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Reader Review

"Felix” from Allentown, Pa., swore he’d never purchase a soccer-mom mobile, aka a minivan, over an SUV or crossover. After carefully examining the field, Felix ended up with a well-optioned 2011 Honda Odyssey. To see what swayed him into the minivan camp, continue reading below. Once you’re done, you can share your comments about your own car with us here.

Honda Odyssey

"We bought the 2011 Odyssey EX-L because we wanted leather. The Odyssey is built like a tank, drives like a luxury car, and I love everything about it. I'm 6-foot-4 and rarely find vehicles that I can fit in. It's comfortable; the seats are wonderful for long trips. We just drove 300 miles each way to and from my parents over the holiday weekend and averaged 24.5 mpg at 80 mph on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The third row flips into the floor with one pull of the strap. Great for hauling. I eat my words. I swore I'd never buy a loser-cruiser (aka minivan).

"I tried everything to find a crossover with enough room behind the third row; they don't exist. I tried to find a Chevy Suburban that seats seven, because my wife needs to be able to get through the second row to administer "justice" on the road. I’d have to spend $50K for an LTZ. So that left us looking at minivans. I don't trust the Chrysler Town & Country — just doesn't feel "solid" and reviews were questionable. The Toyota Sienna — I don't care what anyone says, Toyotas are cheap, with cheap materials throughout the interior. It didn't feel as sturdy as the Honda. I highly recommend this vehicle."

By Colin Bird | June 10, 2011 | Comments (18)



Man, my family has an 02 Odyssey and gets the same fuel economy at 80 mph, what's up with that?


Toyota's require much less expensive maintenance than Hondas. I love my Honda but the Sienna is just much easier on the wallet and is just a reliable.


"...and averaged 24.5 mpg at 80 mph..."

My 2000 Mercury Villager did that mileage @ that speed.


"...Toyotas are cheap, with cheap materials throughout the interior. It didn't feel as sturdy as the Honda."

Actually, during my extensive test of 2006 models it felt exactly opposite. Non-leather Oddy was cheap, rattling and generally not impressive. As a matter of fact, after testing both vans I decided to keep the Villager. Not because Villager was better (by some parameters it was!) but because both vans were not good enough. But this model year it might be different.


We also just purchased a 2011 EX-L and couldn't be happier. After testing the Odyssey, Quest, and Sienna, it was painfully clear that the Odyssey was the best combination of versatility, quality, and efficiency. I wholeheartedly agree that the Sienna seemed very cheap on the inside--in fact, we were trading in our 2002 Sequoia, and the interior quality of the Sequoia seemed better.


We LOVE our Ody and it really is a great lux cruiser for our family of give. It even bests my 750iL and is a million time better car than our previous Chrysler T&C.


that photo above looks photo shopped...LOL the back end looks like a different color!



Lot has changed since you did your extensive testng in 2006. Toyota's interior material quality has drastically dropped since then. I have a 2003 Tundra and a friend has a 2002 Camry and they both have much nicer interiors than current crop. I go to the auto shows every year and have seen the interiors of the Toyotas get cheaper looking and feeling the past 3-4 years.


"80 mph on the Pennsylvania Turnpike"

Isn't that 15mph over the posted limit of 65? Don't tell me that you have to drive that fast just to keep up with the flow. 65 is the maximum lawful speed, period.

"my wife needs to be able to get through the second row to administer "justice" on the road"

Climbing around in a moving vehicle? What a horrible, unsafe and illegal example to set for their children.

Including these unsafe details about the driving habits of "Felix" and his wife immediately make me see that they're both totally irresponsible people. And as such, their review is worthless to me because I don't value their opinions on anything.

Why not share some other reckless details in the review? Like, "the steering tracks well, so it's easy to drive with my knee while I'm texting" or "the cupholders can even fit my 40 oz. bottle of Olde English 800."



If everyone was perfect like you, why would car companies continually push for safer vehicles?


Fugly. Excessively so...


Ody haters are the typical low-wage earners who can't afford the best mini-van to ever be sold.


Why does this van look like an experiment gone wrong in trade school body shop class? The back end looks hacked and welded from something else and the fish gut door track does not help either. While not a leap in design, the last generation Ody clearly looked better.


i agree with you 100% - the new Odyssey looks like it was designed by two groups, each working in secret, and the resulting front and rear sections were welded together because they had run out of time...


If you can't afford the best then you may as well rail against it. There are two classes in this country and your class get's the Dodge Caravan.
We are on our third Odyssey and loving every minute of it! Then again I'm a doctor.


It pisses you off that folks think your $40k-plus Odyssey looks like crap, doesn't it, JC? lol


Chrysler may have historically shoddy quality but the 2011 is no chump. It is highly likely I will purchase one over an overpriced Odyssey. You just get more safety features, entertainment options, and I feel better when I drive a T&C. All the bells and whistles on a T&C are purchases options on the Honda. I won't buy Honda just for the name.


I'm not sure what everyone is so critical about in the body design. I personally really like the profile of the Odyssey.

As far as other manufacturers of minivans, I've owned vehicles from both Chrysler and Nissan, and from those experiences, will never own another.

My 2011 Odyssey is my third Honda. It is by far the most comfortable vehicle for long trips that I have ever owned. It's also the most solid vehicle I've owned. I didn't get the EX-L...didn't need the leather. Price was under $30k.

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