Ford Ranger to End Production This Year

FordRanger delivered some sad news this morning for small truck fans. The venerable Ford Ranger ā€“ with more than 7 million sold since 1982 ā€“ will end production on Dec. 22, according to the United Auto Workers.

This will leave one of the largest domestic automakers without a small truck offering. The V-6 F-150 will be the most likely alternative for Ford shoppers.

While a new Ranger has been developed for global markets, it will not go on sale in the U.S.

Ford Ranger Production in the U.S. Will End by December 22, UAW Says (

By David Thomas | June 22, 2011 | Comments (17)
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This is sad news. We've known for some time now that Ford was ending production of the Ranger. Why we won't get the global Ranger is a mystery to me. Contrary to what Ford, and others, say, there IS a market for small trucks in the U.S. Look at all the Colorados and Tacomas on the road.
I don't want a fullsize truck. I don't want a V6. I want a small, easy-to-park, dependable, 4 cylinder pickup for my daily driver, and to haul the annual firewood, pinestraw, and occasional new appliance. I hope Ford will reconsider. I'm not impressed with the Colorado/Canyon, and I can't get a 4 cylinder in the Dakota. When the time comes to make a purchase, I'll have to go with Toyota or Nissan.


I owned 3 Rangers as a second vehicle over a period that spanned 22 years. Never spent much money on any of them and was sorry to replace our last truck with something more economical to drive. Why on earth would the leader in truck sales be so blind to the market for compact trucks. How many folks really need a truck that requires a step ladder to access its bed. Produce something economical to drive and Iā€™m sure the numbers would be substantial enough to support a new compact model. Detroit only knows how to make money on heavy bloated iron leaving the Asians to capture the other end of a growing market. Are you listening Hyundai???


While we were in Tanzania the only Fords we saw were South African F-150s and their version of the Ranger. The SA Ranger looked a lot nicer than the US version. I think Ford would be very foolish to leave this segment open to the Japanese when they have ready replacements in SA and Oz.

Matt C.

I loved my Ranger for all 207,000 miles I drove it. I hoped to get another one soon for my business to use when I don't need my f250. I sure miss my old little buddy.


Agree with all previous comments. Killing the USA Ranger is not in the best interests of the customer, but obviously FORD CEO Allan Mulally disagrees. Age old story from the corporate auto gurus:"The customer just thinks he/she wants a small pickup truck but we'll change their mind with this fabulous 6000 pound hulk"

They know there are customers who want it. The question they're asking is "are there ENOUGH customers who want it?" And I'm guessing the price on the global one will be too high for American consumers to swallow. Meaning you'd get a base F-150 for less than a new global Ranger most likely. Those are the reasons I've heard.


Don't forget that Ford actually designed and built an electric Ford Ranger for the California market back when they had a mandate for zero emission vehicles. The Ranger EV was an excellent vehicle, with the full carrying capacity of the normal Ranger. With the advances in battery technology and the federal $7,500 rebate they should bring back the Ranger EV - every governmental unit should be driving electric vehicles because of their lower cost of operation.

Idaho Guy

I loved both Rangers I owned - they were very reliable and a pleasure to drive. This is a huge market failure on the part of Ford. Not everybody wants a behemoth truck; other manufacturers will step in and fill the gap. Ford disappointed this time around.


Glad to see that Ford is making some tough choices in order to streamline the company. Trimming their lineup to only their most profitable models and reducing product cannibalism is just good business, but is a hard choice for a previously large company to make. Right sizing is the only way for private industry to work well and will again lead Ford back to prominence.

Jeremy Bishop

Ford, why, why, why??? I have seen the "Global Ranger" the Wildtrak. Looks pretty awesome and could easily compete with Colorado/Canyon 4 door models as well the Dakota 4 door models. Nice choice for truck lovers not wanting a full size truck. Has some styling cues from SportTrak and the Chevy Avalanche, but I would love to own this truck (the Wildtrak) with it's styling cues any day of the week. Please Ford, you are already global, why not reconsider bringing our truck back to the states where it originated??


So ends a Ford model name that started in 1957 as an Edsel base model carline...Quite a run.


Maybe Mahindra should buy the Ranger tooling and base their diesel pickup on it?! Instant DOT certification!

I thought GM had also annouced sometime ago that in near future Colorado too was being dropped???


The factory in Shreveport, LA where the Colorado is produced is scheduled to close however no announcement has been made about discontinuing the vehicle. There is speculation that the US will get the new Colorado that debuted in show car form in the last few months. Check for more info.


David Thomas,
From a corporate view, I know you're correct about the base F-150 and the global Ranger but why should the choices be limited based strictly on price? An updated USA 4 cylinder Ranger would continue to sell. Environmentally, it's a waste of materials and energy to build only huge p/u trucks for the USA customer. The question: "are there ENOUGH customers who want a small p/u?". I suppose it will be answered with products from Toyota and Nissan.

Dee Mann

...FORD is the ONLY vehicle I have ever owned ! If they drop the RANGER I for see a going out of business sign in the very near future. Can't they get people to Invest in the Company ? As I seee it they could take orders in advance and have the public invest in the Company ! Come on FORD you can do better than this ! People do not and can not afford a full size truck especially with the economy ! Wake up or close your doors. There are plenty of us who would gladly invest in OUR LOVE for FORD ! Think about it PLEASE ! Offer the Public a chance to Invest in YOUR FUTURE which is OURS !

maybe ford can rename the truck to the Ford Tonto? Good riddence ford ranger, don't need any ugly trucks on the US roads anyway. The Colorado and the Next generation Colorado make the ford ranger look like a ugly duckling.

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