2012 Honda Ridgeline Gets New Sport Package


The Honda Ridgeline receives welcome improvements for 2012, including a new Sport trim package.

The Ridgeline Sport, which looks reminiscent of the Ridgeline Sport project truck shown at SEMA in 2005, adds the following to the base Ridgeline RT's standard features: exclusive black 18-inch alloy wheels (+1 inch from RT steel wheels), exclusive black honeycomb grille, standard fog lights, black headlight and brake light housings, and black side mirrors and door handles.

Also look for a slight boost in EPA mileage ratings for the 2012 Ridgeline, said Chris Martin, Honda spokesman.

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline goes on sale in November.

Mike Levine, PickupTrucks.com


I thought the Ridgeline was being discontinued, guess they changed their minds.


An acquaintance with a Ridgeline hates the mileage - he's never gotten better than 18 mpg on the highway and is very disappointed with the Ridgeline.


18mpg on the highway is pretty good as the highway rating is 20. I've gotten between 17 and 22 on the highway but considering all the various conditions that go into the mpg results I'm not disappointed. Your friend should be driving a Civic if he complains about getting 18.


What's that saying about putting lipstick on a pig?


Getting 18mpg with a non-turbo'ed V6 is horrible in my book.

Ford gets 22 with their new Ecoboost, and it has well over 100 more horsepower!


Kinda sparse considering it took Honda this long to figure out they needed a "Sport" edition. How much extra are they charging for using a can of black spray paint?


Junior you can't afford it so don't bother asking.


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The Ridgeline has been a solid performer for me. Gas milage is ok, but i love the ride and the tracktion is great. Perfect for my everyday business in northern Ohio where it can snow in the blink of an eye. Gladd to see it's coming back for another year, going to get another one soon.


I purchased a new 2011 Ridgeline last year. It runs great. At first I was a little taken back at the milage I was getting (16 to 19) but concluded it was worth it because the ride was so great!


I've had two Ridgelines. They are awesome vehicles that can do it all. I've had 23 MPG on trips.


The mpg you are citing is the regular cab 2wd version F-150. Make it a crew cab 4wd like the Ridgeline and the mpg is the same. The only benefit is the F-150 is larger and can tow more. If only the Ridgeline had the ecoboost, it would probably get 23mpg as it is 1000 lbs lighter than an F-150 crew cab 4x4.


I have a 2006 Ridgeline. I do 70% Freeway driving. I get 19-20 mpg on average at 74 mph cruising. Have over 145,000 miles on it and only routine maint. and rear items. Great ride and utility. Love the NAV system. One of the best out there !!
Love my Ridgeline ... looking forward to seeing 2012 models.


Ridgeline is a great all purpose vehicle, and one of the safest vehicles built. The ride is amazing for a truck and reliability is exceptional.I have a 2006 with 230,000 Km, and still runs, and handles like new. No rattles like ford after a mere 100,000 Km. Also if 26 MPG is easily achieved in the Ridge with a few unpublicized tweaks. Overall an amazing vehicle.

steve pramik

I have a 2011 ridgeline and I love the vehicle. I recantly went on a 328 mile trip and had 22 mpg to where i was going and 23.5 mgg on the way home.I have learned to use the miles per gal.indicator to My advantage and went for 12 mpg city to 14mpg by watching my lead foot.I tow a boat with the honda and it has on problem handleing the 3000 pds.I think it is going to be hondas lose if they discontinue makeing this truck.

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