Next Chrysler Minivans to Get All-Wheel Drive

Dodge Grand CaravanChrysler plans to offer all-wheel drive on its minivans when the redesigned vans go on sale sometime in 2014, according to the Detroit News.

The new minivan platform will spawn both a traditional-looking (read: boxy with sliding doors) minivan and a “people carrier that is still taking shape,” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told the newspaper.

Chrysler has expressed interest in the past to further distinguish the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country couple. The Chrysler brand is the likely candidate for a more crossover-like family hauler — think Ford Flex or Lincoln MKT. Neither has been a success, even at the level of Chrysler's Pacifica.

The new platform may also include a car-based pickup truck, scheduled for release in mid-2012, the Detroit News reported. The car-based pickup would compete against the likes of the Honda Ridgeline.

The only minivan currently offering all-wheel drive is the 2011 Toyota Sienna. Chrysler discontinued all-wheel drive on its minivans in 2004 to accommodate Stow ’n Go seating. There's no mention of that feature's future with the next-generation vans.

Chrysler Minivan to Get AWD (Detroit News)



"a 'people carrier that is still taking shape,' Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told the newspaper"

Is Marchionne channeling his inner Iacocca?

"The Chrysler brand is the likely candidate for a more crossover-like family hauler — think Ford Flex or Lincoln MKT. Neither has been a success, even at the level of Chrysler's Pacifica."

Let me just throw out some purely personal opinion: I think that a Chrysler crossover definitely has a chance, assuming Chrysler avoids some missteps:
1) Ford Flex: polarizing styling, expensive at upper trim levels.
2) Lincoln MKT: questionable front styling, expensive, maybe isn't worth the premium over an uplevel Flex.
3) Pacifica: overpriced at launch, didn't have a chance to generate momentum.


Oh, and:
4) A new Chrysler crossover shouldn't just be a rebadged upper trim level of the Journey.


hopefully they also find time to cut weight, improve aerodynamics, and bring back a fuel efficient four banger or smaller, more fuel efficient v6.


If the ZF 9 speed automatic really has 9.84:1 ratio spread, then 'awd' [front wheel drive + power take off] will be necessary to put the 300hp from a direct injected 3.6 V6 to the pavement.

Sally Alex

I want a new Chrysler minivan to replace my 2000 one, but I want AWL, better headlights, telescoping wheel, side windows to open, All the neat ammenities of the Toyota Sienna, better fuel mileage, better noise reduction. Keep the same dash board so that my 6'8" husband can drive it as well as be a passenger.


Please bring this AWD Town and Country back!!! My 2003 has 200K miles and running strong! Best AWD vehicle we have ever driven! I don't care about stow and go...get rid of it. Make it a bit more fuel efficient, keep the leather heated seats, full entertainment center w gps, back up camera is a must bc at 5'2", I can't see well backing up at ground level. Keep the price below the Sienna, and you will do well, and I will be first in line to get one!

David Mccoy

Please do your homework . What makes Honda ,Toyota etc so good? Quality control. How can you beat the competition ? By doing Everything that they do Twice as good . This means building a more inviting interior that is well put together ,well appointed ,solid as a rock and please ,please build the best awd system this world has to offer .Remember corporate people are tired of trucks (SUVs ) give them something better (awd Chrysler mini van . They are safer ,handle better, get better gas milage and drive like cars Thanks a future buyer (if it's great and not just good).

Denise Cassidy

I need a minivan with awd. I've had a rav4 but the outside noise is terrible. I love the look of the Town & Country. I need room for kids and grandparents. Pleeaasse come up with the perfect vehicle.

Martha Benson

I am 78 and driving a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD. Still going strong at almost 170,000 miles. My favorite was my Chrysler Limited AWD 2002. The Dodge is great but was disappointed when Chrysler went to stow and go. Unfortunately, I lost the Chrysler to an accident (not my fault). In my "lake effect" weather, I would not want to be without my AWD!!!!

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