2012 Buick LaCrosse V-6 Rated at 27 MPG Highway

2012 Buick LaCrosseThe 2012 Buick LaCrosse will go on sale later this summer and come with either a new mild hybrid four-cylinder power plant or a V-6 powertrain. Today, we learned that the 303-horsepower V-6 powertrain will receive a 17/27 mpg city/highway fuel-economy rating.

While that’s the same gas mileage that the V-6 got in 2011, the 2012 model’s V-6 has 23 more horsepower. An all-wheel-drive option will also be available, but it’s not yet rated. The all-wheel-drive 2011 LaCrosse got 16/26 mpg.

The V-6 LaCrosse starts at $29,960, excluding an $860 destination charge; the new mild hybrid eAssist model, which gets 25/37 mpg, can be had at no extra cost. To read more about the standard features on the 2012 LaCrosse, go here.

By Colin Bird | June 22, 2011 | Comments (25)



There's going to be a problem in the market for V6 near luxury cars like this one. Most people will give up wasteful smooth power for equal power from a turbo four that gets substantially better mpg. Hyundai Sonata Turbo seems better tuned to the market than this model. Still a nice car, but people are concerned about the price of gasoline. You'll spend one dollar in gasoline costs for each 4.5 miles driven in the city with this Buick and that may hurt sales. By comparison, the mid-size Lincoln hybrid sedan lets the driver go 11 miles for each dollar's worth of gas- much easier to swallow for the prospective buyer, IMHO.


Your point is beyond stupid. Luxury car buyers like myself don't buy based on mpg's. We could care less if one car gets a few more mpg's than another as there are many more important factors that go into the purchase. Get a clue.


The new Hyundai Genesis 3.8 is a few more thousand dollars, yet has a 333 horsepower V6 that gets 19/29.


Buick is to cowardly to build a rear wheel drive car like the Genesis, especially their new Spec R. That's why Hyundai will continue to grow in popularity while Buick slips deeper into their rental car provider status. GM should have kept Pontiac and dumped the blue hair brand.


You generalizations about Luxury car buyers are wrong. That's why Mercedes offers the S class Hybrid, because many people with real money do care about how much of the earth's resources they use to get from point A to point B. You obviously don't.


Brad, One more point: what of the 1,650 luxury car buyers who have shelled out $110K for a Tesla roadster and the hundreds who have signed up to purchase a Model S roadster? None of them fit your description of what a luxury car buyer. Of course we're talking people with real money.


The Tesla is a luxury car? Looks like someone is desperate to prove a point instead of just admitting they were wrong.
I'm on my fifth E Class and mpg's have never figured into the equation. The same can be said for my wife and her ES.


I was always under the impression the S-class hybrid was more for lower MPG across their fleet and a technological exercise and less about the consumer being concerned about MPG.


The overwhelming majority of lux cars are not hybrids and most lux hyrbrids that have been launched haven't sold well. In general, those spending over 30k are not that concerned about saving a few bucks on gas. The idea that someone would buy a genesis only to gain 2mpg on a car that costs well over 30k is absurd. The mileage of the lacrosse is similar to mileage on maxima, taurus, mks and es350. Furthermore hyundais consistently struggle to meet their epa ratings in real world testing.


I don't think a LaCrosse CX could be considered a luxury car. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the LaCrosse come standard with cloth interior?


There is no cx for 2012 and standard kit increases. Leather isn't standard in most lower end luxury cars. Either cloth or vinyl is standard on most lux vehicles under $40k. You don't get a ton of luxury content on base model bmw, mb or lexus models.


Buick is not a luxury brand. It's a Chevy with a higher price tag.


The lacrosse nor regal is based on any chevy. Buick is as much of a luxury brand as acura or lexus, both of which share platforms with cheaper corporate siblings.


Buick makes most of their sales to fleets and would never be confused with a true luxury brand like Acura or Lexus. Everyone knows Buick is an overpriced Chevy with zero brand cache.


Whatever makes you feel better Collin. You should probably work on learning what words mean before using them.



Stop lying. About 30% of gms sales are from fleets and most of those cars are chevy models. I suppose you are confused about what the word "most" means.


I rent a lot and it's obvious that majority of Buick sales are to fleets. It's always the Lacrosse or Enclave but lately it's Regal too. This past Monday I counted 37 Regals for rent at Cleveland airport.



What is obvious is that you are making things up. No auto brand gets the majority of its sales from fleet sales. Not even chrysler. Gm states fleet sales in every monthly sales release, they are typically around 30%. Cadillac and buick are well below that figure. Regal retail sales are in the 90% range so please stop lying just because you don't like buicks.


I prefer to rent Buick's over Chrysler's but both need more powerful engines.


The 300 has 290hp and lacrosse cxs had 280hp. I don't think either one needs more power really.


The Chrysler 300 needs a modern transmission, and will get it soon enough.
The Lacrosse 4 cylinder has gearing that is too tall.
The 3.0 V6 would have been perfect, if not for GM giving it the WORST gearing. The front drive 3.0 should have used the 3.16 axle, but had 2.77. A 4% error in gearing can make a car unpleasant to drive, that one had a 14% error. The 'awd' 3.0 V6 should have had the 3.39 axle, but retained the front drive 2.77, that error means a whole department should have been fired.
The 3.6 is more than sufficient. Now all the extra power is top end, that is good especially with 3rd gear running to just over 100mph.

Drew P.

I agree the new Buick Regal needs a more powerful engine. I find the Equinox has the same horse power issue but they're both nice rental cars.


Obviously just my opinion, but Buick has a long way to go to improve its name. I'm 27 and work with a lot of people in their early 30's-40's and would not consider a Buick over an Acura or Lexus. I like the new look of Buick, but I only really see Enclaves around.


These should be Pontiac's and not Buick's. Buick is an old person's car and no different than Lincoln. Both are dead brands.


The regal has an optional turbo for those who want more power. Next year its likely to get the 190+ hp engine from new malibu. As for buick, they are crushing acura and infiniti in sales lately and regal sales have increased almost every month. I see lacrosses and enclaves all the time. Regal is showing up more often too. I don't think 27 year olds are buicks focus. More like 40 somethings. Most 27 year olds don't buy new cars costing well over 30k.

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