Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: April 2011

2011 Hyundai Elantra
High gas prices and the Japanese quake have dramatically shifted the best-sellers’ list for April. It’s now skewed toward high-efficiency cars as well as Korean and American makes.

April’s big winners are Hyundai and Chevrolet. Hyundai laid claim to two slots on the top 10 list — the first time the automaker has achieved this feat — for its redesigned 2011 Hyundai Sonata and Elantra sedans. 2011 Elantra sales were up an astonishing 128.8% in April. The model outsold nameplates like the Ford Focus and Fusion and Nissan Altima, which are usually best-sellers.

For the first time, the Chevrolet Cruze joins the top 10 ranks with 25,160 vehicles sold for the month. The new compact managed to outsell all its competitors except the Honda Civic. Despite the Cruze’s success, Silverado sales lagged for the month. The truck fell from its usual second place to fourth. The Ford F-Series remained the best-selling vehicle in America for April, but high-gas prices have affected that truck’s product mix. V-6-equipped F-150s made up 50% of the model’s sales, which is up from 40% in March, according to

For the month, most major automakers saw double-digit month-over-month sales growth: Nissan (12.2%), Hyundai (40.3%), GM (26.4%), Ford (16.4%), though Toyota (-2.4%) and Honda (5.7%) trumped the trend.

This is the first time in at least 12 months that Japanese automakers didn’t control at least half of the places on the top 10 list. Nissan doesn’t have any vehicles within the top 10 ranks for April. Typically, the Altima sells well; it’s still the third best-selling midsize sedan year-to-date.

Nissan, Toyota and Honda are in the midst of a supply crunch, which is due in part to the March earthquake and tsunami that continue to thwart Japanese industrial output.

The full top 10 list is below.

*Honda Accord includes 2,130 Crosstours



Wow 3 spots in the top 10 for Chevrolet? That is amazing considering where they were a short time ago. What is happening with Japan lately? Almost like they got in that same mentality of good enough that got Detroit in trouble.

Amuro Ray

@ mike,

"What is happening with Japan lately?"

Do u live in a cave or sthg pre-historic? Or u aren't just smart enuf to see the very 1st sentence of this post?


wow, altima was #4 last month with over 30,000 cars, now not even top 10 so under 21,000.


Honda and Toyota continue to dominate and don't have to rely on fleet sales. Business as usual.

Idaho Guy

Good to see Americans are beginning to see the value of Korean vehicles. New Hyundai and Kia vehicles are just excellent.


The excuse making fir the japanese bransa is pathetic. makes a big deal out of how american top selling japanese cars are and now they claim the only reason chevy did well on this list is due to the earthquake. Flat out untrue. First of all the top japanese sellers are made in north america, not japan. Secondly, the supply shortages haven't taken effect on models made outside of japan. The cars sold last month came from existing inventory, not from slowed factories affected by the quake. You cannot have it both ways, just give credit where its due. The domestics and koreans are taking share from the japanese brands, plain and simple. This was happening before the quake so to attribute this success to the quake aftermath is silly. Its only going to get worse once the parts shortages rally take hold.


Ps. Amazing how it goes unnoticed that three of the products on the list that weren't there last year are very new and much improved. Does anyone think that just might be why those vehicles are in top ten? The altima is old and is heavily sold to fleets, its probably not on list due to reduction in fleet sales. Same with fusion which is in same category. The altima is hardly a fresh product so its bound to slowly lose share to newer entries. I believe the fusion passed it last year in sales or came close.

Glad to see that GM's Korean\German child, the Chevy Cruse, a cooperative design between Daewoo and Opel, is selling well. Even better, the Cruze is assembled in USA.


Toyota and honda can't fool people for longer period of time with their much hyped "so called quality built vehicles" that's b.s..Other automakers are making better vehicles then them. Nice to see chevy cruze catching up with civic. Those who makes good cars sells more, brand name doesn't matter anymore.



What, consumer reports, and others are missing is that younger people aren't as brand loyal. While many boomers cling to 30 year old views of brands and loyally buy toyotas young people are checking out the competition. The results shown above reflect better vehicles from america and korea as well as better styling. Honda will regret the minor changes made to the civic in due time. The market is too competitive for people to settle on mediocrity, even if its branded a honda or toyota. Btw, several made in japan models like fit and insight and tsx had sales increases last month so the idea that the rankings were skewed because of shortages of japanese cars is bunk. That's just spin to distract us from the long term trends at work here.


Never bought a brand new car before. I think you get more value buying a slightly used car than a new one at huge savings, especially with luxury makes. I bought my 2009 BMW 3-series for the same price as a new Toyota Camry AND it has a 6 yr 100k warranty. Unlike the Camry, my BMW is fun to drive, looks great, and even covers maintenance for longer. I just don't see the advantage of a brand new car.


Just shut your mouth already.
The cars are made here, but a portion of parts are made in the northeastern part of Japan.


For anyone who travels on a regular basis they can see first hand how the Cruze and Malibu are replacing the Cobalt and Impala on rental lots. Rental fleet sales are driving the numbers.


When the new Accent and Rio are released I'll consider buying one. However, it has to have power features and an auto trans for no more than $15,000 (all incl.)

most of them are made in Japan, I do believe the datas in May will be changed


Can someone from explain to me what "MERCHANDISED AUTO" means when I do an inventory search for Cruzes? These are cars not on dealer lots yet so why are they showing up?


Should have said "MERCHANDISED TRANS".


do you know what "portion" of the car made over fool.

Amuro Ray

@ pat,

Please do some SERIOUS research about supply chain and how the Japanese earthquake + Tsunami has affected the auto industries, b4 using ur butt as ur brain and commenting.

A vehicle is a combo of many parts. 1 missing part - even if it's the paint - will stop production.

Ports, roads, factories, communications, machines, power, etc. have ALL BEEN DESTROYED. Quite a number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers are located in the disaster region since it is also a major port / storage area for the manufacturers.

Unlike domestics, Asian manufacturers use JIT, and that's a major reason for their low manufacturing cost. A devastating disaster can significantly disrupt the JIT methodology. There were JIT vehicles in stock prior to the disaster, so supply is greatly constrained. Dealers can no longer order new vehicles in many cases. They have to sell what's remaining, and the leftovers may not represent true values or needs of consumer, hence affecting the sales figures.

I like the color of the car and the design of the car is just like my new car right now..but they are not same model.

Ike G,

That Camry and Accord remain the best selling sedans in America is quite an accomplishment considering all the negative press foreign auto companies have to endure from numerous foreign-bashing sources. We can pretty much conclude that Americans still prefer the worst from Toyota over the best from Detroit.



Why do people think a top ten list tells the whole story? Toyota has fallen to 3rd place in sales within the last year or two. Gm and ford lead the market in sales. Honda isn't close to either one of them. As for bad press, you must be delusional because honda and toyota enjoy great press. Toyota has taken some flak for cheap interiors and recalls but overall the media still praises their products.

As for ar and other folks talking about shortages, several models that had increased sales are made in japan. There was minimal impact in april sales from the quake. Anyone saying otherwise is not being truthful. All automakers have several weeks supply of vehicles on dealer lots or in the pipeline. It would take about 2 months for that supply to run out and dealers would face a shortage. The april sales do not reflect a parts shortage. In fact many of the models that fared poorly are designed and built in na exclusively. Stop the excuse making.



In April, they still have left over.

sandman 4x4

First of all CW, japan models dominating? the Silverado---121,797 toyota ttl--100,890 honda ttl---193,599 japan--294,489ttl just Chevy ttl---270,608 the Ford F-150ttl--172,062!! by itself!!! America ttl--442,670!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE DOMINANCE!!! J: lot of trueth in your statement, Dale: do you realy think rental fleets want to buy junk?, don't think so, the want reliable prod, down time cost $$$$ Amuro Ray, agreed, but the efects haven't real been felt yet, when it does it will be much worst.

Honda and Toyota continue to dominate and don't have to rely on fleet sales. Business as usual.

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po nay

I don't care what other people are saying. I've been driven several cars myself. Now i have camry and I love it. If compares it goes way way beyond others.

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