Recall Alert: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

2011 Chevrolet CruzeGeneral Motors is recalling all of its 2011 Chevrolet Cruze sedans over potential problems with the steering shaft and automatic transmission linkage, according to the automaker.

The recall affects about 129,000 vehicles. GM wants to make sure the steering wheel is properly installed to the steering shaft, regardless of the transmission. The action is unrelated to an earlier recall of 2,100 Cruze sedans over improperly fastened steering wheels that could detach from the steering column, according to GM spokesman Alan Adler. 

GM is also recalling all automatic-transmission Cruzes over a separate issue involving the transaxle. On certain vehicles, the shift lever will appear to be in Park when it is actually in gear. If the parking brake is not used, the vehicle could roll away. About 100,000 automatic Cruze sedans are affected by the recall.

No crashes or injuries have been reported involving either issue, GM says. Unsold vehicles at dealer lots will be inspected before being sold.

GM encourages customers to contact their dealerships and schedule for an appointment for inspection, which should take less than an hour. Concerned owners can call Chevrolet at 800-630-2438 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s hotline at 888-327-4236.


Ralph Torres

Kudos to GM for the CRUZE recall "before" anyone got injured.
This is how to do the right thing, and not stonewalling or denials.



so hertz gonna pull it from it's fleet like it did with Toyotas?


Sneaky - two recalls and call it one.

Steering wheel may come off, but don't worry just put it in park - oh wait, the car is still moving...

Troy S.

GM's history is beginning to repeat itself.


Troy S. what manufacturer doesn't have some potential problems with a new model. most wait until it becomes a major issue and try to hide it with inspections they don't go public with. GM is being upfront and honest. How is this a problem unless you like to be a mushroom?

Troy S.


Do you mean to tell me GM has always been honest recalls? Additionally, the Cruze has been available overseas for a few years now. Hardly a new model. I guess you've been the mushroom.


my wife purchased a new chevy cruise LTZ model.Had it for two weeks and transmission went completly out.The car has 900 miles on it.What an embarresment for GM.Car has been in shop for thirteen days now and is waiting for new trans to arrive.Have made first car payment but still have no car.I have about enough of this and will seek legal action if car is not ready to go by end of week.Steer clear of buying a chevy cruise you take your chances with this car.


See a pattern?

boby jo



I purchased a 2011 cruze "eco" about 6 months ago. i like the car, but a couple of days ago, i ran over something and cut the sidewall on my tire. THE CAR HAS NO SPARE! ONLY A AIR PUMP AND A CAN OF FIX O FLAT! AND I NOTICE A GRINDING IN MY STEERING WHEEL AND SOMETIMES THE TRANS ACTS LIKE IT IS SHIFTING, WHILE PARKED. JIM KIRK..HEBRON, INDIANA

Vicky kelley

I would like to know more on the recall on the chevy cruze bc I just got one use 2 months ago..


my dughter has had her cruz for almost a year and this is the fourth recall, when we call to get an appoinment to have it checked out we are told that we will recieve a letter in the mail after 11th july 2012, well what you gonna do if something happens before then? i think you should make good with all your customers who are having problems after all we were good enough to purchase your vechiles, believe me i dont think we will ever again, always some kind of recalll going on with gm.,


Does this recall cover any of the Cruze that are drivable in automatic and/or manual gears. The reason I ask is that my Cruze can be driven in either of these options.


I just recieved a call saying that my '11 Cruze is on 3 recalls! Oil leak/spill, flammable liquids on the sheilds. The steering wheel. and The gears. I have the same problems that Jim does with the steering and trans. I just bought this car 2 months ago and the brake's starting to squeak. I love my car but this is ridiculous!


I just took my car in for an oil change and find out there was another recall on the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. Reading some articles I'm upset to hear that the dealership I bought my car from did not tell me about any recalls on the car.(Englewood Chevrolet, Englewood, NJ). When I brought my car in today service department told me the engine shield on beneath my car needed to be modified. Apparently the shield is collecting flammable oils and the car could potentially catch fire. Around 30 reported cases so far about the problem.
I went ahead and told them to fix it of course. When I got my car back I checked to see what they did to solve the problem, and what they did is just saw the shield off and not even replace it with anything. I don't know if anyone realizes but that shield is supposed to protect anything from getting into your engine. Anything from rain to dirt to even animals. This solution is unacceptable to me. I believe that GM should look into a better solution to the recall.


After hearing about several recalls, I finally had to contact the Chevy customer support to find out which recalls were affecting my Cruise. We bought a 2011 with 13,000 miles on it May of this year from a Chevy dealership. We did NOT receive anything in the mail and we did not get any calls. If I had not heard of this in the news I would not have know to take my car in to have it fixed. Wow, Chevy. I have had many of your cars over the years but this really scares me. I was told the "steering" recall does not pertain to my car but I'm going to ask anyway.


I just bought a 2011 cruze with 32,000 miles on it had it a week and the power steering quit is this part of the recall ?


I bought my cruze almost a yr ago and I love it. I have not had a single problem with it. I guess they just needed to work out the kinks. Also, dealers, although selling chevy cars, isnt "chevy". There are good dealers and bad dealers. I live in Albany NY and bought my cruze at Depaula and there are great. I always get right in when i need to.

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