2012 Hyundai Elantra: Ch-Ch-Changes

Hyundai Elantra

Now in its second model year despite being on sale for less than a year, the 2012 Hyundai Elantra gets new standard equipment that should help improve fuel economy, along with some other minor improvements.

All Elantras equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission now get the Active Eco System, an all-new feature for 2012. The system modifies engine and transmission controls to improve gas mileage by smoothing out throttle response. Pressing the Eco button should improve real-world fuel economy by 7%, Hyundai says. A similar feature is available on the 2012 Hyundai Accent. Fuel economy is still EPA-rated at 29/40 mpg city/highway with either the automatic or manual transmission.

Besides the Eco button, Hyundai has added fog lights and a passenger-side sun visor extender to the GLS Preferred package. All Elantras get a louder car horn for the model year, too. Prices have moved up incrementally for 2012, too.

The base Elantra with a six-speed manual starts at $15,195, excluding $760 for destination. That’s a $250 increase from last year; all trims receive the same price boost.

The 2012 Elantra is already on sale, sold alongside the remaining 2011 Elantra inventory. Continue below for more detailed pricing info.

2012 Elantra pricing (2011 pricing)

Elantra GLS (manual): $15,195 ($14,945) 
Elantra GLS (automatic): $17,445 ($17,195) 
Elantra Limited (automatic): $20,445 ($20,195) 
Destination: $760 ($750)



Gotta love how the Koreans don't sit idle while their cars get old and outdated. In a world of car competition one needs to continue make quick ch-ch-changes.

This company has done the best 180degree turn in the in the industry.


I thought Hyundai would add direct injection to the 1.8 Nu engine.
148hp 131ft-lbs doesn't seem like enough.
The current PZEV calibration is 145hp 130ft-lbs, that is good... but 150hp, 140ft-lbs (after adding balance shafts) from a direct injection PZEV 1.8 Nu engine, returning 30/40, would be perfect!

Kenneth Christenson

I have no home phone all i have is suddenlink computer connection I have been trying to build and request a quote on a 2012 hundai elantraSE for 4 days NO LUCK Sliver outside gray inside the auto transluggage rack and a few other things as remote start doors and trunk anydealer except stillwater may send me info and websites where i can build my own Thank You for yourtime and effort Ken


I have new Elantra's in stock... four eight zero 55NINE 9648


Sorry, forgot to ad that I have the 2012 elantra's in stock...they go quick though..


The ariticle didn't mention that the 2012 Elantra's steering has been recalibrated for better on-center feel. That was a big complaint with the 2011 model.


I bought the first 2012 Elantra when it hit my dealership in 2011, I should have waited. After starting, the exhaust makes a huge popping noise and then it does it again when the car is cut off and is cooling down. This was my first new car I have ever bought and I feel like I am driving a lemon. Don't get me wrong other than that I like the car,but it is embarrassing having my new car makes this sound all the time. I have asked the dealership to fix it, and they say since it doe not affect the cars performance there is nothing they can do. However they had to replace a support for the exhaust because the expanding and cooling of the exhaust loosened and broke the support. I have friends that have purchased a 2012 Elantra since then and it doesn't make that noise. I would like my replaced... any advice on how to make this happen???

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