What Does This Button Do?

Climate systems seem to be one of the biggest culprits in the production of mysterious buttons. We've seen strange buttons that try to tackle allergies or even remove odors, so conveying that into a tiny button often results in confusing imagery. One of these buttons sits inside the 2011 Nissan Murano, but it doesn’t perform either of the those tasks.
Is it the secret to stylizing big wavy hair? Perhaps Donald Trump and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich are Murano owners.

Called the Upper Vent System, this mode is designed to soften the vent’s airflow against the upper body of the driver and passenger. When activated, air from the center vents flows straight and upward to control cabin temperature without a harsh stream of air blowing directly on the front occupants’ chilling hands or faces.


It sounds good in theory because many systems harshly shoot air out of the vents, creating a noisy and bothersome effect when the air is pointed toward the upper body. The Murano’s climate system isn’t one of those, however. As a result, I couldn’t distinguish when the Upper Vent System was on or off. The Murano’s climate control operates gently and quietly already, so the need for this feature seems superfluous.


Ken L.

If this was the Murano convertible, then it could qualify as the button that brings the top down for wind in your face and hair. Though you would probably end up with less hair and a headache at the end of the day.


Did you know they invented this neat feature called louvers? You can move them up, down, left, and right and it directs the air wherever you want it to go. Cool, huh?

Adam Also

I myself have an extraordinarily chilling face, and I quite often drive with front passengers who have equally chilling hands. All of us are bitterly annoyed by cold air blowing directly on them.

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