2012 Toyota Camry Coming Soon

2012 Toyota CamryToyota will launch an all-new next-generation Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid by the end of the year, according to the automaker. While we don’t know much about the car, the Japanese automaker does say it will offer “technologically advanced features, a contemporary design inside and out, improved performance and refined ride and handling.” We also have this above snapshot of the new sedan’s headlight design.

Despite a rocky first half of the year for the Camry, with sales down 5% year-to-date, the Toyota midsize sedan is still the most-popular car in America. It’s the third best-selling vehicle so far for 2011. The Camry has been the best-selling car for the past eight years.

Along with the two Camry models, the Prius V and Scion iQ will both go on sale this fall, said the car company. Looking ahead, Toyota said it’s preparing the Prius c, Prius Plug-In, RAV4 EV and other all-new models for 2012.



I'd love to see an all V6 lineup.
3 liter 270hp
2.5 liter 220hp
2.0 liter 170hp
Maybe Hyundai look like the bleeding edge, not leading edge.

This picture looks like the new camry judging by the headlight shape and the shape in the corner of the grille. The red Camry above might be a sport model sit the body colored grille


I never realized the Camry was the best selling car for the past eight years. That's quite an accomplishment as I thought it would have been the Civic or Corolla.


The 2012 Camry has evolved as slowly and as interestingly as watching paint dry. Toyota REFUSES to jeopardizing the sales of their their Lexus car lineup and guarantees a better chance for this by making the Camry a bit more ugly by comparison. Combine this with their quality issues of late, and I'll happily buy a nice Hyundai. Toyota, you insult me.


Based the current YTD sales figures more people are buying the Camry then every other car in it's class including the Sonata. You're point of view is clearly in the minority and thus carries little value.



I'm sure when other people buy Camrys, "design" is not at the top of most lists. Also, the average age of the buyer that gets a Camry is around 50...again not necessarily the generation that looks for "beauty"





Love my new sonata...2.0 274hp 36mpg so far on the freeway5/60 btb warranty 10/100 powertrain, and best of all it only accelerates suddenly when I suddenly hit the gas! Not a better midsize sedan out there for $23, 800! Not one!


The Camry is the top selling car. Enough said.

Al G.

Hopefully Toyota will go back to basics and not cut to many corners with the interior as they did with the last generation Camry. Razor like handling and sportiness has never been Camry’s strong suit. Its claim to fame has been it’s comfortable ride and ironclad reliability. Having owned 3 I can personally attest to this. However this time around the competition has stepped up it’s game quite a bit. If Toyota makes good on its promise of “improved performance and refined ride and handling” has a nice design and add a dose of sportiness (suspension wise) this time. It could retain it’s retain its crown. I am very interested to see what the new Camry brings to the table this time.

Brian Greenberg

My brother recently traded his Camry for a new Sonata and loves it. He said the Sonata is better in every way except two: 1. To much road noise, 2. Handling is actually worse.


Hyundai builds a hell of a car, but that doesn't mean Toyota doesn't anymore. I think the '12 Camry will probably reverse some of the apparent de-contenting that in my opinion has taken place over time, starting with the cheapened '97 camry, where they did away with triple door seals and some other quality touches. I'm guessing the interior will be nicer, the exterior will be different but no better than the current car and the drivetrains will be pretty much unchanged. Maybe they'll tweak the handling for more response. With the sales numbers this car gets, don't expect huge changes. The good news is there are many good, reliable and efficient mid-sized cars on the market today at reasonable prices, and now VW wants to join the party too with a lower priced Passat. It's hard to go wrong in choosing Camry or any of its serious competitors.


I hope also that they upgrade the interior. Last fall I got an Accord instead of a Camry mostly because the Camry interior was poor plastic and cheap looking.

Derrick G

"The Camry is the top selling car."

At one time, that could be said of the Taurus; before that, of the Cutlass. Both were eventually overtaken by better-performing competition by Honda, then Toyota. Being top selling today is no guarantee for tomorrow and if you've seen the video from the dealer group reveal, you can see this moves the needle very little. Like the new Civic, this appears to be little more than a light refresh of the current model. Worse, like the Civic, general chatter on the 'net is there's no real advancement on powertrains. Already Hyundai-Kia's YF/TF is the best selling platform in the US among mid-sized sedans. It's not at all improbable that as H-K ramps up production that they may well steal enough Camry sales that Altima or Malibu may take the crown.


The Cutlass was a best seller for Olds but it was not a best seller in it's category. The Taurus was only a best selling car for four years and then it was unseated by none other than the Camry. The Camry is the top selling car for the past eight straight years and shows no sign of losing that achievement. Even with the Detroit brands having 4x as many dealerships and selling a large portion to fleets they can't surpass the Camry. I'm sure this new model will continue the Camry's winning ways.

Derrick G

"The Cutlass was a best seller for Olds but it was not a best seller in it's category"

Absolute garbage. The Cutlass was the best-selling intermediate starting in '75 and the best-selling car PERIOD starting in 1976, a title it generally took for most years into the '80's excepting the couple of years Chevette was. There's no way a car can be the top seller period and not be tops in its category.

"The Camry is the top selling car for the past eight straight years and shows no sign of losing that achievement."

Hogwash. The Camry was down 7.5% for 2010. Even if we look at just through March of this year, it was up only 10.5% on the year when Altima was up 16.9%, Fusion 26.5%, and Sonata 63.4%. As of June, that number is DOWN 5%. Right now, Fusion and Altima are both less than 16K units from overtaking it and 6K from Accord. Cars.com didn't do YTD for June '10, but I can tell you for July '10 the lead over Altima was pushing 60K units. Exactly what other signs do you need to know that Camry's crown is in danger?


@kyle, the top selling car is the Corolla. It has sold over 36 million since its inception.


Sounds great! but sucks cause I just bought a Camry April 2010.


The Sonata will replace Camry as the top selling car. This 2012 Camry is uglier than the previous generation Camry, the 8 years winning streak will be slapped. Toyota is done. How did Toyota manage to come up with an uglier car after putting in so much investment into this thing?


The 2012 Camry looks awesome. I avoid Korean junk whenever possible.... Hyundai and Kia are no exceptions. I would not be caught dead in a Hyundai or Kia. Camry has been the sales leader for 10 years for good reason. Hey you Kia lovers, let's compare my Toyota and your Kia after 5 years!


Hey Derrick G. In case you forgot, the old model Camry is the one still beating the others' newer models. The new Camry to be introduced in October will clean the others' clocks even more then! How old are you any way? "It appears to be a light refresh" ????? Come on bud


Sonata Hybrid has outsold Camry Hybrid 16:1. Lets see what mileage does Camry-H give.

Right now, Malibu, Fusion & Sonata are tough competitors for Camry. If they dont introduce 6-speed tranny, Camry is done.


I will buy toyota for long term winning! 7 years still in good performance!!

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