California Hybrid Owners Lose HOV Lane Privileges

California was on the cutting edge when it tried to incentivize hybrid car ownership. Instead of relying purely on tax breaks, it allowed hybrid owners access to HOV lanes (without the usual requirement of having a passenger in the car) simply by slapping a yellow sticker on their bumpers. In gridlock-plagued California this was one delicious carrot to be dangled.

Over the years, the state restricted the types of hybrids rated for the privilege. Today, even those hybrids — the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight — will no longer be eligible for the speedy lanes.

However, electric car owners will be able to get stickers allowing them access to HOV lanes. A new carrot, err … green sticker, will be available starting Jan. 1, 2012, for owners of the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and other electric- and natural-gas-powered vehicles.

Prius, other hybrids lose Calif. carpool lane access today (USA Today)


Peter U. Jonas

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

They should just open it up to the entire public and charge like $1K for the stickers.


The Volt hybrid should not get the sticker.


Just get rid of those HOV lanes, such a waste.


David Thomas,

I could have sworn that the Volt wasn't eligible due to it's gas engine's emissions. Did that change or did I misread it before?

California always was with one step over other states when it comes to new car technology development. In California was introduced, for the first time, the first OBD system and after 15 years in 1994 was introduced the first real car diagnostic system, obd2.

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