Reviews the 2011 Subaru Tribeca

2011 Subaru TribecaThe 2011 Subaru Tribeca is one of the older offerings in the three-row crossover segment, but old doesn’t necessarily mean uncompetitive, according to editor Joe Bruzek. The model has aged well, but will the family hauler’s somewhat diminutive size and high asking price inhibit it as a favorite over the likes of the Honda Pilot or even competitors coming from Subaru itself, such as the Outback? Read the full review to find out.

2011 Subaru Tribeca Review



Subaru needs to get on the ball.
Replace the 5 speed automatic with 7 speed automatic.
Enhance engine to 300hp
Then move on to interior.


why does a familymobile need 300hp?


There is no reason to argue here... Tribeca is about to be discontinued anyway.
Besides, I don't see how is it going to compete? Inefficient, expensive and still, too small for the segment. If I have a family, Tribeca is obviously the worst choice of CUV. Would be interesting to know the demography of the Tribeca buyers. I am sure, they are single women, who is trying to be fancy.


Subaru can get 300hp from the 3.6 with the AVLS (camshaft profile system, that the 3.0 boxing 6 had-EZ30R)

By adopting that (and 7 speed automatic), the mileage will improve because most of your normal operation will be in the low lift cams (with commensurately larger throttle opening, for reduced pumping losses)

By making the 6 cylinder 300hp, there is now room for an 'entry level' 200hp Lineartronic CVT model. (weight target: under 4000 lbs)
Subaru can implement Toyota's D4-S port & direct injection on the FB25 2.5 boxing 4 cylinder engine to hit 200hp, up from 170.

and as to why 300hp? Passing power, towing power, towing, fun, safety, etc.

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