Reviews the 2012 Mazda5

When we talk minivans we’re usually discussing vehicles reaching 200 inches in length. That’s not anyone’s definition of mini. The Mazda5, on the other hand, is a small, nimble alternative to larger minivans, says editor Mike Hanley. Find out whether the compact package is worth the trade-off of less space versus a typical minivan.

2012 Mazda5 Review

By David Thomas | July 6, 2011 | Comments (7)


Matt C

I say throw a roof rack up there and luggage problem is solved. For a family hauler it seams like a good economical way to haul two adults and 4 kids.


I wish they brought AWD version they have in Japan for our Canadian winters..

Matt: We did just that - roof rack and luggage basket. The Mazda5 has been great for our family of 5 - even on vacations. 95% of the time, it's my wife hauling the 3 kids around, so there's room for stuff inside like the stroller.

Peter: We're in central New England the the Mazda5 did pretty well with a set of 4 snow tires on 16' rims. When the really big storms come, we stay home.


Another Mazda with unimpressive mileage numbers. You'd be much better off forgetting the Mazda 5 and putting a deposit down NOW on a Prius V, which will average 42 mpg, and attain 44 mpg in the city.


We rented a 2009 Mazda5 for our vacation trips and to haul people to and from the airport for a family reunion. Put a lot of miles on all of them. Gas mileage was no better than our 2008 Highlander V6 AWD when the Mazda5 was loaded with 6 fat people and all their luggage. It all fit. The Mazda5 was a great little hauler, and for the price (sub $20K for the Sport) it is hard to beat in utility. I even folded down all the back seats one time and brought home a 65" Flatscreen. So it's got the room.


The Mazda5 really deserves a much better powertrain.
Where is a 1.8 liter turbo direct injection 4 cylinder engine, say 180hp 180ft-lb?
and 6 speed automatic, or 7 speed double clutch transmission.
and maybe 'awd' because this is one of the least front heavy front wheel drive cars around.


The 2012 Mazda 5 is really a superb model.Mazda 5 is a high fuel economy car which is stylish, luxurious plus comes along with a well equipped interior and 2.0 liter engine.

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