Chevrolet Volt Joins Long Arm of the Law

NycmayorsofficeThere’s a new silent predator on the streets of New York City, seeking out freeloaders and the crooked. No, we’re not talking about some real-life Batman, but if you’re accustomed to dodging parking meter fees in New York, you might want to watch out for the city’s latest addition to traffic enforcement: the Chevrolet Volt. The Volts will be used to cruise the city to issue parking tickets … not to go on high-speed pursuits.

The new Volts are part of a recent purchase by the New York government totaling 70 new electric vehicles: 50 Volts, 10 Ford Transit Connect Electrics and 10 Navistar eStar utility trucks. The Fire Department, Department of Correction and other agencies will also get EVs.

New York already has 360 electric vehicles in its municipal fleet. With the latest batch, the city now runs the largest fleet of electric cars of any municipality in America.

Chevy Volt Newest New York City Police Car (CNN Money)


Doug G

Will be interesting to see if they install special charging stations for police, I would think they'd have to.


No charging station needed for the volt it is not an EV it is a hybrid.

I think this is a fantastic idea. It's good when the police are able to out-travel criminals. I agree with Doug that charging stations are going to be the next query, but since the car also rides on gas, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Amuro Ray

Great illustration on how tax dollars are being wasted by cash-strapping state, local or even federal gov'ts. :(

That 2 millions spent on the Volts and the other ~$600K on the Ford's could've spent on other MORE USEFUL purpose, like education, or better yet, could've prevent digging the budget itself another $2.6 million hole.

Seriously, the same thing could've been done by walking, bicycle, electric-bike, or even those NEVs (much much cheaper). I mean, it's not like there's anything to chase with the parked vehicle...and in fact, walking has a higher velocity than ANY parked vehicle!

Doug G

Charging stations are not necessary for the volt, but much of the potential benefit would be lost without them if it was running on gasoline all day.


Then the Volt is useless if you aren't going to use the gas generator.

The range will be even more limited what with all the electric accessories that will be in the car draining the battery faster.

Radio, laptop, pa, lights etc etc etc.

What good is a vehicle that can only patrol for a limited time and has to be recharged part way through a shift.


I remember when some districts used to use the tiny "Cushman" vehicle for parking violations. Many of those departments moved away from them because they cost almost as much as a cruiser.


Good on NYC. Would be great to see other cities follow suit.

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