Car Talk: Top 10 Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

We all have our own issues and hang-ups in life — for instance, I always make sure to have three bottles of mouthwash available on hand at all times and consider a coffee label’s “extremely hot” warning to be a compliment. Having strange mental complexes is fine so long as it doesn’t affect others. It’s even worse when your personal perceptions, emotions or general carelessness affect your habits behind two tons of high-speed steel, as Car Talk radio hosts Click and Clack can attest. The brothers have a complied their top 10 most annoying driver habits. Are you committing any of these taboos? Which one drives you nuts? Top 10

Most Annoying Things Other Drivers Do

By Colin Bird | June 7, 2011 | Comments (17)
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Mike from Chicago

You missed two, which annoy me more than any others: tail-gating (and zig-zagging between cars to get ahead) and throwing litter out the window.


My biggest annoyance is leaving snow on the car. They take the time to clear off the hood, doors and trunk, but the huge mound of snow on the roof (which eventually turns to a brick of ice) is unacceptable.

I'm with you Skankzilla. A lot don't even wipe off the back and wait wait for defroster to tackle it which could take 10-15 minutes if there's a lot of snow, slow traffic.


agree with everything on the list.

I hate those cars held together by bungee cords and duct tape. they are not only ugly to look at, but unsafe.

Throwing litter out the window is a big one for me too.

Also HATE tailgating, especially when people just sit on your bumper and have no intention of passing you. Also, its disgusting when people tailgate you and you are already speeding 10-15 mph over the limit.

Finally, I hate when people start stopping for no reason.


Along with the maintenance issues, I can't stand it when people don't have brake lights. Or, they have permanent brake lights because somebody wired something wrong or because they drive with their foot on the brake pedal at all times.


Tossing litter out the window is my biggest pet peeve with flying cigarettes being #1 on that list.


Red light runners and a corollary to that are those who lollygag when the light turns green.


My number one has to be the playing with the cell phone while driving (texting or whatever even though it is illegal in some cases). I find the drivers doing this are only occasionally looking at the road and drifting out of their lane sometimes by a lot, you see that opps jerk back into the lane. You see this in everything from economy cars to commercial trucks and it gets scary.

Matt C.

I don't see anything wrong with picking you nose at a stop light. If there is harvesting to be done, then by gosh let the man harvest.


5 others:
- Children not wearing seatbelts
- Failure to turn on headlights AND taillights in inclement weather
- Cutting the corner while making a left hand turn
- Not being patient with the old folks; someday (God willing) we may be that old fart too!
- Pedestrians: They have the right to crosswalks, but not to jaywalk nor walk along the side of the road when a sidewalk (an amazing invention!) is present.

NJ now has a law on the books re clearing snow off of vehicles (trucks included). However, there are not enough officers to enforce this and other common sense laws while many drivers remain ignorant or disregard the rules of the road.

Speeders don't bother me as much, providing they stay left and don't tailgate or weave in traffic. Even so, speed does play an exponential role in the severity of an accident that should not be ignored.

What about the ones that can't merge onto the highway, step on the gas and speed up to the flow!


What about the ones that pass just few cars (using a merging lane) when the highway traffic is bumper to bumper! Not only do they pass just few cars (they may save a minute or two, or 100 feet the max) but also they piss off other drivers on the highway. People need to learn proper ways to merge to the highway. Use a passing lane to pass.


I HATE those gaudy stick on air vents that people buy I guess to make their car appear to have a big engine. They are ALWAYS crooked and often detract from the car. Other tacky "add-ons" are also horrible like the "limited edition" stickers on a Malibu or the most recent was a "V-6" emblem on the side of a Civic that was previously attached to a Ford.


Left lane drivers! Move over! Then you get the ones that want to speed up when you try to pass them on the right. For what? You don't want to drive as fast as they do - why is it a big deal if they are infront of you.

The other one I hate is the people who will leave 30 car lengths in front of them in bumper to bumpter traffic. They end up letting 800 cars get in front of them all because they don't know how to properly coast their car.


Cutting in front of me, forcing me to slow down to avoid a collision. Then, when I back off so I'm not tailgating, another jerk does the same thing.

Ruddy Man

Staying in the fast lane!!!!

Zigggy Gunz

Wow, picking your nose is on the list?? Get over it, it's their body and no one is making you watch them pick their nose. My suggestion is mind your own business and grow up little child.

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