NHTSA Illustrates Cost of Auto Theft

Infographic_firstEven though auto theft has reached its lowest level since 1967, a lot of cars are still being stolen. To illustrate the impact of vehicle theft, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released this graphic. It shows many stark facts: For instance, a car is stolen in America every 33 seconds, and nearly half of all thefts happen because drivers forget to take common-sense measures to protect their vehicles and end up leaving the key in the ignition or the doors unlocked.

Check out the full image below.

Infographic FINAL

Download NHTSA infographic

By Colin Bird | June 30, 2011 | Comments (1)



Some of these stats are very interesting, others really need a decent statistician to go over them.

CA, TX, FL, and IL are 4 of the top 10 states for number of auto thefts in the nation? SHOCKING! They're also 4 of the most populous states in the union!

More than half of thefts occur in areas without attendants? SHOCKING! More than half of vehicles are parked in areas without attendants!

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