesel engine to choose from.

Tell us in the comment section below if you would consider a diesel from Chevy.

By David Thomas | July 22, 2011 | Comments (36)


Amuro Ray

My take is that this is more of a CAFE thing and nothing more...

Based on the statistics from VW/MB/BMW, this is most likely be one vehicle that is expensive to buy, and even more expensive to maintain (esp on the exhaust system, say, to pass emission test, or to have it maintain not at a dealership - How many GM or any other brands, except the Germans, diesel "cars" have sold in the past, oh, say, 10+ years?)

But then, American companies still believe the old saying, "if you build it, they will come."

Derrick G

"My take is that this is more of a CAFE thing and nothing more..."

Well, GM still has to sell them even then. If they don't sell, they do nothing for GM's CAFE number.


IF (and I do emphasize the if) it is priced comparatively or less than the Jetta TDI, I would absolutely love such a car, and I think many others would as well.


I think it's an awesome idea depending on where they source the engine.


It is nice to see some competition in this segment. I would guess that the price for this Chevy would be lower than the VW models.


I drove an '06 Civic Hybrid for 5 years before my '11 VW Golf diesel. Love the diesel engine in the golf. Great fuel economy and it's not anemic like the 1.3L in my old civic. I'd say 2/3s of my miles are highway and I usually get a tank average of 40 or 41 mpg. If I keep my foot out of it in ideal conditions it's more like 44-45mpg. My best tank ever (car was still very much breaking in) was 49mpg. I'll break 50mpg over an entire tank this fall.


Our 2005 Golf TDI was so problematic we traded it on a Corolla and haven't looked back. I would definitely consider a Cruze diesel as I trust Chevy has acceptable reliability.


I agree that GM engineers are the professionals when it comes to diesel cars. VW TDI is expensive, and requires gallons of expensive additives to clean up the filthy emissions.


vw and audi diesels are clean and dependable and have been for years ,and i say its good american car companies are trying to bring more diesels here they are more efficient than gas ,and cleaner emissions ,and anyone who thinks they are a lot more expensive to maintain hasnt driven one ,if you dont believe me try and get some vw owners to part with there tdi s they have a loyal fan base for a reason ,they are great cars ,cheap to run and if you think thats not true ,why dont you look at the ratios of gas to diesels sold in europe , diesels have come a long way ,and they deserve a lot more support in this country , i only hope gm does a better job this time than the did with the diesels they sold here in the 80s


Lets have the Diesel option as well. After all Biodiesel is becoming very popular and is very energy efficient.




Depending what price, this could be a great car. The VW TDI are too high of price for me. The biggest problem I see is the competition from their own new fuel efficent engine.

It is great plan.Since a long time I a user of Diesel cars and I prefer to buy a diesel cars. Whatever is the cost the engine must be strong and should have a good power. I think it will be the most efficient car in the beginning of 2013.

It's good news for car lover's and it is very affordable for everyone. I am waiting also.

Uk Diesel Driver

The Cruze is already for sale in Europe with a 2.0L 125, 150 or 163hp engine. They will probably wait untill they finish their Euro6 version which matches the current US emission rules.

Uk Diesel Driver

I just realised I missed the word Diesel in the post above... It should have been 2.0L Diesel 125, 150 or 163hp.

Chevy get this engine (like most small engines GM use) from Opel who also run a 1.7 and 1.3 diesel.


@carma "VW TDI is expensive, and requires gallons of expensive additives to clean up the filthy emissions."

The Audi A3/VW Jetta/Golf's four cylinder 2.0L diesel engine does not use any AdBlue/Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

The 6 cylinder diesels from Audi/VW/BMW/MB do. From everything I've read the AdBlue tanks are between 4-6 gallons, the fluid has a shelf life of 2 years, should last for 12-15k miles. If you buy DEF in a few gallons at a time in a jug it can be had for $5-6 per gallon (although if you buy an emergency 1 gallon bottle of DEF at a BMW or MB stealership it may cost you $20-$40). DEF pumps at truck stops are slowly starting to be installed and will have an estimated price of $2.50-$3 per gallon.

So for a typical driver anywhere from $15-40 extra a year. (unless you only buy parts and service from overpriced luxury stealerships)


price it around $20k and I'm in for one!


Last time GM tried this the diesel leaked all over the driveway !

ric c

about time we make a diesel if tou go over seas that is the main fuel why because its better you bet im in


I think it will sell really well if the price is competitive and if the cost of diesel ever came back down to near or below the cost of regular gas.

I think a lot of people who don't pay attention to the car world except when it's time to buy are going to avoid a car that costs more and that you have to put more expensive fuel in, even if the mileage is better.

One other consideration is what type of driving the person does. I know that diesels are popular with people who do a lot of highway driving (such as salespeople, etc.).

Finally, if I'm not mistaken, diesels are also known for their longevity.

So if a person is willing to "do the math", they might buy, but I suspect most buyers are impulse-type, "sell me the cheapest thing for the size/features I need" types of buyers.

On that note, I would buy one if the price were at least "competitive". If it's more expensive than the 2-3k hybrid premium that is typical, forget it. Plus, I do mostly city driving, so I wouldn't see the highway advantage.


Today Diesel is as little as 6% more expensive than gasoline (kcgasprices.com) around where I live. Of course it varies state to state, town to town, station to station. Within the last 6 months I've seen it as little as 10cents more expensive (2%-ish) than regular 87 octane and as much as close to 15% more.

The Cruze Eco is rated at 28city/42hwy. 30mpg city/45mpg hwy would be 6% better fuel economy to recoup the price difference at the pump today. Very do able, new VW Passat 2.0L diesel is rated at 31city/43hwy and is a bigger car.

At that point it's no real difference or gain either way. Yes diesel cars cost more to buy initially, but the "eco" trim cost more to buy initially too. (around $2,500 cars.com comparison)

*** 2011 Golf diesel gets about 30% better gas mileage compared to the gasoline version of the Golf. Manual gasoline version is rated 23city/33hwy(26combined) vs manual diesel 30city/42hwy(34combined). ***

I'm up for the diesel engine and willing to wait if they can up the HP another 20 to around 150 hp.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I've been reading up on the Cruze Eco on the Johnny Londoff Chevrolet blog and I'm impressed with the MPG numbers, though I'm not sure that I'd want to switch to diesel.

Glenn Briggs

M. You will be pleasantly suprised at the volume of sales you will get as long as the Cruze is priced properly for the market.Look at volkswagon sales up 37% in US. I currently own a volkswagon diesel very happy with it. I will be looking forward to when diesel comes to Canada. Will also check to see if I can import to Canada.


I think it's awesome. I'm a die-hard Chevy person. I absolutely love my allison transmission diesel truck by Chevy! If this Cruz is anything like it plus get awesome 56 mpg!! sign me up!! As long as the price isn't crazy...right now in the US the Cruz is relatively affordable, so hopefully not too much more expensive. hopefully keep the bright blue color too! give me some options. As for your Audi and VW...please. her in the US...cheverolet is the only way to go for a diesel engine!!!


HEY GM, put the more powerfull engine in it and there will be one in my garage!!


After waiting for nothing (Mahindra) I will wait and see but I suspect GM will put such a ridiculous premium on the diesel option as to make in unaffordable to the great unwashed masses. Will they ever learn that quantity means profitability? Answer: NO!

D. Hansen

Have had 4 VW's with diesels. Now own a 2011 335d BMW diesel---love it. Plenty of power and it runs clean, don't smell. Have had 4 Ford diesels as well, really like them too.

Ad Blue is a name brand of DPF fluid, it all does the same thing. One person was right---don't buy it at a dealership unless necessary. It's just watered down fertilizer so to speak.

J Mathis

I have been driving a diesel auto for 26 Yrs. Mercedes and VW TDI. I can trust and depend on these diesels. GM put out the WORST diesel engines in the late 70s and 80s. GM will have to earn the TRUST of the US and stand behind their DIESEL before I would consider one. Maybe Mercedes or VW should make the engine for GM. We diesel guys know they work WELL!!


i would be inte4rested in a chevy deisel provided they had the leg room and comfort my old jetta tdi had that got 45 mpg. you cant compare a pure diesel to what gm did in the seventies by basically just changing the heads and pistons on a 350 motor i just wish they would sell a diesel in a stripped 2 door tahoe 4x4 for under 30 grand


I would not trust any cars GM puts out, Look what they did to us in the 70s and 80s with diesel cars and pickups. Just sold us junk for years, That is why Japan got a hold over here because when people got burned from GM they bought Japan cars blaming all American car makers for putting out junk. In the 70s and 80s people where asked why they where going Japan cars, the studies where Ford and Chrysler people where buying between each other. After they had owned a GM junk they went to Japan blaming all Americans for putting out junk. That is the government studies. GM made 7 different car lines, so when they got burned from one they would buy another not knowing they where all GM junk. So they would go buy a Japan made car.

Diesel cars can have great advantages, and the introduction of DEF has helped with fuel economy even more in diesel engines.


I feel this is long over due. I hope that this car/engin will do well. Good luck GM

Karl Stressel

Dear Sirs
If the chevy cruze comes out w/ a good affordable price on its new diesel it would be a good chance I might purchase one. For my VW Jetta TDI is appoaching 340,000 and still running great. But why not go back to chevy cars my Z71 P/U has done me well. Awaiting to see Prices.

Jim Bowers

Been a Chevy man all of my life. I heard this story last year. I'll give you until Fall, then I'll buy something else. I have 95K on my HHR, mostly highway, if you can't give me 50 miles to the gallon by then, I'll be looking for one that does.

Bill Wells

Is it front- or rear-wheel drive?

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