2012 Scion iQ Starts at $15,265


When it goes on sale this October, the Scion iQ will not only be the smallest four-seater on the market, it will be one of the most affordable. Starting at $15,265 before $730 in destination charges, the iQ is one of the least expensive cars with an automatic transmission besides the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan ($12,760) and the 2011 Smart ForTwo ($12,490).

The iQ’s continuously variable automatic transmission is teamed to a 94-horsepower engine and gets an impressive 36/37 mpg city/highway and 37 mpg combined, which beats the ForTwo’s 36 mpg combined figure on premium gas and the Versa’s 33 mpg combined figure. That’s also the combined figure for the Ford Fiesta and Hyundai Accent with automatics.

The iQ comes well equipped with standard air conditioning, power windows, keyless entry, Bluetooth for phone and streaming audio, USB input, four-speaker Pioneer stereo, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, 11 airbags, stability control, 16-inch steel wh1eels, folding side mirrors and trip computer.

What's the Most Affordable New Car?

By David Thomas | July 21, 2011 | Comments (14)



And, to keep the Scion convention momentum going...it's ugly.


$16K for such a small car!! what a rip off. one can buy year old civic, corolla or elantra for that price.


Why does it have 16" wheels, when the brakes are 10"?
Ride quality must be awesome

Jerry S.

They'll probably sell well because they're faddish and they're also practical for Urbanites just like the Mini was.


Wow, I guess SOMEONE had to make the Smart look like a good deal.


I don't understand why people think it's so expensive. Look at the standard features. I'm sure the price is very competitive against other similarly equipped models. Plus, I think it looks much better than the Smart, yet has similar proportions. Is this now the most fuel efficient gas powered car in the US?


2012 Accent with automatic comes as low as $15,195 + destination.


Why has nobody mentioned the xD?? It actually starts LESS than the iQ!! Whats up with that?


The fiesta starts at 15.5K according to fords website. I am sure like all cars you can find a deal or buy used.

I wouldn't pay 15,265 $ for that midget ! Too small and too pricy for my taste. I f you want a small car with low fuel consumption just by a Opel Corsa or something much smaller like Ford Ka.


Yeah. I wouldn't pay more than $8K for this.


That's too much. Needs to be under $10k. I would buy a used Civic


What a rip off! I bought this car and now am hating its guts. It is $400 to replace a flat tire on this piece of #### car! On top of this, they do not have any tires in stock and have to order them in which will take several days. $195 for the tire, $33 to balabce, $6 recylcling, $55 for TPS, $50 for tire sealent replacement. WTF is this a porsche to cost $400 for a flat?????

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